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Here is NEWS that was mailed to my readers on Nov 11, 1999:-

Nov 11, 1999

Cherished Citizens of Cyberspace,

Words cannot express the gratitude I feel to my dear, dear fans
who have written me offering support and encouragement..... PLEASE,
if you have not received a PERSONAL reply from me as yet... thanking you
for your kind words of love and dedication... FORGIVE ME... it does not
mean that your mail has not been read, rather it means that I wanted to write
you a somewhat more lengthy reply than just "THANK YOU"... and time was not
on my side when I read it.. (so often I scan through my mail, and then have
to dash off to teach a class at UWI or see a customer etc.).. and when I get
back to my computer there is a fresh set waiting for me.

In my Mailbox Muddle, I usually pick out the controversial letters attacking
me... but these are in the minority, really... compared to the THOUSANDS of
letters offering support and encouragement from people who SUPPORT me.

For example, while a few persons have written expressing their distaste for
the racial discussion... many, many more have said it is the best thing that
I could ever do... to talk HONESTLY on the subject.

In the last issue I was too tired to defend myself against that lady who
ranted on and on..... I was overwhelmed with letters from dedicated denizens
answering her point by point... I dont know how I am going to publish 
everybodys reply... I may have to create a special page on the website just
for that.

Anyway, so this missive will not be overly tedious... I have devided it into
2 sections and kept them short... as you notice I am publishing more
regularly... but the website is in need of update with the promised PHOTOS and
I have some beautiful SUNSET and BEACH scenes... which are always popular !

Visa Victims Ventilate against Vicious Vixen

Wah ? ya int hear bout de big bassa bassa down at de US embassy ?

A controversy errupt at de US Consulate... apparently an American-born
senior consul has not only been refusing to listen to Visa applicants
and not giving them a chance for a rebuttal... BUT she has been operating
like a dictator..showing a lack of respect for those who worked for her.

Local staff are very upset over the UNFAIR manner in which the Visas are
being handled..

US Consul-General, T.J. Rose, when contacted said he was unaware of the
situation... but his consulate would not "tolerate not treating people

"I would demand that of all my employees, both local and US citizens,"
Rose said.


You may see no connection betwen the article detailing the RISE of Colon
Cancer in Barbados (the cancer that just killed great Cricketer
MALCOLM MARSHALL)..... and the POLLUTION of the island...

A STENCH emanating from the cellar of St Ambrose Primary had dozens of
young kids... the FUTURE of Barbados... coughing, sneezing, wheezing and
complaining of respiratory difficulties.... the school has been closed
down... but only after Barbados Union of Teachers made a load noise.

An old stove, with a dead dog in it.... DUMPED... dumped on President
Kennedy Drive !.. not on a "landfill".. and Sanitation Service
Authority workers are fed up with the situation.. people just DUMPING
Anywhere, Anytime, ANYTHING !

Dump,dump, DUMP... even in the island's WATER CATCHMENT ZONE... earlier
this year a cry went up to heaven, when it was discovered that all manner
of dumping was occuring right next to the water reservoir in the Belle.

Both BIOLOGICAL contamination (DEAD animals, faeces, etc.) and CHEMICAL
contamination (motor oil and other fluids, batteries of different types,
high-tech garbage, factory waste products) have the potential to make
life Bitter for Bajans.

We have the BEST water in the world ??? but for how long? you get DISEASE
from the biological contamination and CANCERS from the chemicals... 
and you die a lot sooner than you expect !... just like poor Malcolm

Rise up, BAJANS, put a stop to the madness !

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I gone - fa now.

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