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Here is NEWS that was mailed to my readers on September 13, 1998:-

September 13, 1998

Securities Exchange of Barbados (SEB)
Well.. continuing on from last week.. Prime Minister Owen Arthur has
called for the resignation of the SEB board members, but he says he can't
"fire" them... and they don't seem to have any intention of resigning..
the issue has worked it's way out of the papers... but not before the
opposition had a little go at it, Thompson tried to see if he could goad
Owen into firing Central Bank Governor, Winston Cox.... Mr. Cox voted for
the waiver.... if he had voted against it, CIBC would have had to pay the
$9 million tax or try to "deal" through another regional Stock Exchange.

Budget Debate
Owen's budget was lukewarm... he had "frightened" people by
telling them it "would be no gravy train" budget... it was in fact a no-tax
budget... actually, a give-away... but the opposition is making much of the
fact that there was no VAT relief... in spite of the fact that VAT netted
far more than was ever imagined !

I think VAT should have been removed from FOOD items
and reduced on electricity, water and cooking-gas... but then there
goes the major sources of the "revenue"

Budget Give-Aways
1. Old age pensions increased.
2. Tenants of urban tenantries will be subsidised by Government when they
purchase house spots if price is in excess of $2.50 /sq.ft.
3. Special Corporation tax rate of 25% for small businesses and no stamp
duty on registration.
4. LOTS of concessions to Manufacturers
5. Reduced fees payable by operators of Public Service Vehicles, special
conditions apply.
6. NIS to forgive interest  of $25 million for self-employed persons, special
conditions apply.
7. Reverse tax credit of $500 per annum to persons earning less than $13000.

Opposition's response
"Nothing for the needy in PM's basket of relief" and "only white rice with a
little butter on top" for the poor... the opposition is trying to be the
poor man's friend in this next election... they are also playing the "race"
card to the max...

Will they succeed ?? Will the poor buy it ??? Will the time-worn speeches
about "white plantocracy and rich white merchants" conspiring with the
present Government to "oppress" the poor have much effect on the votes ????

Time alone will answer these questions... however, Owen is not without a
few "cards" also... he revealed that Thompson was willing to defy his own
leader, Erskine Sandiford, in trying to bring Casino Gambling to Barbados
when the DLP was last in power... and we cannot forget that it was the DLP
that took away 8% from the pay packets of Civil servants... or that the
DLP sold the Heywoods property to B.S. & T. (the hated WHITE merchants) for
a VERY PALTRY SUM... thus enriching the pockets of the "White Elite" who now
have made a fortune by turning it into the Almond Beach Village.

NO... my friends ... do not be fooled by the "play acting" of the DLP... they
do NOT care about the "poor" man any more than the present administration...
he is merely a statistic to be manipulated... for their own ends.

And furthermore, the realities of the Global village, the very REAL financial
pressures facing our fragile economy... will guarantee, that the course of
action taken by the DLP, should they succeed in gaining power, will not be
that different from the present regime.... they will "pander" to the same
interests they are now condemning.

Will you vote for two-faced liars ?

you can put your "X" anywhere you please... makes no difference
to me.... I am not running in the election :)... nor will it really affect me
which party gets in.... I don't "belong" to either one !

Apparently, Owen Arthur has a short fuse and it has been said he cussed a
reporter in St. Lucia who was pestering him.. the "poor" can certainly
identify with that... but hear the opposition "He (Arthur) has already made
it clear that sometimes he is not in control - the demons and devils are.
If Barbados fails to exorcise him and they win another term greater havoc
will be unleashed"... Oh my... what a piece of politiking !

Owen... on Thursday
turned up on site (River Terminal) and supported the minibus men.. by
telling the CTO of the Ministry of Public Works and Transport "I don't want
those yellow buses in here until this facility is improved".

The CTO had ordered the minibuses to move from Probyn Street to River
Terminal.... the bus operators were defying the order for valid reasons.

This was a smart pre-election move, you can expect more, Owen is a simple man
in appearance and manner, but he is quite clever... it will be fun to watch
the "politics" unfold before our eyes...

