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Nov 20, 1999

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Government has allocated more than $350,000 to fund a Commission of Inquiry
into the escape of Winston Hall... does that make sense to you ??

There has been a proliferation of "Commissions of Inquiry" into this, that 
and the next thing... in recent times... and what do they achieve ???

You know who benefits from these commissions ? lawyers, judges and other
"distinguished persons" who sit on the "panel" !

You know who pays for these commissions ?.... BAJANS... average hard-working

You know what these commissions produce ? piles of paper..

You know what these commissions achieve ? NOTHING.... ABSOLUTELY nothing
zip, spit, zilch, nada, NUMERO ZERO !!!!!!

Has anybody asked the public if they WANT a commission ? NO.....

Does anybody care if John Q Public WANTS a commission or not ? NO

12 people taken to QEH hospital after ZR (ZERO Regulations) crashes !...
injuries range from dislocated shoulders, lacerations... painful necks
and backs...

Back pain and neck pain that could go on for YEARS to come !

What is proving to be a bigger PAIN for the Minister of Transport...
Rommel Marshall... is the accusation that his ministry is favoring Indians
in the allocation of permits !

So Marshall lashes out.... he says that Indians trying to buy permits from
the operators were being horn-swoggled to the tune of hundreds of thousands
of dollars... in one case an operator wanted to sell his vehicle + permit
for $450,000 !

The Indians chose to apply for their own permits... can they not be given
them ???.... are they not Bajans also ???.... an did I hear sumbody say
sumting bout RACISM ?.... I suppose the Indians could certainly claim
discrimination just because of race... but they have chosen to keep a low
profile on the issue... leaving the race talk to blacks and a few whites.

The Commission on Race Relations has come to a close... but 2 articles
in the Nation (best newspaper on the planet) show that they have not
achieved anything.

One by a presumably white person, ABBEY WHITE, accuses the black majority of

The article proclaims that "EVERYDAY white Bajans are subjected to racial
slurs and hostility from every strata of Afro-Bajan class in the island..."

what a load of BS !... is this truly the experience of this mis-guided
individual ? is it factual or only perceived ?

Persecution mentality re-inforced by genuine dislike of black people.. that
is your Enlightened Editor's verdict on that individual.

Here... judge for yourselves... ABBEY WHITE concludes with, "The time for
using "whitey" as a crutch and crediting him with every evil
has passed. Blame fate, God, your parents, the bank, the Government or
el Nino. My conscience is clear."

In the same Newspaper, an article by JOANN LAYNE, presumably a black person..
"The only time the white Bajans need black Bajans is to get them to support
their business ventures. Once the Blacks continue to spend their dollar
bills in these white-owned businesses, the whites are happy."

She calls on DAVID GITTENS to reveal the reason why Whites did not attend the
hearings of the Reconciliation Committee.

I reproduce the entire contents of DAVID GITTENS letter now, as I promised
David I would.

DAVID GITTENS letter to the Editor, November 9:

In the mid 1700's the Brewster and Walcott families were feuding.
The Brewsters said the Walcotts were stupid and the Walcotts said the
Brewsters were prejudiced.  Benjamin Brewster killed Wally Walcott.  He was
found guilty and hanged.
In 1999, none of the present-day Brewsters and Walcotts can be blamed for
the behaviour of their forebears and in fact, they aren't even interested.
Nor can any of the people living today be held responsible for the
transgressions of their antecedents.
Anyone with a minimum of perception can notice that many of the present day
"white Bajans" have retreated from social activity.  Yes, some 'whites' do
participate, but not as before and the participating numbers are growing less
and less.
A great number have withdrawn into their own little social groups, into their
little cliques and cocoons.  Yes, many of these clusters are class and
economically determined.  But they are all happy with their own company and
among themselves and they are getting on with their lives.
Is it that the whites feel alienated, unappreciated and unwelcome? Is it they
feel they are being criticized for things they have not done?  Is it they
feel they are being inequitably treated? 
Was the failure of the Government to name at least one 'white hero,' and the
whole business of moving Nelson, the last heave-ho that launched the ship?
Sniping at them and bad-mouthing them is not going to entice them back.  
Does anyone really expect to see whites, in their numbers, attending the
hearings of the "Reconciliation Committee?
No.  They are not going to be there.  And everybody knows the real reason,
altho no one is forthright enough to say it.


So tell us DAVID..."everybody" does NOT know the real reason...
and SURELY YOU must be forthright enough to SAY it !!!


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