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Here is NEWS that was mailed to my readers on November 16, 1998:-

November 16, 1998



Arthur's Road, Parish Land, St. George. Residents say the discovery of caves
in the small village has stopped the building of a bridge designed to aid the
flooding problems in the area. Workmen on the bridge project, filled up the
caves they discovered with marl however last Tuesday, the area collapsed
leaving a huge winding cave which is  believed to go all the way to
Airy Hill. Residents who dared to venture into the cave discovered
several drink bottles no longer in use and some bones.


Barbados is participating in the Fourth Conference of Parties of the
United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change which is being held in
Buenos Aires, Argentina. According to environmental officer for climate
change, Rawleston Moore, greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide, methane and
nitrous oxide are causing changes in the global weather systems which could
have serious implications for Barbados, a rising sea level could destroy our
freshwater supply through saline intrusion into aquifers as well as causing
coastal flooding.


Things are going wrong over at the luxurious Port St. Charles Marina.
Raw sewage from the pits of the nearby Heywoods Resort is
seeping into the man-made freshwater lagoon of Port St. Charles and
engineers have had to flood the lagoon with salt water to control the
colieform count. Salt water tarpon have replaced the tilapia and
there have been reports of sharks sighted in the lagoon, presumably feeding
on the tarpon.
Our fragile island is built mostly of coral rock and limestone, hence the
beautiful underground caves. This rock is porous and helps clean our islands
water supply, cracks and fissures can easily
result in contamination... strict regulations
need to be set down regarding waste disposal... our island is only 166
square miles and the quantity of waste material of all types is increasing,
along with it's lethal content, as a result of "progress".
Lack of enforced regulations causes money-concious developers to use cheaper
environmentally DANGEROUS chemicals, long since BANNED in the U.S.A.
Word has reached my ears that some of the chemistry being used on these
golf courses now being built would NOT be allowed in U.S.A... it is time
to put a stop to this.... Bajans suffer from enough cancer, asthma and
other resperatory problems... put the screws on these concerns and
make them clean up their act... it is complete disrespect of our beautiful


Janice Lynch was on her way to church and passing through Holder's Land,
Bush Hall when she came into the midst of a group of young men smoking
marijuana and cocaine, many were already high... but the "spirit of God"
came upon her and she prophesied that five of them were going to die by the
gun shortly.... says she, "I began to reveal things that were going on in
their lives personally and the guys said they were true. One of them
realised it was the power of God moving and said to them, 'Fellows, respect
the Father, let's pray'... A bout of prayer, and a command, follow me !...
that's all I told them, follow me... and they obeyed.
She led nine of them to her church... the Power In The Blood assembly, in
Kew Road... an assembly well know for healing and demonic deliverance,
presided over by Pastor Vibert Lowe... a very "powerful" pastor.
The men have been "saved", but, according to Lowe, the real battle is still
to take place since the "enemy" will try to snatch them back... and the
church will have to fight for them... he is appealing to Government for jobs
and money to assist in his re-hab efforts.


David Corbin, writing in todays paper, makes the statement, "It can never be
said that working class people are under-productive. The leaders should take
a good look at themselves."
He goes on to say that most of these people who lead see nothing wrong in
drawing very large salaries... but when they sit down to discuss what the
poor should receive they talk about "productivity".... it is no wonder that
working class people only like to give the amount of work to suit the amount
of pay... and I agree, ask yourself, WHY should the poor man work so hard for
a few crumbs... he is the same human as anyone else... it is GREED that
motivates the haves to attempt to insist on "productivity" while offering
minimum pay... the poor man has no reason on earth to be "productive".. and
many are finding their own "productivity" on the side... much to the anger
and hatred of their employers who desperately WANT them to remain poor and
dependant.... just as it was in the days of slavery... when they sold on
market days... and it was stopped "because it competed with the business of
their masters"... don't ever tell me that the haves were happy to see slave
days done... they have spent every day since then trying to oppress and keep
people.. POOR and at their mercy...


Last time after I despatched my mail, I felt a twinge of conscience, perhaps,
I had been a bit unfair to RICHARD HOAD.... I believe he is one of the more
enlightened souls of his generation... probably a bit more open minded than
many of his peers.

