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Here is NEWS that was posted on the WEBSIGHT on Oct 1, 1999:-

Oct 1, 1999


Police say HALL is a vicious, violent and cunning criminal.... not the
"folk" hero that the public is making him out to be.... in an article
in the front page of todays Nation (best paper on the planet).... his
history is traced from primary school days at West St. Joseph... where
he was often in trouble for assaulting other students and teachers,
petty theft and vandalism.... loitering with intent... and such like
anti-social and disruptive behaviours.

His earlier misdemeanors were settled quietly and did not involve the
police..... and even when the police became involved.... apparently,
according to them, they were extremely lenient on the young man HALL....
and every effort was made to steer the young man on a wiser
course for his life.

The story of HALL...  is coming to this page... sooner than the tooth fairy


More DEAD FISH washing up in St. Philip and elsewhere... so now they are
worried what might happen to people who eat fish in Barbados.... because
they have not yet identified WHAT it is
that is killing all dem along we coasts.

Sylvan "WOGGY" Clarke... just 2 months out of Glendairy... and police got
he hole for aggravated robbery, shootings, lootings and the like. and yet
Rehab. would have us believe that nobody is beyond changing.... well
that may be true.... but while we are waiting for them to "change"... the
public is being robbed, mugged, maimed and murdered...
do you think this is a sensible approach ???.... let them back into society
and "hope" they have changed their ways ?????

Did you know that Paula Bridges is back in Barbados ???.....
She's a brave woman.... and sensible enough to realize that just because
she got SHOT, by accident, in a hotel robbery..... that does not make
Barbados a dangerous place to visit.... if you are a fearful person, you
need a good SHOT OF RUM to bolster your confidence... but never
let it be said that Barbados is dangerous.... I go walking in the worst
places at night and I meet with no unpleasantness at all.... learn from
the Chinese wise man who said that the ONLY enemy anyone can
really have is FEAR itself...

I am promoting the Shaolin Dragons Kung Fu School..... and I will be
mounting about 90 pictures from the recent Martial Arts Championships
which were held at the Gymnasium by the
Caribbean Martial Arts Referees Association (C.M.A.R.A)....
I am proud to say that we are quite advanced
in the Martial Arts in Barbados.... and I am interested to establish links
with other schools in different parts of the world..

Also coming to the website is the Scotland District Association's webpages
..... for long time.... these good folks have been campaigning AGAINST
the maddness of the Greenland Landfill..... and as I have said before,
ENVIRONMENTAL concerns should occupy our attention these days....
we must deal with polluters as well as criminals.... and we must stretch
forth the hand and say, "ENOUGH !".... let Bajans rise up everywhere
and protect their land in the New Millenium.

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