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Here is NEWS that was mailed to my readers on February 17, 1999:-

February 17, 1999


I reported on the antics of the minibus men in a recent UPDATE..... I said
I was checking the details of "Milking the Cow"..... I made an
ERROR... it's NOT name "milking the cow"......... It's called

In this one, the minibus driver comes right up CLOSE behind another vehicle
and with a BURST of acceleration and a  twist of the steering wheel
he OVERTAKES the "victims" vehicle (usually at a potentially risky moment)
and then pulls the van sharply in front (perhaps causing the motorist
to brake hard to avoid an accident)... meanwhile the school children on board
howl with delight, fear or excitement (depending on their disposition)....
and maybe wave or curse at the hapless motorist left in a state of shock or

In his column, in the best newspaper on earth, the DAILY NATION..... Roy has
photos of minivans and schoolchildren... and a surprised policeman who just
can't figure out how 70 school children could fit into a van that size !!!

He poses some questions to Dennis Tull, a minibus owner who does not want to
accept any blame for the actions of his drivers.... here are a few points
from his article:

1. A ZR driver, overtaking traffic on the left where there was no lane,
   knocks an old man off his bicycle.... he dies a few moments later...

2. A driver and conductor "shoved" a passenger around because he dared to
   ask for the stereo system to be turned down.... he had just had an
   operation on his ear and could not take the noise.

3. A woman called to complain to a certain minibus owner about the conduct
   of one of his drivers, he told her she had called the wrong time.... 
   She's still trying to find the right time !

Lets hope the Government can do something to straighten out these fellows...
The workers at SAM LORDS CASTLE are back on the job, but their grievances
remain to be settled... staff from the kitchen, laundry and maintenance
department are dissatisfied with the way management treats them..
but they have agreed to resume work pending talks between the Union and
management.... there is still the issue of PAY DUE THEM which is SLOW in
coming..... the hotel has changed hands and is NO LONGER part of the
Marriotts chain of resorts.... clearly the NEW owners need to gain the
respect of the staff and they are off to a bad start.... lets see what they
do now....

Forty eight hours after a group of gun-weilding men in a car terrified
residents living in the region of Montgomery playing field another gun
battle errupted with groups of men on opposite sides of the road firing at
each other.... this time a minibus driven by Tyrone Goodridge was caught in
the crossfire..... riddled with bullets and driverless (since Tyrone jumped
out and ran for cover) the minibus rolled back and crashed into a vehicle
30 feet behind it ....  about an hour later Police from the Task Force,
outfitted with bullet-proof vests, moved into the area and according to
police sources one man has been arrested and will shortly be charged.
Residents in the area say a Black Rock gang called "SCAREDEM" are responsible
for both the disturbance in their neighborhood and the recent shootouts in
Eden Lodge.

Parliament opened yesterday with much fanfare and I understand that a
constitutional amendment to resume HANGING people is among their
planned debates..... lets hope it goes through, cause a few necks want
popping .... too much lawlessness going on in dis place !

The sea is placid and the weather fine.... and THOUSANDS of tourists are
having the BEST HOLIDAY of their LIVES in safety and contentment... do not
be alarmed in the slightest by this LOCAL news... unless you are a social
worker simply stay on the beaten tourist path... and you are NOT likely to
even stump your toe on the beach... it's quite safe really.

I gone

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