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Here is NEWS that was mailed to my readers on September 20, 1998:-

September 20, 1998

The nightclub complex on St. Lawrence main road, known
internationally as the Caribbean Pepperpot.. and dating
back to the days of the Merrymen... has burnt down.

Also destroyed in the blaze was Jenny's Body Shapers Health Spa.

The cause of the fire is not known, nor is the future of the property which
is owned by singer Eddie Grant.


Political Analyst, Peter Wickham, tells us that since Independance in 1966
there has been consistently low voter turn-out in General Elections.

No one Barbados Government has been truly popular with the masses.

And there is good reason to argue that the masses are more sceptical than
ever about the relevance of the political process, or its ability to impact
their quality of life, positively or negatively.


Shorey Village residents have dismissed as "pure rubbish talk" the
accusations by opposition MP Johnny Tudor that dye-tracing tests had
revealed a leak.

Minister of Health, Liz Thompson, said she is fed up with all the
"nancy stories" about it's location, environmental risks and
capacity, etc.

I have said before that Barbados has a serious rubbish problem, made worse
by our co-operative stance in allowing Cruise Ships to
dump their garbage in Barbados... TONNES of the stuff daily.

Leak or no leak, it is time to put a cap on the rubbish issue !!


Roy Morris is maintaining that the penalty for "offences" under the law
is clearly inadequate... since the evidence is that people are not being
deterred.. but they continue to break the law continuously and repeatedly.

He cites the examples of the ZR vans..

Just think about it, your son attends the Garrison Secondary School. He
takes a ZR van in the River Terminal each morning. He is exposed to the
filthiest of language in the terminal; the van
leaves the terminal and overtakes four or five others at the junction
opposite the Queens Park entrance - just to get ahead (I have seen this with
my own eyes);
the driver proceeds to cut off everyone at the Halls Road roundabout by
using the left lane although he intends to go around the roundabout; his
music is blasting as he passes through the QEH silent zone; he stops in
the middle of the Mutual Roundabout to pick up a dozen students although
the van was already overloaded when he left the terminal.

In less than ten minutes your child has seen the law broken at least half
a dozen times... much to the delight of the "rebels" on board...

I add some more information for your consideration...

Check the slogans painted  of these vehicles... one is called
"De Punisher"... need I say more ?

If the vehicle is stopped by an officer of the law, nearly everybody on
board will support the Conductor and Driver... do they want to be late ??
do they want to get off because of overcowding ??? Absolutely not !

The poor officer of the law is barraged by abusive language, what is he
going to do ??? he will have to arrest everybody on board... he is not
about to do that... so he ignores the insults and gets on with the business
of reporting the driver. But what is the effect on your child ?????

Do you think he will grow up with respect for the Police or the Law ???

A large percentage of Bajans, young and old, from the least to the greatest
hold the law in absolute contempt... this then encourages "Police brutality"
which causes further contempt of the law.. it is a vicious cycle.

I said months ago... in this society, it is COOL to be a "RUDEboy" or a
"BADboy".. until this perception is changed, we will make no headway...
in some districts, you must earn your "respect"... "respect" for the LAW
cannot help you do this, and the LAW cannot save you from "others" on
the block.


Too many parents and guardians leaving their children at home unattended..
and this in the wake of 6 unattended small children found alone in a house,
by fire officers who responded to a neighbours call around 9:00 p.m.

The neighbour saw a child trying to set fire to a section of the house and
called the fire department.... luckily there was no damage to the property
or injury to the children.

The Child Care Board has promised to "get tough" on this issue... in a
Press statement "We feel that a lot of the problems we are experiencing in
the society with deviant behaviour and lack of respect for law and order
can be traced to this level of neglect"

Under the Prevention of Cruelty to Children Act, the age is 12 years old...

"any person who leaves a child under that age unattended for an unreasonable
period of time can be fined $1000 or imprisoned for up to one year."


Government is forging ahead with the $6 million Pondside project... and this
housing project on the corner of Bay Street and Wellington Street in
Bridgetown will be ready for its first residents by year end.


