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Here is NEWS that was mailed to my readers on June 17, 1998:-

June 17, 1998

Bajan NEWS

1. The Business and Professional Women's Club (BPWC) is at a "LOSS"
financially, when Winnie Mandela failed to make it to Barbados..... she was
scheduled to speak at a fund-raising rally at the Sir Garfield Sobers
Gymnasium .... attendance was poor in her absence... and the event just
"flopped".... the Caribbean African Association of Barbados (CAAB)... the
group responsible for bringing her to Barbados... reported that after being
delayed in Trinidad, and missing her flight to Barbados, she left for South
Africa in response to an urgent need for her to return there.

However, the Anglican Church is seeking to bring Desmond Tutu to Barbados
(from South Africa) for the 175th anniversary celebrations of the diocese.

I believe we have an over-admiration for "foreigners" in Barbados, it may be
quite a natural thing.... and is probably true of many other "island"
societies... but the trend to capitalize on it, by bringing "celebrities" to
the island is risky business...

2. Viagra selling like hot cakes... reports  from the pharmacies indicate
that 4 to 6 pills are generally dispensed with instructions, "use when

(My comment: By limiting prescriptions to small amounts...doctors will get
their share of the profits.... since repeating the prescription, will call
for another visit.... and maybe some "tests"... to make sure it's safe to
take more !)

The mainly middle-aged men purchasing the drug show no embarrassment and a
high degree of confidence in it's ability to help their situation.

However, one social commentator has observed that with all this new "sexual
activity" going on... in light of the fact that other reports indicate, that
the Caribbean Region "ranks second to Africa in the spread of HIV/AIDS
infection".... and clearly "the youth in the region are NOT heeding the
warnings or practising safe sex".

One can expect a shift in the statistics now to older men AS WELL.... thus
the overall impact of Viagra on AIDS figures... will be very negative.

There is no doubt that sex is the number one priority of many Caribbean
men... maybe it's the climate... who knows !

3. Land use policies.... government has recently been debating land use
policies in Barbados... and I say thanks to backbencher, Sir Henry Forde who
appears to be the only one interested in protecting the Boscobel and East
Coast from "development"... he wishes the land left just as it is... for the
enjoyment of future generations of Barbadians.

4. Haile Selassie versus Jesus Christ.... finally, some voices to speak out
against the increasing spread of Rastafarian beliefs in Barbados.... and
throw these beliefs in proper perspective. Our youth are being brainwashed
into believing that democracy is "wicked Babylon".... drugs (like marijuana)
make you knowledgeable.... and a MAN from a black country in Africa is GOD
ALMIGHTY ! As this debate warms up in ..."letters to the editor"...
hopefully, a balance will be drawn... and people will understand... that
although they can BELIEVE anything they want... and order their lives anyway
they choose....
REASON and LOGICAL thinking should put an end to belief in these mystical
fairy tales ! Unfortunately, these views are advanced by some highly
"educated " people... and there is about to be an International Rastafarian
Convention to be held in Barbados in August.

I am not against aspects of Rastafarian culture... but I think some of the
ideas and "beliefs" are sheer nonsense.... and it is high time that it be
exposed as such.

It is very, very sad that many young people join this cult for RACIAL
reasons... in their search for identity... fuelled by their rejection of a
"WHITE view of the Cosmos"..... take the image of the last supper of Jesus
Christ.... Rastafarians sitting around a table ??????.... I don't think so !

Jesus Christ, historically, was neither Caucasian or Negro.... he had a
bronze colored skin... and belonged to the Semitic race of people... so what
is the big deal ???

Both Blacks and Whites are responsible for the distortion.... check the
Roman Catholic pictures that show Christ as a Caucasian male with long
blonde hair !!! If this was intentionally done ... to prop-up slavery... as
is claimed... could be true.

But now to counter-claim that Christ is really a Black Rastafarian from
Ethiopia .... come on.... I understand WHY you want to do it.... but please
give us a break ! and lets stick to FACTS...

5. BARTEL and the PUB...... Bartel is having a hard time trying to justify
their cost for the new ISDN Datamax service... to the Public Utilities

However, this discussion is ir-relevant to the average Barbadian.... because
both sides agree that the service is for BUSINESS use.... and whatever the
outcome.... the cost will certainly be way above anything an average
subscriber would be able to afford.

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