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Here is NEWS that was mailed to my readers on Oct 17, 1999:-

Oct 17, 1999

"UNITE for the benefit of our people....
  UNITE cause it's later than you think"... (Bob Marley)

With increasing global pressures on small island states... Bajans have to
let the world know that we are NOT going to be marginalised... BAJANS
are smart and we are working our way into key positions in EVERY country
of the globe.

Over the past month, I have met Bajans who are managing businesses in
Sweden and Germany... the business in Sweden is an advanced electronics
plant employing thousands of people... the Europeans stand in AWE of us
and our capabilities !!!

Imagine dat... a Bajan can go to Sweden and successfully manage their own
business for them.

Then there is my school pal.... PETER WELCH... an INVESTMENT BANKER
in Switzerland.

SMART... is what it's all about.... and don't be fooled by the childlike
character of my newsletter... I am having lots of fun in this new medium
(Internet)... and I have the relevant KNOWLEDGE of electronics, computers
and communications.... whereby I shall make a KILLING on the 'net in due
course... (don't take that literally... dats a Bajan way of saying we going
mek nuff, nuff money... an lef dem all in wonder).


All the political parties in Barbados got together last night and pledged
their support to stem the tide of Crime and Violence on our island.

The candlelight procession and speeches were attended by a wide
cross-section of the public.

Warning was served that Government intends to take a tough stand
with the "issue of indiscipline in transportation for schoolchildren"....
specific reference to the ZR men... who are setting a BAD example to
impressionable minds... not respecting LAW and ORDER.

The Minister stated there could be "no strong Barbados unless each and
everyone of us respects the rule of law".


Although the Chief Fisheries Officer has stated that the fish kill episode
is over... a fisherman has fallen sick after eating his catch... which did
not appear to have been contaminated... Stephen Wright experienced
swollen lips and tongue and a skin rash... and had to seek
medical assistance.

Dr. Hugh Furguson, a Scottish fish pathologist, flown in to examine the fish
has concluded that the streptococcus iniae bacteria strain killing the fish
COULD be passed on to humans... "there is no conclusive evidence on
the particular organism"

If I were you, I would avoid eating fish for a while and see what happens
to those that do... that's just your Enlightened Editor's advice... and NOT
Dr. Furguson's.

Roger Marshall is upset with the Bishop's comments on the Education in
Human Values textbook debate... for a minister of the Church of Jesus Christ
(is the Anglican Church actually a part of that ?) to strike a note for
religious tolerance... when the Bible clearly states that Jesus Christ
is the ONLY way by which mankind may be saved. (John 14:6 and Acts 4:10-12)
... is not considered acceptable.... at least by him.

Well, as the Elton John song say, "have a ball ya all, cause Jesus don't
save the guys in the tower of Babel"... and the Bible says, "FEW there be
that are saved"... so the ministers, Bishops or whoever, may not "make it"
... too much good looking girls an boys in de church.... to talk 'bout
serving God... have you ever figured out what it means to "serve" God ???
... quite a fascinating concept, dat one.... I tell you, people manage to do
all sorts of things to "serve" God... and the rest of us, we just can't
figure it.... we must be missing something somewhere... cause it just
dont add up.


Another kind of minister is caught up in WORDS.... as he takes a stand on
the stand... before the Commission of Inquiry into the St. Joseph Hospital.

have you ever noticed ?... it's amusing to listen to people talk who are
trying their best to say nothing.

Ya think anybody going get lock up, charged, penalised or
slapped-on-the-wrist ??.... well dont hold your breath on dat one !

Commissions of Inquiry are the LARGEST waste of time and money ever
invented by mankind... an if ya doubt me... do some research to find out
what, if anything, was ever achieved by having a "Commission of Inquiry"
into anything... but if I was a lawyer, maybe I would love 'em... it's an
easy way to ease a new Mercedes into the driveway !

Look.... I gone ... fa now...

but remember, TIME.... is longer than a fairy's tail...


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