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Here is NEWS that was mailed to my readers on January 17, 1999:-

January 17, 1999


The BLP Manifesto was released to the general public on Wednesday,
here are some highlights:

1. a "caring society for all" ... their social development programme will
be the responsibility of the Ministry of Social Transformation.

2. The Welfare Department, the Child Care Board, the
National Assitance Board the Community Development Division and the
Womens Affairs Bureau will be unified and amalgamated into the
Family Services Agency.

3. A Rapid Response Crisis Intervention Unit will respond to tragic
vehicular accidents, house fires and incidents of domestic violence in
the interest of the physical and psychological well-being of the victims
of these tragedies.

4. Edutech 2000, modernising our schools, curriculum reform and
teacher training to receive a $100 million over the next seven years.

5. embark on the first major physical expansion of the Queen Elizabeth
Hospital in 40 years.

6. use St. Joseph Hospital for specialist services - geriatric, physical
rehab, renal dialysis and accident emergency cases.

7. national minimum wage, Trade Union Recognition Act,
Unfair Dismissal Act, Occupational Health And Safety Act.

8. Repayment of 8% pay cut in full, over a period to be determined.

9. refine the administration and incidence of VAT to ensure that it
does not "work any hardship" on any Barbadian, Barbadian household
nor Barbadian enterprise.

10. Progressively increase concessions to all pensioners.

11. Abatement of tax on properties valued below $200000 and
reduced land tax.

12. revising Tenantries Freehold Purchase Act to include descendants
and give security of tenure to persons carrying on a business in a tenantry.

13. Integrate the minibuses, route taxis and the Transport Board fleet to
produce a fair and equitable system under the governance of the
Transport Authority.

14. Improve  the terms and conditions of service of policemen, expand
training opportunities and increase the number of officers.


The DLP Manifesto was released to the general public on Saturday night
here are some highlights from that document:

1. Reduction of VAT to 10% on food and removal from funerals, sports
equipment, childrens books, baby foods, clothing and toiletries within 30
days of office.

2. repayment of 8% pay cut plus interest within 14 days if elected.

3. Pensioners to get $500 monthly.

4. Abolishing land tax on properties below $250000 and removing VAT
from input materials for low income housing.

5. Cancelling NHC housing arrears and revising
Tenantries Freehold Purchase Act to include descendants.

6. Reducing public service vehicles fees and meeting with operators
within 14 days, allowing duty-free importation of spare parts.

7. 300 more community police within 90 days and more training and
compensation for lawmen.


Clearly, the BLP document is vague when compared to the precise
language of the DLP document on the same issues.

But can the DLP deliver if they are elected ? I think not, economists
are saying that repayment of the 8% in one lump sum would have
negative repercussions on the economy... and that is just one issue. 

Also, look at the give-aways... even if the DLP honored all the above...
WHAT would be the LONG TERM consequences ??? HOW could
they sustain the economy.. after they "squandered" whatever is in the
treasury when they "come" to power.

NO, my friends, NO... this DLP manifesto must be seen for what it is..

a tasty morsel to tantalize the electorate in a vain last-ditch attempt
to save their floundering election campaign !!

Once more sinking to an all-time low of TRICKING the electorate...
this DLP could not possibly handle the stewardship should they be

Are we going to see a return to the clutches of the IMF ?... thru BAD
financial management...

And what about those 3 DLP members who left the party for
CONSCIENCE and GOD ... the stench of rotten politics being too
much to tolerate.. remember them ?

Or how can you embrace a party that harbors the likes of
Branford Taitt ??

I hope that the peoples memory is not so short that it does not
REMEMBER these issues clearly.... or what it was like living
under the DLP regime... during their last term of mis-managing
the peoples business.

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