In this extract from the LOWDOWN, he deals with the concept of vegetarianism
and his personal love of pork... says he,

"I have nothing against vegetarians. But they're wrong if they think they're
'healthier than thou' or 'holier than thou'. With all the sprays being poured
on vegetables, no wonder children with their instinctive common sense have to
be forced to eat their broccoli. On the other hand, one recalls, Vilhjalmur
Stefansson, in good health after six years in the Arctic on meat and water
only. They didn't believe him so an experiment was done under the auspices of
Cornell Medical School and Bellevue hospital. Stefansson and another man,
Anderson, ate nothing but meat for a year. They were given all sorts of
medical tests. And the results??? No bad effects whatever. In fact, Anderson
started the experiment with high blood pressure, his hair falling out, and
frequent colds. But after ninety days of all meat, his blood pressure became
and remained normal, his hair stopped falling out, and he had fewer colds.
And lest any veggie says, Well at least we don't kill anything, let me tell
them about a corn-field I once visited. Poison had been put out to stop the
birds eating the seedlings. Little harmless doves were littered all over the
place, tiny beaks gasping, legs convulsing, dying a horrible death they never
deserved. Put that in your pipe and smoke it, O Vegetarian, next time you're
thinking how good you are."


17 year old Orlando Inniss, is the first person charged under the new gun
laws... which came into effect November 1.
He has received 4 years in jail because he had no previous convictions,
indicating that magistrates are still treading compassionately according to
the circumstances... he was charged with possession of a .32 revolver on
Fairchild Street.


An undetermined number of school children were injured and a school bus
damaged when a confrontation broke out between students of two secondary
schools on Thursday. The confrontation occurred in Black Rock around 3:30p.m.
The fracas started when a group of Ellerslie school students armed with rocks
and knives attempted to board a Coleridge and Parry school bus.
The driver of the bus reportedly pushed them back outside before driving off,
but the angry students who were trying to attack some CP students in the back
of the bus then started thowing rocks, breaking the rear windshield and
another window. The driver then stopped the bus outside the Kentucky Fried
Chicken depot and a hand-to-hand battle ensued between the two groups of
students. Sources indicated that tension had been brewing for some weeks and
a clash was expected. Police were called to the scene, but no details are
avaiable although it is known that both junior and senior students were

Angry University students protesting lack of Campus security following
several incidents against women down there, blocked entrance to the
University on Thursday for several hours. It is understood that there may be
some court action involved as a result of this, since at least one car
suffered some damage in the melee.

CONTROVERSIAL MATERIAL.... EXTREMELY controversial material.... follows:

PLEASE DO NOT READ if you are a "sensitive", "decent" and "refined" person.

EXIT IMMEDIATELY... and I thank you for your patronage !!

you have been warned !

David Gittens is telling us that the evidence of racial conflict everywhere
and the different thinking of blacks and whites makes it unreasonable to
expect racial unity. He goes on to say that mutual respect should replace
a call for unity... and that each should be allowed to get on with their own
"agenda" unhindered by the other... and that those who have risen to the next
level of conciousness should be able to love one another without rancour and
snide remarks from those who are not yet ready.

First of all the facts of racial conflict should
not stop anyone from trying for racial harmony.... anymore than the
impossibility of converting the world does not stop preachers from preaching
... or Mr Gittens himself from trying to achieve his own
"higher conciousness"

Whites have always had a deliberate desire to preserve the status quo...
and get on with their "own agenda"... apartheid is a white concept and suits
their purpose.... he says,"Do the whites want to shield their children from
acting like blacks ?"... I have said time and time again that this is the
crux of the matter... the distorted white view that thinks that blacks are
naturally uncivilised, uncouth animals... and when an example to the contrary
is brought to their attention... the black person is said to be thinking
"white" or behaving "white"... so now everybody buys into the stupid idea
that "white" is good behaviour, manners, right thinking.... and "black" is
barbarous, uncivilised.. and maybe even "evil"... and a "cultured" black
person is "trying to be white" or has been "trained" by whites !

