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Here is NEWS that was mailed to my readers on Nov 14, 1999:-

Nov 14, 1999

Precious People of the Planet

Only one person has sent me money via credit card.... which is a real disappointment...
considering so many others offered to send !

For those that are frightened to use a credit card on the internet... my mailing address
is as follows

Nelson Road, Navy Gardens
Christ Church

This BARBADOS PHOTO GALLERY UPDATE is no longer going to be FREE.... both the UPDATE and
the PHOTOS are about to become a SUBSCRIPTION service.

I refuse to believe that US$5 (US$7.50 with photos) can cause anybody any problem... if
the service is appreciated as much as
I am constantly being told... put some money where your mouth is !

Think of it... WHY should I go on spending my time writing the news and taking the
pictures at my own expense ?

When the internet first started pornography was free... is it still that way ?...
is pornography the only thing that people are willing to pay for ?... on the internet

This move will cause all my subscibers to think long and hard.... do I want it ?...
enough to pay something for it ?

It may be a question of CONTENT.... perhaps the people who are willing to pay... may
have a problem with the present CONTENT.... I would be prepared to change the content
in the interest of PAYERS.

When people pay money.. they expect something of VALUE in return.. I understand that...
tell me what it is you are prepared to PAY FOR... and I will see if I can deliver it.

Why talk about money ?... well... for several years I have done all this stuff at my
OWN expense.... can anybody give me a valid reason why I should go on doing so ?

Come on people... tell me what you all are prepared to PAY FOR ???

I gone - fa now

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