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Here is NEWS that was mailed to my readers on October 13, 1998:-

October13, 1998


Minibus Madness
I drew your attention to the antics of the minibus men in a previous
newsletter.... well thanks to Roy Morris who published PHOTOS in the Nation
of certain vehicles caught in the act of violating the law, the owners who
are members of the Minibus Association, the Route Taxi Association and the
National Transit Co-op have put the brakes on reckless drivers and are
working out legislation in conjunction with the police and Licensing
Authority.. it is long overdue... how many of you
remeber that song,  "Two White Girls On A Minibus"  ???? 
well it was quite hilarious, but today people are getting
seriously injured... times have changed... and the roads are very crowded.

The VIRGIN comes to town
Of specific interest to Europeans will be the fact that VIRGIN ATLANTIC
AIRWAYS, one of Europes leading carriers, now has regular flights to

On Monday, September 28, the inaugural flight was greeted with much fanfare
and celebration at the Grantley Adams International Airport.

Manned by Bajan pilots and crew... and with calypso playing in the
background... you could not want a better way to start the vacation of a
lifetime.... so book those tickets now... the weather has been beautiful
and as I sit writing this I gaze out on a sunny courtyard with
a clear blue sky above... so come on over for a seabath.

and while we are still talking about airplanes, HelenAir Barbados, a
Barbadian owned intra-Caribbean airline will take to the skies in November,
so you will be able to hop over to one of the other islands for a day
or two.. during your stay.

Soul 2 Soul & Boyz 2 Men
As the organizers and promoters get bolder and take greater risks
bringing International groups to Barbados... unforseen problems can occur.

Fans were all ready for Bryan McKnight, Boyz 2 Men and Beres Hammond.

There was a last minute switch of venue from Sam Lords Castle, St. Philip
to the Gymnasium, Wildey, Christ Church on Friday night, and it was
eventually called off altogether.

On Saturday night, inclement weather caused a switch of venue from the
National Stadium back to the Gymnasium, and no one could explain how
10000 people were supposed to fit into a 5000-seat gym.

So the Promoters announced refunds, for people who did not get what
they paid for. "Come to Freddy's Boutique, Swan Street and get back
your money" they said.

But they under-estimated again, cash ran out and there was no way they could
satisfy the large turnout at Freddy's.... their best attempts to soothe and
calm the angry mob by inviting them to come another day... were met with
cursing and grumbling, Bajan style..

But then it happened again... they were told to go to the Netball Stadium for
refunds... and after waiting for 2 hours they were told "we will not be able
to process everybody today. the rest of you will have to come back tomorrow"

Shrieks of outrage and "DON'T PLAY. JUST PAY... (what followed was a series
of expletives... and you KNOW how Bajans can cuss, when they get angry)"

A more civilised individual, Nad Cyrus, remarked to the Press, "We
shouldn't have to go through this. It's utter disrespect. It really has been
an inconvenience, especially for those who have asked for time off from work"

He was given his money after a 2 hour wait... others were not so fortunate.

The shows cost the promoters over a million dollars and they have lost approx
Bds$100000 so far.

Bajan-Yankee becomes the JUDGE
Delores Waltrous-Joseph has been elected to the bench in New York State's
Civil Courts.

A Brooklyn-born Bajan whose family hails from Dayrells Road, St. Michael,
she aims to show that black people are capable of doing the best job that can
possibly be done.

Although she acknowledges that when Blacks appear in court, the scales of
justice often become unbalanced, she still contends that for the most
part the law is neutral... and the problem comes in the manner in which
it is applied, not the manner in which it is written.

She sees the lack of unity among black people as the single largest
stumbling block to the advancement of the race.

Infectious disease in QEH patients
I have been harping in previous Newsletters about the conditions that prevail
at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital and the manner in which it is run....

well now they have discovered that a disease which is very expensive to
treat is infecting patients.

It is known as MRSA (Methicillin Resistant Staphyloctous Aureus)... a
micro organism which produces skin infections and spreads rapidly in a
hospital environment.

