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Here is NEWS that was mailed to my readers on Sep 13, 1999:-

Sep 13, 1999


I would like to assure readers of previous editions of this
humble publication that I am NOT a racist... and I do NOT endorse the
"rights" of child molesters to ply their "trade"... a few readers came to
these bizarre conclusions after reading previous NEWSLETTERS... I cant
imagine why.

QEH emergency services under strain... only 11 doctors available of the 20
allocated to the Accident and Emergency Department... the public warned to
EXPECT longer waiting for NON-emergency treatment.

The "acting" Director has promised that every effort would be directed
towards giving high quality and expeditious care to genuine emergencies.

So if you need to go down there, be sure to carry a weapon... if you dont
use it on someone else...
you can always juk youself if dey doan pay you no mind... and then you might
get "attention"... when they see that you are NOT "acting".

After a heavy spate of shoplifting, Big "B" Supermarket is hiring armed
guards to watch the aisles... however, Super Centre
and JB's Mastermart will take their losses and are proudly advertising that
there will be NO armed guards in their stores.

Julie'n has been in the Press for their horrible "guards" after a man was
MAN-handled recently and another woman told never to enter their premises
again, without an explanation..  on Saturday night, I tried to buy something
from Julie'n in Hagatt Hall... and a miserable @%!*% at one of the checkouts
was so unmannerly that I just put down everything and left the store..
never to return.

It's a good thing I'm not a "trigger happy" CUSTOMER !

Barbados is not only "beyond your imagination". but it's also beyond getting
ready for Y2K.. we have not made it to the list of tourism destinations that
are Y2k ready... the US State Department has an advisory website for
travellers advising which countries meet Y2K readiness... and
Barbados is NOT on that list.

But there is no need to panic...  all you will need is
a grass skirt, suckling pig and torches (NOT battery operated ones).. and we
can provide everything... even Rum to bolster your confidence as you hear
what is happening to the rest of the world... so please look on the bright
side... and remember...

Most fairy tales have a happy ending...

I take this opportunity to thank DAVID GITTENS for his articles..
clearly revealing the root causes of childrens' deviant behaviour... which
should be obvious.. but like he observes NOTHING is going to be done...
except to shift the blame somewhere else... and make-believe something is
being done to "address" the problem.

Much arguing is going on over the proposed introduction of
a "BOOK OF VALUES" in the schools and a "VALUE OF THE WEEK" idea
to try to instill good behaviour in the children.

The persons against the book are arguing that it is based on
Eastern Religion and NEW AGE thinking and is far from "neutral"... they see
it as trying to replace the Christian ethos with secular humanism or worse,
mystical Hinduism

The education authorities argue that it is a "guideline" for teachers only
and does not step on anybody's religious toes. The book seems to have been
developed under the auspices of the "Human Values Society", which is run
by Lalu Vaswani, a follower of the Sai Baba "faith".

If Sai Baba ideas can calm down children.... what has Christianity being
doing for the last few hundred years ???... the BIBLE is filled with "good
values" but nobody don't read it.. it's just kept in the house to
frighten VAMPIRES !

Too many "reverends" tiefing de money, molesting young girls or boys in de
"church"... or  "watering down" de "gospel" and jumping up in Crop Over!

REAL Christianity will never be the popular choice of the people... the mass
of the people don't want to serve God... they want
to please themselves and have a "good" time... but many of them need a
"prop" for their conscience... so they find a corrupt church, which is
easy to do... and then gossip all day long about who de minister is
interfering with now.

Why worry too much about unpleasant thoughts like "SIN","DEATH",
"HELL" and "JUDGEMENT".... when the "church" says it OK to wuk-up at
Crop-Over .... and even the minister joins in.... making a "joyful noise"
while he does the jucky-juk.

These churches are social clubs... as long as they pander to the people..
they can never be anything more. 

                         ***  WARNING ***
WARNING: possible inflammatory material of an INCENDIARY nature to follow...
READ at your own risk... caution is advised.

In the Al Gilkes column, NATION newspaper (best paper on the planet),
Al had highlighted last week the problems associated with MALE MENOPAUSE...
and now in response to that article, he receives a letter, purported to
come from a group of young FEMALES.
This collective group of young ladies are saying that from PERSONAL
EXPERIENCE, it is the YOUNG males who drink all the Guinness, buy all the
seamoss and try to get Viagra without a prescription at the drug store, who
cannot finish what they start.
They say this problem is reaching epidemic proportions, and many young girls
now believe that these boys must have a "time of the month" just
like them.
Young boys are taking drugs, drinking rum and trying any kinda substance so
they can stay up and in command of the situation.
Check any fete or show in Barbados, according to these girls, you will see
the boys by themselves and the girls by themselves. So the girls conclude
their letter by appealing for a doctor to HELP the young boys
since they (the girls) are suffering for want of something hard.

But in my humble opinion, and who am I to know anything about such matters,
the problem stems from a
psychological cause... it cannot be cured with medicine.

Barbados is now
filled with DOMINEERING females... both young and old... and the male ego
which is EXTREMELY FRAGILE cannot handle the situation.

Young boys are raised and socialized in their formative years entirely by
Their performance
in almost EVERY area of their young lives is being evaluated and criticised
by females. At school, it is more of the same, since females outnumber males
as teachers and authority figures in schools... and "most of the male
teachers at school are gay", according to one youngster from a prominent
and leading secondary school.

A boy's most fragile "soft spot" is his feelings about his sexual
"competence"... it is what defines him as a male.. in our
sexually-oriented culture.

How can a male relax sexually in the presence of a "liberated" female ???? ..
a girl who feels she is better than any boy... a girl who is running the
show... evaluating the lad to see if he can perform properly ???

Unfortunately for males, any concerns about the ability to perform usually
results in degradation of "performance"... and the situation simply
goes from bad to worse... with each new "failure".

The only "cure"... is a VERY understanding female who can make the guy feel
like "her hero"... now does that description fit the sort of
girls that are stirring these days ??.... fun loving, sex oriented and with
scant regard for men ... other than as playthings for their own amusement !!

Why do you think that PHYSICAL ABUSE of females is on the rise ?

and what's the result of all this ?.... gay guys and lesbian girls !

There are some who tell us that all these signs signify the imminence of a
period in human history known as the "tribulation".. to be preceeded
by an event known as "Rapture"... you are encouraged to read "The Bible"...
for further insight into these matters...
personally, I find the information contained therein plausible... you can
draw your own conclusions.. but you should find any serious research in
that direction.. to be, at the very least, "interesting".

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