Fun With Flowers

Gardening is often touted as a great way to teach kids about flowers, and nature. While this hands-on activity is a fantastic educational exercise, it is also a great way for young children to have fun with flowers. Often children enjoy tactile activities, which makes gardening such an ideal pastime. When children help their parents they are able to dig in the dirt and plant their flowers in the earth. Children then experience the anticipation of their growth and the excitement of tending to their flowers as they bloom. They can continue to have fun with flowers once they've blossomed by creating colorful bouquets or by pressing and drying them. Parents and educators can find books in libraries or activities online that can provide them with further information on how they can help their kids get the most enjoyment from flowers and flower gardening.

Fun Learning Activities for Children

Parents who visit this site will find fun and educational activities for their children. A majority of the activities on this page are related to agriculture and gardening.

Don's Online Florist and Gardening Links

On this page there are a links to websites that feature garden related information. Visitors to this page will also discover that some of the links lead to commercial sites that offer items such as seeds.

Guides and articles from Flower Delivery Services and Other Websites.

Readers who click this page will find a list of five links to gardening-related websites. The sites featured on this page are those that the Lafayette Square Community Garden found of interest.

Educational Resources from Landscaping, Online Florist, and General Gardening Sites

Click this link to view a list of resources on the website for Bay Area Landscape. The sites are all educational and include information such as sustainability, gardening with kids, pest management and more.

Web Subject Guide: Botany

On this page students will find a list of educational botany resources.

Links to Informational Gardening and Flower Delivery Websites

Visitors to the Lou's Greenhouse website will find this list of gardening links from a variety of resources.

4-H Horticulture/Garden Project

This link leads to the Tennessee 4-H horticulture/garden project page. Participants of the program will find links to activity sheets, project ideas, and other resources.

Tennessee 4-H Garden and Horticulture Project Page

Participants of the 4-H horticulture project may click this link for information about the project and links to related activities.

The Monument Ending Its Flower Delivery Program

Service members and their family will want to read this information about the end of the flower program for The American Battle Monument Commission. People who visit the article's page will find information on where flowers may be purchased for International delivery.

Our Clients Page

Parties who are interested in the MediaMath client appreciation page should click on this link to view a list of corporate logos. The logos on this page represent the company's clients.

Online Florist Serenata Flowers and Other Corporate Supporters

Open this link to view the logos of businesses that support The British Trust for Ornithology. People may view the websites to these corporations by clicking on the logos.

Donors List

This page lists links to past Digital List donors. The donors are separated by donation amounts.

Online Florist Serenata Commerce Ltd. Membership Page

Open this link to read about the online florist site Serenata Flowers and the services it offers.

Tiger Garden: Flowers and Gifts

University of Missouri students who are interested in buying gifts may click this link to view the delivery frees and instructions on how to get the campus discount. Also on the page is a link to the menu and another link to order online.

Cut Flowers Information and Care

Click on this site to read information on the care of certain annuals, fall planting, transplanting in early spring, and spring and summer plants.

Floral Design and Shop Management

This link opens up the page that describes the Golden West College Floral Design and Shop Management program.

Occupational Outlook for Floral Designers

People who are interested in a career in floral design should click this link to review its facts about this career choice. On this summary page readers can review facts, pay, job outlook, and what type of work floral designers do. Clicking on the other tabs on the page will provide the reader with more in-depth information.

Irish Gardens: Flowers

On this page visitors will find images of flowers and their pricing. The flowers that are featured on the page are sold by the stem.

Floral Design Online Training

This page features a program overview for parents, students and prospective students who are interested in the Penn Foster Floral Design Career Diploma Program.

Gift Shop Flowers

On this page visitors will find images of floral arrangements that may be found at the UVA Auxiliary Gift Shop which is a part of the University of Virginia Health System. Pricing and other gift shop options are also briefly mentioned.

Student Housing: Gift, Flower, and Food Deliveries

Students and families of students who live in the Residents Halls will find the policy for sending and receiving deliveries of gifts such as food and flowers.

Guide to Drying Flowers

Click on this link for instructions on how to dry flowers. The guide outlines several different methods and also reviews how to dry foliage.

Plant Talk Colorado: Cut Flowers From the Garden

People who have flower gardeners can learn the correct way to cut flowers by reading this article. The article also gives an example of the types of flowers to use that will last the longest.

Mail, Flowers, and Balloon Deliveries

Read about properly addressing deliveries to patients at the University of Kansas Hospital as well as what types of balloons are not acceptable and when flowers are not permitted.

UCSF Retail Shops: You See Flowers

People interested in buying flowers while at UC San Francisco Parnassus Campus should click this link for a brief description of the flower shop You See Flowers and its address and business hours.

Gift Shop and Flowers

People planning to visit a patient at Highland Hospital can preview hours and information about the gifts and flowers at Highland's gift shop. The page also discusses ordering from online florists that work closely with the hospital.

Campus Floral at Brigham Young University

Clicking this link will open Campus Floral's About Us page. On this page visitors will see a list of offered services and a link that leads to the online store.

Getting Started in the Production of Field-Grown, Specialty Cut Flowers (PDF)

This document is on growing specialty flowers for retail. It reviews the market and demand for cut flowers, having a marketing plan, and deciding on a niche.

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