Dr. Delores Lewis, the resident microbiologist, told the press that the level
of the disease has not reached epidemic proportions... and steps are being
taken to control its spread... quarantine, testing of patients and staff
training are the measures they are implementing.

Hospital authorities have told the public not to be alarmed... that it is NOT
an "outbreak".... Really ?... well then, what is it ???

Now is not a good time to get sick in Barbados... better wait and see what
happens to these people who are already sick, first.

CONTROVERSIAL MATERIAL.... EXTREMELY controversial material.... follows:

PLEASE DO NOT READ if you are a "sensitive", "decent" and "refined" person.

EXIT IMMEDIATELY... and I thank you for your patronage !!

you have been warned !

Murder or Self-Defense
On Monday, September 28, the NATION, in an article "Pine man shot to
death" reported the demise of Victor Brathwaite, 27 years old, of Block K2
Princess Royal Avenue, Pine.... no details of the "incident" were available.

On Wednesday, September 30, the NATION, in an article "Youth held for murder"
reported that Julian O'Neale Thorne, 24 years old, had been charged...
and remanded to Glendairy Prison.... again no details in the paper.

Here is what happened... Julian (known to the boys as Ju-Ju) had recently
come out of prison, whether he was "closet" gay before he went in there....
who knows ?.. but upon his release he made no attempt to hide his desires...
he was in love with a man on the block... he would come and sit in his man's
lap and they would "pop tongue" right in front of the boys playing dominoes.

Well... reactions to this varied.. but Victor Brathwaite was the
ring leader in threatening and persecuting poor Ju-Ju.... Ju-Ju got himself
a gun and when harassed again by Victor... he pulled it... a scuffle
ensued and during the fight the gun went off... killing Victor.

You really want to hear my views ??

Leave the bullers alone... what's it to you, anyway ?.... serve Victor right,
he deserve to dead.

Sex Case against Teacher
Lindsay Bellhouse is now out of jail and on bail.... he has been suspended
from teaching... and his case is set for January 26, 1999... if you are new
to our Newsletter go to:

you can read all the background... the arrest and "evidence" in our previous
Newsletters in the archive.

Racist Article causing a stir
In a letter to the Editor (on Sep. 22) titled "NO NEED FOR RACIAL UNITY",
Christian Armstrong-Evelyn suggested that the "disharmony" in North American
society is because of inter-racial marriages and attempts at racial
integration... he/she went on to say that inter-racial breeding produced
"mongrels" and inferior children both mentally and physically... and that
if God had wanted the races to mix He would have "ordered His creation

What a load of s__t !!!!

The pathetic creature knows nothing about genetics...
inter-racial breeding widens the gene pool... it is "closed" breeding that
leads to deformed and sub-normal children.

If he/she knew anything about dogs... he/she would know that "mongrels" enjoy
a  healthier life than "pure breds" who have all kinds of ailments
requiring frequent trips to the vet.

Anyway, letters from mixed-race persons and their parents have been pouring
into the Editors desk. Some have gone so far as to suggest that the
Editor should never have published the offensive article in the first place
and should exercise better judgement about what they print.... talk about
causing a stir !

The sad thing about it, is that, although no other articles have appeared
defending such an untenable position.... there are quite a few persons still
haboring such views...

"White" fathers wanting to protect their daughters from sex-hungry and
depraved "black" boys (as if the "white" boys are not JUST as depraved and
sex-hungry)... they may try to cover up their racism by saying it is a
"class" thing... they don't mind the color, they say... it's the "culture"
they have a problem with... "mentality" they say... black people are
reputed to have a certain "mentality".... did you know that ??

Recently, a white female Swedish visitor in her excitement and maybe
influenced by some alcohol raised her dress several times at a Bajan wuk-up.
She was reprimanded by a black female police officer, whereupon she struck
the police woman in the face. She was arrested, charged and fined. What kind
of "mentality" did she have, eh ?

Bajan whites like
their liquor and they like their sex among themselves, apartheid fashion...
and they go around imagining that they have "culture" and "class" and are
somehow "better" than blacks. This is the essence of racism... yet they will
tell you they are not racist... they totally  deny it.

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