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Here is NEWS that was mailed to my readers on August 17, 1998:-

August 17, 1998

Bajan News


In a very small, unsigned article titled "Mother hoping for son's release"
on page 4a of today's (Monday) NATION.

A German mother on holiday in Barbados claims her son has been imprisoned
for the past eight days in a holding cell at the airport, and she has no
idea when he will be released !

Susie Mena said her son, 18 year old Julien, was fined $500 for smoking
marijuana on the beach. She said she paid the money forthwith but he was not

Instead, Immigration officers took him away last Monday saying that he would
be deported the next day.

Mena said she told her son when he got back to Germany to ring her. After he
did not call, she became concerned and that is when she learned from the
Immigration Department that he was being held at the airport.

The tourist said she visited the airport on Friday and her son looked bloody
and dirty. She said he was not allowed to take a bath or brush his teeth and
he smelt filthy.

While she admitted her son, who was on his FIRST visit to Barbados, had
committed an offence. She cannot understand what is going on, she paid the
fine promptly and the authorities have had ample time to deport him. She
says they are treating her unkindly, and she cannot even determine WHEN he
will be released... she is hoping he will be allowed to return with her and
in my words, not face further TORTURE..


If there is any truth to this article, this should not be buried... this
should be a front page headline.. such a situation should not have occured
in the first place... I venture to say that if this gets "swept under the
carpet" it is because these timid, frightened white people will go back to
Germany quietly... and then spread all kinds of horror stories about their
"awful" experience in a "savage" land.

But consider this, if one of our youts had been victimised in some foreign
land, would we not act aggressively ?????... we would yell "racial
discrimination"... or "third-world victimisation".... and most times, we
would be right, too... because West Indians ARE discriminated against.

Blacks are considered to be hate-filled, savage and primitive by many whites.
incidents like this merely confirm what they
already believe... in any case, like it or not, our youts smoke up herb on
the street corners daily.... so why treat these tourists like this ??

This matter should be investigated and the "authorities" severely disciplined
... this is inappropriate and unacceptable behaviour on the part of the
"authorities"... who should be setting an example in manners.

Now for all you people who are "uncomfortable" with the recent constant
emphasis on race and racial issues in this newsletter.... please understand,
I do not make up the news... I merely report it... and it is all over the
newspaper these days.... for example, check this out..

Symbolism like peas

In this article, veteran columnist, Oliver Jackman says, "the pervading
sound of the times is the clatter of bodies and objects tumbling out of
closets previously thought to be hermetically sealed" and he goes on to say
that "to try to sell to ourselves or to anyone else the myth that Barbados
is an oasis of racial harmony and equity is to court the belly-laughs of our
neighbors, regional and global."... the wider context of the article
addresses the recent spate of monument building and ceremonies by the Arthur
administration... according to him there are "unmistakable signs of
imagination and vision in this political kadooment that Mr. Arthur has served

Latest on "ROYAL" Westmoreland
I was talking with a friend of mine, a former barman at the Royal
Westmoreland, who is now working for another Hotel..... seems as if I was
on target with my last tongue lashing of that institution.

No respect for Bajan workers, treat the lowly poor and "common" staff like
"dirt".... etc. etc.

Anyway, all the Unions rose to the occasion, as I knew they would.... cargo
consignments destined for the institution... are not being handled by port
workers REGIONALLY.... and residents of the prestigious institution have to
drive through lines of picketing protesters to get in and out.

And yet, Director, Bill Rooney, expects a $10 million dollar profit this year
but he says,"Barbados has a fabulous profile... but the dispute will not go
down well with people in England. Persons buying a second home can buy it
anywhere and no one wants to retire in a place where there are labour

Well, Bill, you should have thought about that before you fired all dem
people... 350 people can't all be wrong... what did you expect, did you
think they would go home quietly or that they would come begging you to give
them their jobs back under whatever conditions you chose to impose on them.

Slavery days done, Billy boy... you betta be careful the investors don't FIRE
your a__ in the street... and find a manager who has a better profile when
it comes to "labor relations".

Violence and Tragedy
A week of skirmishes and threats between Don Russell, 25, of Lot 1H, Green
Hill Close, Silver Hill, Christ Church, and Christopher Murray, 27, of Cane
Vale, Christ Church, ended in a gun battle at Club Eddie in Silver Sands,
where patrons had gathered for a fete.

When the guns fell silent and the smoke cleared, both men lay unconscious on
the cold concrete floor.

Russell was pronounced dead-on-arrival at the QEH and Murray died in the ICU
unit just a few hours later.

In another incident, what appeared to be an execution-style killing, three
armed men descended on Sand Street, Speightstown and pumped four shots into
Pedro Thompson as he lay sleeping in his bed at 12:30 a.m.

According to eye-witness, the men drove up to the house, cut the telephone
wires... forced their way into the house... shot him... got into the car
and left.

And in today's paper, David Thompson, Opposition Leader is accusing
Government of adding to the escalation of crime by an old-fashioned approach
on the part of the Attorney General.

He did not agree with the emerging perspective that if persons involved in
drugs were killing each other, then there should not be too much cause for
concern by the wider society.

HALL: Up aid monies

Finally, murder-accused Winston Hall is upset because the government will not
pay more than a 1000 pounds for his appeal to the Privy Council in London.

He thinks they should pay $30000 for him to have a "proper" defense...

In the letter submitted to the Attorney General, he says,

"I am saying that I cannot have a fair trial unless I am represented by a
properly funded attorney-at-law who is licensed to practice law in the
particular jurisdiction where I am to conduct my defence by way of appeal
or otherwise"
"I am further saying that in order to do this, the Crown must pay all my
legal fees involved in presenting my case to Her Majesty's Judicial
Committee of the Privy Council, and if they do not do so, then I am being
deprived of my constitutional right to a fair hearing..."

Imagine that ! and then you wonder why people go around armed to the teeth..

Clearly, it is a case of protect yourself... because nobody ain't going to do
it for you... and if, per chance, you get snuffed out... don't expect the
Law to avenge your death..

Anarchy is a distinct possibility in our future... certainly respect
for Law and Government is not too high these days.. well folks, one last
piece of news...

The St. Joseph Hospital could become a $40 million state-of-the-art health
resort by next year.

Performing selective and reconstructive surgery by a team of highly-skilled
North American surgeons... patients would be flown in from the U.S.A....
to recover in paradise...

A Company... Caribbean American Health Resort Inc.... is trying to get
Government to agree to the their plans.

The Hospital ceased to function years ago... and was purchased by Government
from the Nuns of the Roman Catholic Church... successive administrations
have debated what to do with it... it is still unused..

I say... try to make some sort of deal with the Americans... clearly,
Government cannot even properly manage the one hospital (QEH) that they
now have... it would be folly to think they could manage another one...

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