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21 January 2014 Bajan Newsletter

Dear Denizens of our Digital Destiny,

It's been 2 whole months since I wrote one of these newsletters and what has happened in that time ?

Things have gotten worse... with the people and with the economy


Check this out.... a 16 year old boy beats up an 11 year old boy about his head with a piece of broken furniture in a school classroom while other students look on and laugh and tease the victim... and the whole thing is recorded on cellphone and put on Facebook.... the 11 year old boy is now suffering with headaches and blanking out, while his parents spend thousands of dollars on doctors, medication and tests... the father goes to the school looking for the principal and encounters the 16 year old boy who proceeds to act out belligerently and so the father slaps him and gets charged with assault.

Apparently the 16 year old has since been charged with assault also.... but nobody seems to be helping the distraught father with all the expense.... neither the medical expenses or the legal expenses

It seems that schools are now war zones, while the "adult" population of Barbados wonder what to do next.... funny isn't it, when I was at school it was the adults sharing the licks and the children behaved proper.... now the children share the licks and the adults just take them for fear of being "charged" with a crime.

The future looks bleak... society stopped beating children (against the advice of the Bible) because humans thought it was "barbaric".... but instead of less violence the future is shaping up to be even more violent... can you imagine what it will be like when this generation of lawless and undisciplined youth become adults ?


Government denies any possibility of devaluation..... but the IMF is publicly encouraging devaluation... and soon Government may not have any choice in the matter


I was saying it.... and now others are saying it too.... that just because you dismiss 5000 workers does not mean they disappear.... they have to go on living and you can look for an increase in welfare claims, hospital care and jail inmates.... these people are going to cost the Government money whether they are working or not... one way or another Government will pay.... and if Government cannot pay then society as we know it will be a thing of the past.

Are you a fearless warrior ? .... only the fitest will survive (for a time).... pity the young, the old and the sick because the suffering will be great

How soon is the doom ?.... better seek the LORD while He may be found and call upon Him while He is near, before the evil days come or the years draw near, when you will say, I have no pleasure anymore.

I gone.

Stephen Mendes

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