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Here is NEWS that was mailed to my readers on February 10, 1999:-

February 10, 1999

Once again - Minibus MADNESS

WHAT would cause an "adult" driver of a mini-van transporting
school children to engage in the following DANGEROUS antics...
that are now occuring in Barbados ?????

WALKING THE DOG - in this one, the van driver stops his van where
the road is a gentle incline... puts it in "neutral", releases the brakes..
turns off the ignition... and tosses the keys backward into the body of the
van.... HOPS OUT OF THE VAN... and jogs alongside... while the kids
howl with delight, fear or excitement.... and have a scramble to see who
can retrieve the keys first... this person then tosses the keys to the
van driver outside ... who climbs back into the van..... hopefully before
it hits something.

ROCKING THE CRADDLE - in this one, the van driver tests the center of
gravity of his vehicle by rapidly jerking the steering wheel left and right
in increasing increments to the point where it would ALMOST flip over
on its side.

DOING THE CHICKEN - in this one, the van driver overtakes as many as
3 or 4 stationary cars... just in time to slip through the intersection
before opposing vehicles can gain momentum usually

MILKING THE COW - I am still awaiting the details of this one, which I
have not been able to comprehend so far.

and check out this final incident which occurred recently... a pedestrian 
walking past a stationary van which was "rocking" to the movements of
its occupants... and the sound of the "dub" bassline emphasised by
maximum BASS boost... was horrified upon glancing into the vehicle to
observe every female school girl sitting in the lap of a corresponding boy
and moving their pelvis to the beat... whereupon the schoolgirl sitting
nearest to the shocked and staring passerby.. shouted out
"what the f___k you looking at !"

draw your own conclusions, peoples... but the new Government certainly
has their work cut out for them....

MEANWHILE.... the Barbados Workers Union is getting ready to
shut down the entire island if they don't get what they want at CBC...
yesterday, they were talking about shutting down  the other media houses
Advocate, Nation and Redifusion.... today there is mention of the
Barbados Light and Power .... so who knows where it will end ... but it
looks like TROUBLE anyway you look at it !

I gone.

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