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Jul 28, 1999



A police constable entered a private yard uninvited, at the residence of
Mr. and Mrs. Ian Hunte, with whom the constable wished to leave a message
for someone else, then discharged a firearm at the couple's dog which,
he said, "came at him in an attacking manner"..... what's wrong with
blowing the car horn and calling loudly at the gate like anyone else???
HOW DARE he presume that just because he is an armed policeman,
he can barge in people place... the dog was wounded in the neck and chest
and I really hope the Huntes sue for extensive damages. Average citizens
will continue to hate the police until they conduct their business in a
more friendly and less arrogant manner.


Sylvan "Woggy" Clarke,26, once Police most wanted man, is now free... 
the court quashed the conviction and set aside the sentence... after he
served only 3 years of the 7 year jail term.. legal fancy footwork by
defence lawyers in the Court of Appeal got him off... this guy shot
at policeman, Glyne Yearwood, escaped from the court, was on the
run for 9 months, had numerous charges of armed robbery, assault
and theft.. now he is back on the streets.. mingling with the hoy paloy.


Anthony "Ninja Man" Lynch,43, has been set free by a unanimous verdict
of "NOT GUILTY" from the jury.... Lynch was charged with stealing a
processional cross, two crucifixes, two candlesticks and a banner
belonging to St. Stephen's church. The schizophrenic who is on lifelong
medication from the Psychiatric Hospital, had consistently maintained that
police grabble he up, carry he to de station, deprive he of sleep, proper
food and medication... threaten to put he head in a plastic bag and force
he to sign de confession statement dat dey write. Meanwhile, it was licks,
licks and more licks for Medan Scantlebury,19, who is accused of
aggravated burglary of Sawh's Grocery, in which Kamili Sawh was shot.
He related how de police pelt blows in he until he sign de confession.
Seem like it geting common for dey to hole a vagrant or questionable
character and try to get charges to stick ta dem... afta all dey gotta
"solve" de crime !... an dey NOT hole bad boy cause dey fraid fa he.. 
dey got family ta tink bout.

ROTTEN NEWS (crawling with maggots.. the BIG ones.. from down by PORTVALE)

HOW COME ?... we can see that EDUCATION is being ruined by co-education,
by the use of dialect,, by abandoning hymn singing, parsing, sentence
construction and precis; by not learning great poems and literature, but
educators cannot see.... we can see that prison is no punishment (inmates
are found with wine, TV, marijuana and even a cell phone in the cell) but
the law-lords cant see... we can see that if the St. Joseph Hospital
Inquiry with 70 days and 6000 pages of evidence cant be used against
anybody, then it is a waste of taxpayers' money but the big-ups in
government cant see this... we can see that if the Opposition Leader can't
get a peep at Liz's thing in Greenland, nor can the latest report on it be
made public, something must be very rotten down there..... and so on,
writes Richard Hoad in the LOWDOWN column of the daily NATION
(best newspaper on earth)

ENGLISH LANGUAGE... on the rocks, according to today's editorial in
the Nation (best newspaper on earth)... Barbadian students win BARBADOS
SCOLARSHIPS but cant write a paragraph in English.. well.... I aint goin
help wunna wid dat.... dis English ting is fa de colonials... an dis Bajan
site is fa we... so if wunna want ta talk proper dat is wunna business...
but ya going have ta learn it somewhere else.... sight ?

WORKING CLASS WOES...... if you are from the poor class in Barbados
you are almost certainly doomed to a life of POVERTY....
so says Maureen Griffith... writing in the daily NATION (best newspaper
on earth)... she claims that because of BARBADOS' RIGID CLASS SYTEM.
degrees are demanded where none are required and so the poor are excluded
from holding well-paying jobs.... do you think she is right ?

SEX CALLS.... according to Debra Johnson, BARTEL's communications
specialist,, there has been a massive upsurge in overseas telephone usage
since the schoolchildren went on summer vacation, and it has been traced
to youngsters spending a lot of their time on "sex lines". These calls are
being made late at night or while parents are out..... and some distraught
customers have had telephone bills in excess of $3,000. I understand that
for a small fee BARTEL can bar a line from overseas calls and parents
should take advantage of this feature since sex activity is a natural part
of a summer vacation for schoolchildren....there were no sex lines
around when I was a school child, but I certainly was pre-occupied
with sex during my summer vacations.

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