Even the last sentence of his treatise is flawed, because it is unreasonable
NOT to expect "rancour and snide remarks" from those "not yet ready"... if
they are "not yet ready", how can you expect any different behaviour from

Until whites stop despising blacks and blacks stop despising themselves...
unity will be a dream.... but it is a GOOD dream.. and "enlightened people
who have risen to 'higher conciousness'" should not be trying to sell us
short by discouraging everybody into settling for apartheid.... that is 
backward thinking.


Father Leonard Alphonso of the Roman Catholic Church is sticking to his views
in spite of criticism from George Griffith, Executive Director of the
Barbados Family Planning Association.

Father Alphonso claims the following as facts..

1.Margaret Sanger, founder of the International Planned Parenthood
Federation, was a racist and admirer of Adolph Hitler. She revealed in a
letter to Clarence Gamble written on 12/10/39 that she intended to enlist the
aid of black religious ministers in order to conceal the fact that she
planned "to exterminate the Negro population". As white author, George Grant
puts it, "Margaret Sanger's character and vision are perfectly mirrored in
the organisation that she wrought". George Griffith is yet to explain how he
could identify and head-up locally, an organization that has such a
blantantly racist agenda.

2.The First World so fears population increase in the Third World that white
Congressman from New Jersey, Chris Smith warns us, that Bill Clinton and the
National Security Council are pushing an aggressive campaign of abortion on
demand on the Third World.

3.Dr. Leonard Horowitz demonstrates conclusively in his book Emerging Viruses
that the National Security Council had the AIDS and Ebola viruses
manufactured by Litton Industries.... and they have ensured that they will
do their deadly work... by using Family Planning Associations advertising
to spread the Safe Sex Hoax... there is no such thing as "safe sex" !

George Griffith answers...

1. Father Alphonso is suffering from desperation, along with other archaic
right wing religious fanatics whose dwindling authority is being increasingly
challenged by a realistic and enlightened youth population.

2.The Family Planning Movement has contributed significantly to the
improvement of the quality of life of people everywhere.

3.The greatest achievement has been the recognition of the right of women
to exercise control over their bodies... it has led to the emancipation and
empowerment of millions of women the world over... the position of women in
business, commerce, education and national life... is, in part, due to their
ability to exercise control over their own fertility.

4.The likes of Father Alphonso seem determined to relegate women to being
poor, pregnant and disadvantaged... how else can we explain such an
amazing concentration of backwardness in the mind of any one person...spewing
forth in this recent diatribe attributed to Father Leonard Alphonso.


Dr. R. C. Landis, writing in todays paper, contends that the idea that the
AIDS virus was manufactured by the U.S. Government in the 1970's and
exported to Africa by the WHO as part of a plot to exterminate the Negro
race... is NOT supported by scientific evidence... he presents information
showing it's existence in far earlier periods and as it is a "retro" virus
(similar to "cold" or "flu" viruses) it's form is always changing.

Whatever you may personally believe about the origins of AIDS... or the above
assertions of a "plot" to destroy the Negro race... you should realize that
the majority of whites are still alarmed at the rapid advancement of a
people who they view as a threat to their very existence... and this
comes about because of a difference of skin color and a guilty conscience
concerning past (and present) injustices which they do not want to face up to
and deal with.... and you should not be surprised or upset if you encounter
blacks who just cannot accept that white people (who have abused their race
for hundreds of years) now have their best interest at heart....
apparently, these "plots" were "exposed" by white men.... so what is the
black man supposed to think !!

I have encountered many white people who dislike blacks... a few will be open
about it but the majority will deny it these days.... NONE can give
me a single valid reason WHY they do.

I have encountered a few black people that dislike whites... but, trust me,
they have LOTS of VALID reasons why they do.

As the black race advances to new heights of achievement in what was once
believed to be the "white man's" world.... respect and awe... will make an
increasing number of whites seek to befriend them... but others will react
with animosity and barbarity worse than anything gone before.... witness the
decapitation and dragging of that black man in the South... which, by now,
I am sure most of my readers will be aware of.

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