St. Joseph Hospital Inquiry

The commission of Inquiry into the St. Joseph hospital is in full swing, what
a pantomime and WASTE of taxpayers dollars !

On the first day, some "witnesses" did not show up, so they threatened to
haul all persons who were summoned and did not turn up.. over to the High
Court for prosecution.

It was later discovered that the no-show witnesses had never been served
summons in the first place !!!

Bungling and incompetence... is what went on at St. Joseph... and apparently
it is still going on ... in certain circles.... need I say more ?

INFLAMATORY MATERIAL.... HIGHLY inflamatory material....


DO NOT READ if you are the slightest bit "sensitive", "decent" or "refined"

EXIT IMMEDIATELY... and I thank you for your patronage !!


Olutoye Walrond replies to Bizzy Williams
(I have embellished this somewhat... just to add a little more detail..
since I read the same history books)

After commenting on Bizzy's abysmal IGNORANCE of the FACTS of our history.

He presents these facts for us:

RACISM was invented by WHITE people to support the institution of
CHATTEL SLAVERY... by re-defining the Negro as a "thing"... a piece of
property... it was no longer necessary to have a moral or ethical code in
their dealings with black people.

INDENTURED SERVANTS were set free, IF they survived their period of service,
blacks were doomed to perpetual bondage, they and their offspring.

Blacks were defined as REAL ESTATE... and were listed with the buildings and
equipment in the account books...

The regulations and laws governing the control of slaves were based on the
notion that blacks were "barbarous, wild and savage" and needed to be
controlled to prevent the "disorder, rapes and inhumanities to which they are
naturally prone and inclined"

Here are some of these regulations..

1. slaves could not marry, own property, nor attend social events without
their masters permission

2. they could not leave the plantation without a written pass

3. they could not beat drums, possess firearms or clubs

4. they could not engage in commerce without permission

If they violated any of the laws, they had no say in their own trial... and
penalties included whipping, branding with a hot iron, slitting of the nose
and castration... now who do you think is "barbarous, savage and wild".. eh?

So you want names and dates...

On August 6, 1688 these regulations were codified, "enacted and ordained by
the Right Honourable Edwin Stede, His Majesty's Lieutenant Governor and
commander of this and the other British Caribbean Islands, the Honourable
Council and General Assembly.

Who stopped blacks from making money ???

An Act of Parliament in 1733 states:
"It shall not be lawful for any negro or other slave to plant to his own use
or other use than that of his master any cotton or ginger. If any negro or
slave shall be found with such or exposing the same for sale, such cotton and
ginger shall be deemed as stolen goods."

More recently, the Friendly Societies Act of 1905:
"Nothing shall authorise a benevolent society to hold land exceeding one acre
in extent".... this law was passed because returning blacks from Panama were
pooling their resources and attempting to buy land.

Yes, Mr. Williams, on the eve of the new millenium, Barbadian society remains
gripped by an endemic covert racism about which nobody wishes to talk, and
on the behalf of which you are actively engaged in a window dressing exercise

If you really believe in the oneness of blood, you would discontinue this
exercise immediately and join in the fight against injustice.

And I say, given the sentiments that have been expressed to me by several
local whites... were it not for the fact that black people multiplied and
virtually took over the place by sheer numbers... they would STILL be living
under overt oppression to this day, racism has only gone "covert" because
the minority of whites is running scared !

You want proof, check out the Lowdown by Richard Hoad in this Friday's Nation
... "My advice to the small white minority is therefore to lie low and avoid
any position of prominence"... he goes on to advise Sir Goddard to resign..
and all whites to get out of any position where they could possibly be
blamed for anything by these black people who have a "chip" on their shoulder

From previous writings (see my earlier articles on Royal Westmooreland labour
issue).. this particular writer seems to be  of the opinion that blacks are
"a lazy, incompetent, thieving bunch"... a not-too uncommon WHITE viewpoint.

While his column is full of "humor"... and "not to be taken seriously"...
it actually speaks volumes about the "white" way of thinking, when it comes
to blacks.

