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Here is NEWS that was mailed to my readers on Aug 12, 1999:-

Aug 12, 1999

WONDERFUL and ADORED peoples of the world !

Latest BAJAN news for you................

Phillip Goddard replaces  Liz Thompson
Due to certain callous, insensitive and un-called-for remarks by
Liz Thompson, Prime Minister Owen Arthur has terminated her appointment
as Minister of Health, and appointed Phillip Goddard as head of that

Phillip Goddard was Minister of Transportation and Public Works for the last
six months and Rommel Marshall has now been appointed to that post, this
will be his first Ministry.

The offending words that Liz uttered, "We've had several requests for tours
of Greenland and we've accommodated them. But I'm rather curious about
Mr. Thompson's request for a tour......  because I still don't know if he
sees it as a potential disposal site for the entire Democratic Labour Party,
or for those people who are running against him for leadership."

This caused immediate widespread public outcry and anti-BLP sentiment.....
Prime Minister Owen Arthur, in his public statement to the Press to explain
why he fired the Minister said, "January of this year the people of this
country gave this administration an overwhelming mandate, perhaps the
largest mandate in the history of this country, perhaps the largest ever.
I have interpreted this to be a vote of confidence in this administration's
capacity to administer the affairs of this country with sensitivity, with
commitment to good governance, and without any arrogance or any hubris.
I have also publicly stated that no one must interpret the mandate as a
licence for any behaviour other than that which contributes to the orderly
and the best government of this country. I will not deviate from this
position. The decision that I have taken today I do feel will better enable
this administration to discharge it's responsibility to the people and to
fully develop its mandate that it has been given. Thank you."

As the Nation newspaper's roving reporter asked members of the public what
they thought of the PM's decision to sack Liz.... the vast majority of
people questioned said it was the right decision... even overdue... since
the woman has done NOTHING positive for the Ministry she was in charge of.
and is always causing trouble by what she says.

Meanwhile, RICHARD GODDARD, Chairman of the Scotland District Association,
and cousin of the new Minister wants him to puts the lid on the
controversial GREENLAND  LANDFILL...... to tell the PUBLIC the findings
of the Klon-Crippen report that was done on the hydrogeology of the area
in 1995 and the Burnside report which tells of the DANGERS to the 

This Greenland landfill has been a BIG MISTAKE and a MASSIVE waste of
MILLIONS of taxpayer dollars... and it remains to be seen if Government
will be man enough to admit fault...  try to enlist the public's support..
and seek alternative solution.

I have always said the island is filled with ENOUGH RUBBISH of its own !..
it is only 21 x 14 miles... it is over populated and over developed...
and it is MADNESS to be taking MILLIONS OF TONS of CRUISE SHIP garbage every
month !

Let the damn CRUISE SHIPS dump their garbage somewhere else.... how much
longer are we going to sacrifice our future on the alter of pandering to

It is significant that some of the other Caribbean islands REFUSE to accept
garbage from passing ships... and the Cruise ships STILL visit them.

So I wish the authorities to TAKE A STAND..... say NO... NO MORE GARBAGE...
if they "retaliate", take yur licks like a man... but ya wanna bet,
the SHIPS WILL STILL COME..... and they will obey OUR rules.... WHY ?.....
because bullying is what it is all about !..... threats, fears,
psychological war.... time to say "F__K  'EM" and call their bluff.... and
be prepared for any "consequences"..... but it is worth it... for the good
of our country and people.

I say tourism should always be SECONDARY to the well-being of our country
and it's people... and I dont care who get vexed with me for that.

I gone.

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