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Jul 10, 1999

The Encyclopedia of RECENT Bajan NEWS

NEWS that is "most recent"

An early morning shootout near the Day Nursery in Eden Lodge, is commanding
some attention, it occured around 8:00a.m. when people were on their way to
work (some dropping off their little children at the  Day Nursery)....
rival gangs exchanging gunfire.... totally oblivious to normal everyday
citizens diving for cover... fortunately, no injuries have been reported
in connection with this incident.

Tourists complaining all de time bout de way de people driving de
JET SKIS.... however an official of the Coast Guard has reminded residents
and visitors that they CAN make a statement and complain for offenders...
the law states they must NOT exceed 5 knots when they are within 200 metres
of the shoreline... but how much tourists want to go in a Police station and
waste hours of their vacation filling out paperwork and dey may not even be
around to go in Court... in which case de matter will get trow out anyway..
dese wata sports oprators know alla dis.... so dey doing as dey like... I
would venture to suggest... some might even enjoy frightning people !


1. he didn't predict social unrest
2. he never said that Whites and some Blacks would be "targeted" as victims
   of social unrest.
3. He wants reparations claims pursued against the governments of
   North America and Europe... by the nations of Africa.
4. he wants wealth redistributed in Barbados.. but only by a legal and
   constitutional means.

NEWS that is still "recent"

Arch Hall and Bennetts residents "fuming" over the fumes from the Mangrove
Landfill !.... Claiming asthma and sinusitis making dey lives hell

Squabbling still going on between CBC and the National Cultural Foundation
(NCF) over money..... it happens every year... like clockwork.

In a new twist of events.... stall owners are being told that they will
only be allowed to sell SPONSORS drinks... and as our little worm observes,
all this could very well STALL Cropover.

Police hole a man yesterday to charge he wid de murder on Veena
Uttamchandani whose brutal, savage and senseless killing shock all Bajans
and greatly upset the local Indian business community. Her family business,
Mohan's, was located at Hastings, Christ Church.

and in Dear Christine, a married man complaining dat a 19 year out girl is
obsessed wid he and wunt lef he lone.... and Christine fix he good, by
telling he dat he is a "rational human being able to exercise your own will
and make the right decision"... da fa he... sometimes I wonder bout de
tings dese people write... like dey dont read she replies to udders... I
can PREDICT wha she gine say to dem.... based on her past "judgements"....
summa dese peepul does want dey head examining...

NEWS that is "slightly less than recent"

BANDITS on the RAMPAGE !!.... a gang of masked men wearing camouflage
clothing and heavily armed... are moving around the island, swooping down
on ILLEGAL GAMBLING spots..... and making off with THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS
They appear to have a highly organised intelligence network, since these
"spots" are changed regularly... and because gambling is illegal...
persons involved are very discreet....54 year old Harold Alleyne, of
Bank Hall, was shot dead Saturday during one of these raids..... and
police are, as usual, "investigating"... but reliable sources tell us
that all this has been going on for a LONG time.

POSSIBLE CBC BLACKOUT for Cropover..... wrangling and quarrelling over it
again !!!!.... EVERY year this igrance goes on

REVELLERS WATCH.... if you tinking bout invading a band and molesting a
SCANTILY CLAD WOMAN dis Cropova..... den tink again.... ya might get
"jucky, jucky"..... but NOT with the "instrument" you expect !

NEWS that is "far less recent"

NO LOVE FOR COPS... de Police are concerned about a rising anti-police
attitude by the genral public.... they are warning people that if this
continues the future
of law and order on the island could be in jeopardy... noting that, so
far, the Police are still in control.... he is urging parents to set the
example and the Force will be getting involved in more school programmes
in an effort to portray the police as friends, not enemies.

Government has abandoned the tendering process for the management of the
Greenland landfill.... after inviting the applicants to re-submit at a
later date.... the whole process of choosing became difficult as
information was "leaked" to the Press.... and the public got involved.
Meanwhile the landfill remains idle..... I hope it stays that way for
evermore.... it was an ill conceived and poor choice to place it there
in the first place!

Elombe Mottley says that the white people holding on to the reigns of
power in the local public Companies are not allowing blacks to fill those
positions.... according to him, somebody must represent black peoples
interest in these Companies.... since black peoples money is what makes
up the BULK of their assets.

Since the closing of the government-run abattoir... the butchers are
killing in their backyard.... and there is a real danger of bacteria
contamination.... but places are still buying the meat illegally....
manager of the new South Coast abattoir, Southern Meats Inc.,, John Lloyd.
is concerned that these people "in order to make a living" find it
necessary to engage in this practice.

Thompson says it time for Branford Taitt and the other old timers to
step-aside and let some young new politicians take over..... I agree...
if he does not do this the DLP dont stand a chance of ever impressing
the electorate again !

NEWS that is "not really recent"

DONT BLAME US says the teachers..... after parents in a tizzy over the
APALLINGly POOR results in the 11plus common entrance examination

All wuna children got problems and we aint want no 11plus anyway !!!!....
it creates "social statification" within
a snobbish class concious society.... down wid it !