I tell you many local white people from "respectable" and "highly moral"
families have the view that blacks are "a nasty bunch" with "filthy
immoral habits" and will use anything to justify their view... such phrases
as "you know what they are like !"... used to indiscriminately stereotype an
entire race of people.

When I get time I am going to place some more historical information on my
website... that will show you... that even in the days of slavery, blacks
kept themselves cleaner and had a better internal moral code.. than their 

It is unfortunate that white people in this country seem to believe that the
only way for them to react when confronted with historical reality... is

1. to deny that THEIR ancestors had anything to do with the atrocities.

2. to "play it down" by all sorts of ridiculous and irrelevant arguments

3. to actually accuse black people of having "chips" on their shoulder
   against white people.

Such stupid behaviour does NOTHING to help integration of the nation, and
the advice to whites "to withdraw from all public affairs in this country"
because they may face a little heat because of their whiteness, is more of
the same crass stupidity... drawing away in your little "white" corner and
believing that you need to be on the defensive against these "hordes" of
blacks intent on giving you "a hard time".

As another writer has said, and I repeat... again, "being white or black is
NOT a badge of honor or disgrace"... and if your thinking is so mentally
retarded to allow it to become such... then you will be doomed to remain in
this "us versus them" prison for the rest of your life... and if you are
white you will get the worst end of the stick in years to come.. at least it
will seem that way to you in your "mental prison".

Last week we presented, what was to some persons, our radical views on the
LAW as it relates to JUVENILE SEX.

This week, I will analyse one person's ANONYMOUS reply... I have NO WAY of 
knowing who they are... our survey was made anonymous on purpose...

->Below is the information submitted on Sep-4-98 10:21 EST

->Comments:  Stephen: I have to take exception to "The universal right of all
-> humans at any age to do as they wish with their own body must be
-> recognized".

No problem... I expected quite a few people to disagree.... but this is in
fact the way it actually is... whether we "recognize" it or not
->I think its DEAD WRONG on several levels:
->(1) in an age of
-> STD and AIDS, promiscuity leads to disaster; children aren't aware. 

That's true... they have to be TAUGHT.. or else, they will learn the hard
(maybe FATAL) way... so PLEASE instruct them... and support ALL AIDS
awareness programs... don't believe children are innocent or stupid, a
very common adult mistake....
they CANNOT afford to be "innocent" and we certainly hope that they are not

->(2) What they don't know CAN hurt them, emotionally as well as physically.

PREACH THE WORD, I AGREE with you... INSTRUCT them.... at all costs.... but
this statement applies to adults too, you know.

->(3) Unless they practice birth control, children bearing children becomes a
-> problem. And who's looking out for the baby's right to a caring,
-> competent, safe environment?

Explain this to them... show them you care... and why they should, too.

->I have no problem with competent,consenting
-> adults who know the consequences of their actions doing whatever they
-> choose, so long as no-one else is hurt, but children don't know the
-> consequences and I do care about them. 

I would desperately wish that ALL adults care about children... so...
make the children AWARE of the consequences of their actions.

There are "children" who have a mature outlook on life at 12 years old
and then again, there are "adults" in their 20's and 30's who have an
"INFANTILE" totally irresponsible outlook. So perhaps it is not a question
of physical age, after all.

Now check this out....

Whether you or the LAW recognizes it.... children do have
the RIGHT to their own bodies... you cannot PREVENT them from using their
sex organs any way they please (unless you plan to lock them in a CAGE and
NEVER let them out !)... anymore than you can stop them from
injuring themselves.

If a child is raised in a caring environment by a person who they respect,
they will listen to that person and believe what they are told by that
person... then they should make "wise" choices, on their own.... but they
do have free will, so there will be exceptions.

Do not laugh at the CAGE analogy, parents can create all kinds of emotional
and mental "cages" for their children, specifically because they do not TRUST
them... to make wise decisions.... even after "INSTRUCTION".

One of the biggest JOKES in this society is the notion of "ADULT CONTENT"
if it is NOT suitable for children... it is NOT suitable, PERIOD. If you are
"perverted" enough to be an ADULT... then that is the way the child will end
up too... and a lot faster than you expect.

