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Here is NEWS that was posted on the WEBSIGHT on Oct 15, 1999:-

Oct 15, 1999

I have been informed by at least 2 loyal fans that it would be in my best
interest, in keeping with my SAFE SURF policy, to REMOVE the link
to the ADVOCATE newspaper...... apparently, Internet Bandits are
hi-jacking that address and sending it to a PORN site.... the sort of sight
that causes elderly NUNS to meet the
VIRGIN MARY sooner than they expect !

The ADVOCATE is a continuous disappointment..... and the reporter that
they sent to take our picture was a miserable bitch and our picture
never got published.... their site NEVER gets updated anyway.

So we are promoting the NATION (best newspaper on the planet).... and we
encourage you to read it, too



Dear Denizens of Deep Depravity,

My websites are FREE of CRIME, VIOLENCE and SEXually explicit materials !!

They are rated. SAFE SURF. for little old ladies and MINISTERS of the GOSPEL

Sorry to disappoint the PERVERTS.... but they will have to go elsewhere....
for the time being

In the filthy net .... we are an oasis of virtue.... a supplier of GOOD and
holesome materials.... we are, in fact, an everlasting fairy tale !!!!!

I gone.... fa now.... BUT

BAJAN NEWS and NEW PHOTOS will be available shortly..... time has no
meaning in never-never land... and PAITENCE, ENDURANCE and FORTITUDE
are good qualities.... which will be beneficial to your development.

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