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Jul 14, 1999


TIEFING POLICE !!!....  auditors have been going over de books of de
Police Association and it appears as though two policemen have been
tiefin de money...  writing cheques on the association's account to
various businesses for personal items.....   informed sources say dat
to date close on $20000 get cary way.

DRUGGED ta de BONE !....  law enforcement officers have seized FIVE
times de amount of illegal substances during de first half of dis year as
they get in de whole a last year.... most of the SEIZURES occured at
de airport.... of those affected only one was a Bajan... plenty GUYANESE,
JAMAICANS and a few CANADIANS.... dem wunt hear to lef de drugs lone.

PIPE GUN WORKS....  A 13 year old boy get jack-up and haul way... when
he discharge a pipe gun on de Weymouth pasture.... he an a next boy had
an argument at a football match... an he went home fa de gun ta blow he way
... nabody get hurt in de bassa-bassa.

RAPE AND PILLAGE...  several people get hole by police, in connection
wid de rape-an-rob episode at WILCOX, a 19 year old get charge fa de crime
... an de rest fa playing wid de stolen property. dey int find de udder
3 dat participate in de "act".

POVERTY LEVEL DROP.... Barbados has been rated with the LOWEST
poverty of any Third World nation. we only got 3% poverty... according to
the 1999 United Nations Human Development Report.... so take a drive
thru de countryside, an see fa yaself,  Bajans live very good.... an even
down in de ghetto (like Vietnam and Lebanon) were de bad boys hang out.
.... dey got plenty food an drink with lots of computers, cellular
telephones, video/stereo systems, etc. ... even if dey all get carry way !

BRIDGETOWN BLOCKUP... what wid de swing bridge madness an
de Careenidge insanity going on at de same time.... motorists in de
environs of de City are in for a "NEW YORK" experience....bumper
to bumper.. with no movementation...  wile ya sit an fume in de
sweltering heat.... dey got we going round Nelson now, dey aint
dismantle he yet.... an he still dey... blocking traffic

POLICE GET TRAINING...  FBI experts are in from de US training we
Bajan Police in de scientific art of crime solutions... de course includes
setting up a forensic laboratory, collecting fingerprints, identifying
residues and suchlike... so, hopefully, dere will be no more need to
beat up people...  trying to get a confession.... dey can simply hook
him up to a lie-detector machine, give him a drug... an he'll confess 
all on his own.

SHARE HOLDING....  workers of institutions such as credit unions,
co-operatives and workers' organizations will have the first option to
buy shares... should Government decide to sell off some of its enterprises
... dis is truly good news... everybody can now have a piece of pie... but
ya know how tings does go.... when de pie cutting... less dan quarter
going share to evabody and de rest going get put aside fa dem
who name pon it

SHOCK TREATMENT... pictures of mangled bodies, pools of blood,
grief-stricken relatives in their moment of greatest anguish.... the
islands Newspapers have been accused of total insensitivity
and giving the public shock therapy for news .... dey even had a picture
of de ROPE dat de fella used to hang heself wid de udder day.... but look
how de people come from all bout wheneva anyting happen..... an de
Investigator is still dey... printing wimen, week afta week... de hullabalu
die down an we moving on ta sumting new... I know anytime I pon de
streets an sumting happening my camera going clik clix.... an leawe 
see who going tell me dat dey dont want to see de pics... check how
dey peepin when dey tink ya aint see dem.

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