David Armstrong, a chemist, recently copped the Marie Sklodowska-Curie Medal,
a prestigious prize given by the Polish Radiation Research Society for his
outstanding contribution to radiation research.

His research deals with the chemical effects of radiation, specifically, the
effects of radiation on amino acids which are important living cells.

Armstrong was born in Barbados and educated at the Lodge school... he has
been a resident of Canada for the last 50 years.

The QEH commission of inquiry has now gotten under way... here are a few
of the stories told to it by patients.

- One patient was about to have his foot amputated, when it was discovered
  that his non-recovery was simply the result of a deficient diet.

- A disabled patient who was unable to use her hands had a meal placed on
  her bedside table, but since there was no one to assist her in the eating
  of it... it remained untouched and was eventually taken away.

- One daughter, with the help of untrained family members, looked after her
  sick mother and she did not develop one bed sore, but after two weeks in
  the QEH she had bed sores all over her.

- A former QEH worker said, staff often referred to the place as "Hollywood"
  because there were so many "acting" employees !!

so people.. be warned... with your last breath, say to the medics... "take
me to the Airport... take me to the Bayview... take me anywhere
BUT NOT THE QEH !"... and pray you are never in that situation.

Obadele Thompson has given Barbados it's first ever medal at the Commonwealth
Games in Kuala Lampur.

He won the Bronze Medal for the 100-metre dash in 10 seconds. Gold went to a
Trinidadian who completed it in 9.88 seconds.

Keep at it Oba, this is only the beginning ! We are very proud of you.

Over the last few days, quite a few NDP politicians have opted out of the
party and told us they will not be contesting in the next elections.

UWI political analysts have told us, the NDP is no longer a viable political

Finally, Dr. Richie Haynes, party leader, has hinted at changes which will
possibly see a merger between the ruling BLP and the NDP in the near future.

However, there are still issues to be "worked out".

DISGUSTING MATERIAL.... EXTREMELY disgusting material.... follows:

PLEASE DO NOT READ if you are a "sensitive", "decent" and "refined" person.

The Barbados Photo Gallery can in
no way be held responsible for the state of your emotions, if you disregard
this WARNING... you will certainly lose respect for me, if you ever had any
to start with.

EXIT IMMEDIATELY... and I thank you for your patronage !!

you have been warned !

Two St. John youths hospitalised after Sherbourne and Edgecliff gang
battle on a Clifton Hall minibus.

The youths were repeatedly stabbed with a scissors, according to
Omar Bootman, "When I got into the van, it was full and I decided to stand
in the corner near the steps. I saw .... from Edgecliff looking at me cruel
for a long time. I asked him if he wanted to fight and he came over to me
and started to stab me several times. I must have been stabbed eight or nine
times. It was at that point that the van stopped."

Junior Worrell, of Sherbourne, is in critical condition in the ICU at the QEH
He had to be rushed to surgery on admission and had lost a lot of blood.

The gangs had been striving for peace, but this incident, now rules out
that possibility... there will be reprisals on Edgecliff.

The WILLIE weapon

Congratulations to Richard Hoad for this fine piece of writing, I hope it
will make your day. This is taken from THE LOWDOWN by Richard Hoad.

Chapter 1
The atmosphere at the UN was tense. "We in I-Rac have suffer many
devpridations," the speaker raged,"you say we have hidden weapon of mass
destruction. But I Damn-Sad Who-Sane now say President of United Slacks of
America have secret weapon of lass destruction. And we demand you send in
weapon inspector to search and destroy. Fair is fair."
The Secretary-General moved to the podium. "Very well, Mr. Who-Sane," he
said trying to shake out a wedgie, "we will put our top investigator Dickie
Lowdownstarr on the job right away."