Wunna send in children dat dyslexic, brain damaged, subnormal...... in
and den expect we to teach dem.... look, try an get de "government" to help
wunna hear..... we aint taking NO BLAME
for wunna igrant children !!

That, my friends, in my own words, is the GIST of what the Barbados Union
of Teachers had to say bout de results

Some United States union is now objecting to a plan by HOGAN TRANSPORTS INC.
to "import" BAJANS to drive
trucks in the U.S.A..... da paying we good too US$30000 a year..... thats
$5000 a month in Bajan dollars.... an ya ent
need na education ta get it neither.

Bajans gotta change dere SEX habits, dere EATING habits and dey gotta get
more EXERCISE so says
Minister of Health, Liz Thompson... at a speech for the alumni gala of the
Guild of Graduates of the University of the West Indies...
she says a person is now dying of AIDS every 4 days in Barbados... heart
disease, strokes, diabetes and cancer kill another
1680 Bajans anually.

Police ran in Paradise Village, St. Lawrence Gap,  last night an hold 3 men
for cocaine..... residents and business owners in the GAP have long
been complaining bout drug-trafficking and harassment... and it is bout
time the LAW make an impression on de lawless gangtstas.

Crop Over bout to EXPIRE..... slashes, cutbacks in funding.... higher fees
to patrons of the events.... and lack of
creativity and innovation.... excessive cultural infuence from North
America...... copy-cat mentality on the part of Bajans....
these are some of the things that make JOHN KING and SMOKEY BURKE conclude
that Cropover is on the way out..... and could be a thing
of the past in 5 years time.

NEWS that is "far from recent" but still "Not too long ago"

Barbados Tourism Authority (BTA) is UNABLE to market Barbados effectively
and should be SCRAPPED ! says Noel Lynch, executive vice-president of the Barbados Hotel and
Tourism Association (BHTA), in his address
at the BHTA's annual general meeting he also said that the BTA "had
outlived its usefulness" in light of global tourism
market changes. We are witnessing a continuous DECLINE of arrivals from
the United States market and he suggests the
adoption of a model in Barbados similar to that of the Bahamas, which
allows private and public sector marketing through shared taxes.

This is a SEASON OF EXPLOITATION.... so says Anthony L. Reid... because
unemployment is high enough to facilitate exploitation
and the authorities are either ineffective or slack enough to allow it.
Employees are coerced into working longer work days without additional pay
and if one is not prepared to put in the extra time, there are desperately
unemployed others who are. People seeking employment are offered
trainee pay for a period of time and never stay employed beyond that point.
Employees are offered vacation without vacation pay and if they
reject such offers they may be sent away for one reason or another.

If this is not bad enough, they may find that they may not qualify for
unemployment benefit because their employer was not paying their
National Insurance.... such cases can occur even when the authorities are
aware that the employer is not paying up for employees.... and
they do nothing about it.

A single mother of 4 or 5, working 11 hours a day, 6 days a week, starting
at 7a.m. for less than $200 per week.... sent home, cannot claim
unemployment benefit because it was never paid up by the employer.

A young mother seeking employment told that she is expected to get to work
for 6a.m. and work until she is finished, sometime in the evening for only
$120 per week.... and sometimes expected to work weekends as well.

No wonder that young men and young women without children PREFER to remain
on the block..... while the black middle class turn a "blind eye" to
the plight of the masses and let the injustices prevail.

NEWS from "Quite long ago"

Police see ZR culture as threat to law and order....
More lawlessness from de minibus men.... two constables were stoned by an
angry mob in the River Bus Terminal...
So wha happen ?.... the crowd became unruly when de policemen arrested and
put a route-taxi conductor in a squad car
after he refused to give he name, when dey tell he to remove EXCESS
De bassa-bassa start when a woman wid baby stand up in front de police car
and wunt let dem go nowhere...
when de police get out ta move she... de arrested man run way.... and de
crowd start throwing stones and bottles at de police

De marshalls run in a funeral and arrest a young man because he owed some
money to de COURT... and de whole matter is receiving investigation...
because it ain't right to brek up a funeral over such a matter.... it is

Alison Martin tells us it's OK to "revel" in de Church..... but ya must
not "do de dog" or give "jucky, jucky" .

NEWS that is "drowning in the depths of ANTIQUITY"

Elegant Hotels may have to fork out $12 million dollars, if the Comissioner
of Excise can prove
they have cheated on their VAT taxes.

Bajans spending big bucks, but Dr. DeLisle Worrell feels they can afford
it... and UNLIKE the North Americans,
they are NOT encumbered with debt, certainly not heading for bankruptcy....
and are ENTITLED to spend
their money !

All cane will be harvested, unless bad weather stops it, but sugar output
will fall BELOW what was expected
because of the LATE start of the crop.... caused by the labor dispute...
which saw the workers getting a better
deal.... they usually do.

Elombe Mottley is encouraged by the collective accumulation of Black
wealth, while Leonard Shorey reminds
us that Blacks were to blame, along with Whites, for the horrors of

Somebody is still upset with the proposed moving of Nelson...

And another Canadian visitor DROWNS...... alas, dey come bout hey, tink
dey know what we sea
like... and end up going back home in a coffin.

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