How dare you tell the child he/she is "too young"... Are they too young to
die ???? Are they too young to suffer pain ????... if it's bad for him/her
it's bad for you too... smoking, drinking, gambling, sex.. whatever.

I overheard a father, bragging about his son, who had just entered secondary
school.... the youngster wasted no time in "making moves" on a couple of
girls in his new class. Maybe he was thankful his son was not homosexual or
glad that he was turning out to be a "womanizer".. just like him.

I wonder what he would have done if his daughter was one of the recipients
of similar "womanizing" by somebody else's son... I happen to know how strict
he is with his daughter.

And what if the poor lad had turned out GAY ?... the boy would have to keep
it real secret and pretend to like girls... just to please daddy... daddy
would definitely NOT understand that one !!!!

The eternal debate rages on.... now a Bajan Anglican priest has denounced
the Bishops position on the issue... which I published previously.

The Reverend Trevor Babb, Rector of St. Mark's Episcopal Church in
Connecticut formerly served at St. Matthias, Christ Church before emigrating
to the U.S. said "...I don't believe you should be rejected because you have
said that you are a practising homosexual" and again "It is unfortunate that
the Bajan cleric has made such an absolute statement against marriages
between gay couples".

and in letters to the editor yesterday, Mark Hunt, tells us that it has to do
with "X" chromosomes on the mother's side of the family and is hereditary...

Thanks, Mark... for that contribution... but we cannot accept in totality
such a simplistic and fanciful solution.

SEXUAL orientation and activity among the human species is such a complex
thing that no single "discovery" will ever account for everyone.

According to the Pentecostal ministers on Trinity Broadcasting Network... a
person has a homosexual demon which must be cast out.. then the person will
be O.K.... i.e. "straight"

Still other preachers believe that counselling and therapy will produce the
"necessary" change.

There have been individuals who travelled around "testifying" to their
"deliverence" and many have fallen back into the lifestyle... some after
as much as 12 years of "freedom"... some have admitted that they genuinely
strove to find pleasure in heterosexual relationships.. after they were 
"cured"... but were so unhappy that they just could not go on.

Bi-sexuality is a far more common occurence... some say there is no
such thing... a bi-sexual is actually a homosexual trying to mask his
conscience by involving himself with women... lying to his own psychi...
telling himself he is not gay.... this would only cover a very small minority
there are quite a few persons, both men and women, who are attracted to both

Acute homophobia IS symptomatic of latent fear that the individual
might actually have subconcious same-sex feelings... vicious homophobes have
been known to end up closet "GAYS"... but this does not explain ALL

It is known that childhood sexual experimentation does NOT usually alter a
person's orientation... but the orienation could determine the type of play
that occurs... for example, a young "homosexual" boy could start "homosexual"
sex play with other boys in a group... without those boys growing up
"homosexual"... since they all engaged in the activity.. what was the
difference ???

It was in how it was perceived mentally by the individual boys concerned...
to the gay boy it was an expression of his sexuality... to the rest it was
"play" and nothing more (no mental or emotional "strings attached").

Some gays see their own orientation as a curse... they long to be straight..
would they still feel this way if they were accepted and not hated and
made to feel guilty about it.... who knows ?????

CAN they change if they REALLY want to ???? I have no idea... but I think
they should try... ANYTHING is possible if there is sufficient
MOTIVATION.... Can a person be "sinless" ???  but this does not stop people
from trying.


Finally, in certain African tribes, young males at the age of puberty come
under the "guidance" of older middle-aged females... who train them in SEX.

Also, young females may be trained by the "oldest, most respected leaders in
the tribe".

Both the middle-aged women and the old men... have highly respected places in
the tribe... Western thought puts them as child-molesters who should be
punished !

Medical evidence suggests that as far as sexual pleasure is concerned, it is
a GOOD idea.... the women are at their sexual peak in middle-age... the boys
at theirs in teen-age...

The old men and younger girls is also a GOOD idea, young boys are far too
concerned with satisfying their own lust to make the VIRGINS first experience
a pleasant one.. most young girls are turned off of sex by the dog-like
fashion of the young males... which thing is a DELIGHT to the older women.

Nuff said and have a good day.... I gone

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