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Here is NEWS that was mailed to my readers on February 16, 1999:-

February 16, 1999


STRIKES .... and MORE strikes

Now that CBC workers have gone back to work.... looks like there is MORE
trouble brewing.... the BWU wants
management to pay the workers half-salary for the days that they were on
strike and behaving "bad" and management says NO....
so you can look for them to walk off the job soon again perhaps.

MEANWHILE, workers walked off the job at SAM LORDS CASTLE..... right
now the hotel is enjoying 98% occupancy... management has brought in
volunteer non-unionised labor.... and says they are coping well and the
guests are not suffering....

Management is "surprised" at the action of workers....
they are saying that all monies due will be paid in DUE course !!!!.....

however workers are saying that management "severed"
15 of them after 20 years service ...with monies still owing and
unpaid  AND a certain supervisor who was one of the "hardest" workers
was made redundant.... in what looks like victimsation. !!!!

Slightly AGED news... (but still has some flavor for some of you)


Lawyers warn picketers that they are on dangerous ground when they
obstruct people from entering or leaving the premises.... following an
incident on Wednesday, in which 3 picketers were injured in an accident
with a car driven by the CBC general manager Melba Smith at the
entrance to the compound (Fernella Butcher of the accounts department
had to be taken away in an ambulance).
Tensions have escalated as the picket which goes on well into the night
with loudspeakers blaring may well turn into a war with police... the
Attorney-General has warned those on the picket-line that management
of CBC MUST be allowed to go about their work unhindered and free from
harassment... an increased police presence has been posted to ensure that
the Law is obeyed.

HEALTH INSPECTORS FIND Culex mosquito larvae.....  health inspectors
converged on the gully leading to the Holetown lagoon yesterday... the
gully contains more than 40 active mosquito breeding sites.... where Culex
mosquito (the one that causes elephantisis) have been identified.... access
to the gully is difficult and it takes 4 hours to get there on foot... the
inspectors are hoping to enlist the aid of the people who live near the gully
in assisting in the eradication efforts.

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