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Here is NEWS that was mailed to my readers on Nov 15, 1999:-

Nov 15, 1999

CHERISHED Citizens of Cyberspace

Crossroads Crisis Causing Concern

In this issue we examine the transfer of the Barbados Photo Gallery from a FREE service
to a PAID subscription service.

I never mince matters... always grab the BULL by the HORNS.. and call a spade... A SPADE.

The responses to my last missive can be divided into 3 categories - please do NOT take
offense - I am not talking to YOU (nice cherished citizen) - I am talking to the "YOU"
who sent me various email.... so WHO DE CAP FIT.. LET DEM WEAR IT... scene ?

1. Get my name off the list in a HURRY.

2. Couldnt you find some other way... like finding a sponsor or getting the "tourist"
board to fund you... or something.

3. I would love to pay but can't ... for one reason or the other

4. Can I pay by means other than Credit card.

Lets deal with them one at a time...

1. Don't you think it is amusing that a person can write me all kinds of pleasant
ENCOURAGING mail... telling me to "keep up the good work"... and the instant I talk
about paying... it becomes "take my name off the list, you cant seriously expect me
to pay for that TRASH" ?

2. Do you really expect the "tourist board" to give me money ?
have you been reading the stuff that I write ???... hardly the type of material that
would send a potential tourist into a swoon !.... Do you have any idea how hard it is
to find a sponsor ?... if YOU dont want to pay $5... where am I going to find a sponsor
willing to pay $100's ???????... why dont you find one for me ??

3. Can't pay $5 ?.... examine how you spend your money... the word is not can't...
it is won't... and I understand that... I am a big boy... tell me it's not WORTH $5 to
you... but are you the one who "pumped me up" with a "go, go, GO" note last week ?????
what you really meant is "go,go,GO" as long as it's FREE !

4. You can pay me by ANY MEANS known to man.... carrier pigeon... or put it in a bottle
in the ocean, with my name on it and the address is:

Nelson Road, Navy Gardens
Christ Church

Some people talked about me "losing" out.... EXCUSE ME... I am "losing" out right NOW...
bigtime... what you really mean is YOU are losing... losing a FREENESS which you like but
are too CHEAP to pay for.

Somebody talked about "he been giving out free information on Barbados for 3 years and he
dont get no money for it".... like if it is a crime to ask for money for doing so... well
... SIR... if you are retired ... or if you got the time to spare... or if you are just
plain SUCKER BAIT... go right on smartly.. giving out your
"FREE" information .... till the cows come lowing home.

Well this whole experience has been an EYE OPENER for me... and as the ICEMAN said...
you will now see who your REAL supporters are !

I gone - to bed

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