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Here is NEWS that was mailed to my readers on July 1, 1998:-

July 1, 1998


The papers have been full of WINSTON HALL, a wanted criminal... escaped from
Glendairy Prison and Police custody on two occasions... on the run for many
years, he became the subject of a Calypso and earned a place in Bajan

He has been positively identified and captured in Trinidad... local
newspapers have shown pictures of his family, the house were he grew up,
they have interviewed his friends, family, teachers, phsychologists and the
general public !

They have shown a picture of the prison where he is now being held... on the
front page... and on and on.... he has received MORE press coverage than the
Royal Family !

Some people think he should be pardoned... a man who has murdered twice...
on different occasions... convicted on substantial evidence... etc.

I say "hang 'em high"... it is long overdue... many local magistrates and
justices comment from time to time on the increasing violence and disregard
for law and order among the people... why do you think this is ??

People will not respect the law if it is impotent to deal with crime...
Bajan saying, "I ain't care nothing 'bout no Police, ya do me anyting... I
coming at ya wid me collins".

Vigilante behaviour becomes attractive when people clearly realize that the
established justice system is a joke... and it should not be so.

I blame Amnesty International and other organizations like them... for the
present state of affairs.

The Bible clearly supports Capital punishment.... and so should your common

Today we have "terrorists", "psychos" and even CHILDREN.... killing and
maiming people.... many are innocent victims who just happen to be in the
wrong place at the wrong time.

I say put a stop to it NOW... get rid of 'em..... according to the Bible,
" shalt thou put evil away from among you; and all Israel shall hear,
and fear.." Deuteronomy 21:21

Have you heard about the ship being built in Germany, to be called "The
World" ???

Just under a 1000 feet long and 15 decks high, it will be under the command
of Captain Ola S. Harsheim.

Man's first floating city.... with condominiums for sale... and the only
criteria for purchase is that you must be "Super Rich".

Apartments from 1100 square feet at U.S.$1.5 million to "mansions" of 4100
square feet at U.S.$6.6 million... the cheapest one bedroom suite fetching
U.S.$800,000 will be typically for "servants" or aides or secretaries to the
"Super Rich".

It is rumoured that Sylvester Stallone, Donald Trump and England's Royal
Family are among the first 65 owners, who have already puchased ocean-going

Not since the Titanic has such wealth sailed the seas... making long stops
in exotic destinations... attending various International events such as the
Grand Prix in Monaco or the Cannes Film Festival... and uniting the Mega
rich of all Nationalities... it is perceived as the ultimate place to
transact Global business... as well as enjoy all the pleasures that the
World has to offer... and to this end it is equipped with a vast business
centre... satellite video conferencing.. global telephone system... and the
most advanced computers yet invented !

Better dust off that old Bible and read Revelation.

The gap between the "haves" and the "have nots" is certainly widening and
will continue to do so...

However, it is interesting to observe that BARBADOS.. is on the list of
destinations to be visited.... maybe this is a "good" thing... maybe not....
depends on your point of view.

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