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Here is NEWS that was mailed to my readers on March 10, 1999:-

March 10, 1999



Attorney-General, David Simmons, blasts report on Judges... a U.S. State
Department report on policing and court processes in Barbados has been very
critical of our system of doing things.

Simons charges that the Americans are ignorant of our ways.... and they
simply can't be bothered to find out.... instead they publish all this
negative stuff.

Simmons says the report is offensive to the judiciary, our system rests on
the exercise of discretion by our judiciary.... although we do not have
mandatory sentences, there are guidelines .... and the report stated there
were NO guidelines !

Simmons said, "I take exception to 'human rights monitors in Barbados' -
whoever they may be - who have criticised the judges in Barbados for
applying discretion, and drawing attention to 'discrepancies' in respect of
sentences for incest and sexual abuse"

He went on to say - "Crime and violence are not a unique phenomena to
Barbados. It is an international experience, in the developed and
developing world, escalating in all countries... younger people - from age
15 - are involved in crime all across Europe...."

YOU GO, DAVID.... tell it like it is !  The United States leads the world
in crime... do they have some better solution ?... better than anybody else..

What I advocate is a return to HANGING... HANGING HIGH.... and IN PUBLIC !

I don't buy all this Amnesty International crap.... and "human rights" bull..
what about the "human rights" of the VICTIMS?.... eh ?... you going send them
some flowers and a sympathy card after its all over.

Administer THE LAW.... and true JUSTICE... I used to enjoy reading the 
judgements of MR. JUSTICE magistrate Carlisle Greaves.

Our prisons are overcrowded.... with people waiting to get off.... POP DE 
NECK... and do it now.... and lets stop all dis nonsense.


Of the nearly 200 alternative medical practitioners in Barbados MORE THAN
HALF of them are operating illegally.... I should know.... my wife goes to
one... quacks... yet I can't get her to see the light.... and
it's milking my bank account.

Art therapy, yoga, reiki, reflexology,
acupuncture, colon therapy, homeopathy, diet and nutrition, prayer therapy,
meditation, osteopathy, hydrothermia and herbal medicine are some of the
names of their "trades".

The article talks about a David Homer of the Inner Life Foundation who has an
office in Belleville and comes in every 2 weeks from Trinidad.... he
specializes in "live" blood analysis and holistic nutrition... he is not
registered but would like to be... apparently there is no provision in
current law to accomodate him or any of these other diverse persons with
"strange sounding professions".

How do you evaluate something like this ? It's a nightmare for the government
... we can't even find that gynecologist accused of killing that young girl
... and he was supposed to be a "legitimate" medical practitioner.

So people you are on your own.... try out one of these different medicine men
at your own risk... we cannot say he is a bad guy.... unless YOU end up in a
coffin... then if we can find him, we will try to stop him from practising.
and prosecute him on your behalf.

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you delete and DO NOT READ the portion below... do yourself a big favor, and
EXIT now.....  while you are still in a calm state of mind !!!!



AIDS deaths in Barbados have increased... and on average 12 people are
dying every month from the condition... and I seem to remember a
certain British doctor was asked to leave the country because he predicted
something like this "based on the sex habits of Barbadians", which statement,
coming from him, was considered "highly offensive" at the time.

People will continue
to die and the numbers will keep increasing.... so I agree with
the British doctor... it can only get WORSE... but I don't think Bajans
have any different sex practices to anybody else... all over the world,
in every country... people are humping each other morning , noon  and night !


Schoolboys from several primary schools are daily frequenting a certain
City building, according to the WEEKEND NATION this has been going on for 
some time... but now the Police are "investigating".

The boys go as a group and it is believed they are being paid cash to get
involved in certain homosexual activities.

I would not be surprised if it turned out to be true...
it does not sound as though they are being molested... I guess if they
didn't like it they wouldn't go back... to "straight" people I suppose
this is the worst thing they could possibly be doing with their time...
shocking!... isn't it?.. what a REVOLTING idea !... all these youngsters
corrupting themselves with sexual vices at such tender age... and the
HORRIBLE adults that are LEADING THEM ASTRAY... they should all be in jail
where they can have their fill of homosexual delight with everybody
at least 18 years old (or did they reduce it to 16)... you don't suppose
these boys could have such a thing as PARENTS... who took the time to
talk to them about their bodies and their sexuality... and warn them of
wicked people who would try to use and abuse them ??

My verdict... these boys are homosexual in orientation.... 
and even if the "City building" gets shut down... they will
continue in their "abominable" practices secretly and elsewhere.

Age has nothing to do with it... would YOU have gone and done something so
when YOU were that age ?.... even if your "friends" (and you did not realize
they were homosexual) persuaded you to "try something".... would you go back
again for more if you did not like it ?... and if you really liked it, would
you stop just because you were told by mummy or daddy or whoever that you
should not be doing that ???

Have you any idea what you might see if you put up secret cameras in the
toilets of a  Primary school ? Don't get me wrong, I am not saying that the
majority are "bad boys" or "bad girls".... I merely think that those who
participate... do so because they mentally desire to.... and if they
continue, then it is because they enjoy it.


A 12 year old schoolgirl was attacked while walking along Walkers, St. Andrew
Police reported she was offered a lift by a man driving a red car, who tried
to molest her. The young girl got her uniform badly damaged while fighting
to escape, and she was eventually let out in Ashton Hall, St. Peter.
The Police are still investigating.

I hope she hit him where it hurts... and you can use your imagination to find
out where that is.


And as the case of Chesterfield Harper, 34 year old electrician, charged
with molesting an 8 year old girl and removing her from school without
the consent of her guardian receives ventilation in the press.
The MIDWEEK NATION on MARCH 3, screamed CHILD WATCH in the headlines....
with Police asking parents and parent-teacher associations to be more
vigilant in how their children are dropped off and picked up from school.

Apparently numerous persons have been making improper proposals to primary

The children also have been urged not to accept rides or anything else from

"He that leads one of these little ones astray, it were better that a
millstone were hanged about his neck and he were drowned in the depth
of the sea".... the words of our LORD and only SAVIOUR... JESUS CHRIST...

"He who has ears to hear ... let him hear".... all would-be child-molesters
take warning.... LEAVE THE CHILDREN ALONE !!!!

I gone

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