Chapter 2
"Miss Lewdinsky, maybe you wonder why I've asked you to the Oval office at
this time of night. The fact is, I want piece...."
"Oh, President Clinkiron, I..."
"Please don't interrupt. For there to be peace all countries must be brought
under the control of the United Slacks of America. Miss Lewdinsky, have you
heard of 'Free Willie'?"
"Of course, he was that whale in the movie."
"Right. They wanted to use whales to plant bombs in enemy territory; I have
developed a weapon, Code Name Willie, which will plant American ideas in
unsuspecting females. They will become my slaves. And once I control the
women, I will control the world. but first I try it on you. Close your eyes,
Wow, she gasped, my orthodontist ain't going to like this.

Chapter 3
The Secretary-General glared impatiently at his top cop. "Hell, Lowdownstarr,
you've been on this case a month now and we are still no nearer to nailing
Clinkiron, any progress?"
"Not much, Sir. we know he has the weapon. It's actually a modified Extraset
Missile. but thus far he's only used it on this Lewdinsky chick and he makes
sure she shuts her eyes. So even if we get her to talk, she couldn't identify
"Well press on, Lowdownstarr. I've got my own score to settle with that
scum-ball. There's something damn fishy about those cigars he's been giving
me - whenever I light one, every male dog in town starts to yowl and follow
me around."

Chapter 4
"Attagirl, Monica! Keep it up while I take this call... Hello, Congressman,
you think what ????" The President jumped so suddenly Miss Lewdinsky's eyes
flew open in dismay."Oh Bosnia.. you think I should pullout of Bosnia.. I
didn't get the name the first time... Maybe you are right."

Chapter 5
"President Clinkiron of the United Slacks of America, you are hereby charged
with having a weapon of lass destruction, to wit a white Extraset missile.
Prosecutor Lowdownstarr, proceed."
"I call Monica Lewdinsky.. Tell me, m'am, what position did you hold at the
Wipe House ?"
"Oh, many. like I would sit on a pouffe and he..."
"No, I mean what posts, y'know, what jobs?"
"I was his Chief of Staff."
"During this time you came into contact with the President's secret weapon,
Code name Willie. Could you describe it?"
"It was an itsy-bitsy, teeny-weeny, yellow, polkadot..."
"Objection, your Honor!" Clinkiron's attorney was on his feet:"This court was
told the weapon is white; now she claims it's yellow." Lowdownstarr could see
what was coming: any mix-up about the color and the case would be thrown out.
Already he could see Clinkiron smirking. He had to try a shot in the dark.
"One last question, Miss Lewdinsky. You saw the weapon only once - that time
the president was taking a call. Right before that happened, were you eating
"No, Sir. Just a package of corn curls..."
Clinkiron gasped. The Secretary-General smiled. They had him all right.
And once again the world would be safe for lasses, thanks to Lowdownstarr.


I hope you will see from the above article WHY the president will have
to be removed from office ????

It's not because he did a bad job... it's not because he had some kinky sex.
it's not even because he lied...

It is because... thanks to National Television and the disemination
worldwide of every little detail of every little sexual act... the man has
become the laughingstock of the world... totally without any "respect".

Can you imagine him travelling overseas to a foreign country, stern lipped
and flanked by heavy security... there is no more "awe" at his presence...
people laugh when they see his face... WHY ??... because they remember
the cartoons, the comics and amusing articles like the one above.

And if you cannot understand that... ask yourself WHY do YOU hide to have
sex or take a s--t... why not simply do it out in the open like the rest
of the animal kingdom..

I think that what has been done to President Clinton is TOTALLY inappropriate
and irresponsible.

Starr and his mob should be given a taste of their own medicine.. just so
they can see what it is like on the other side of the fence.

A sex ring involving young students of a secondary school and a senior male
teacher of another secondary school has been exposed.

The schoolgirls, some as young as 11 years old, recall details of
sexual encounters with the teacher earlier this year.

Written testimonies from the girls allege that the teacher gave them
hamburgers, hot dogs, nuggets  and meagre sums of money to lure them to his 
St. Michael residence where they say he had sexual intercourse with them.

The initial contact between the teacher and the students was through an
introduction by one of their schoolmates, who lives near the teacher.

The students are afraid because the same man who opened his home and
bedroom to them has threatened them.

He told one of the girls that if she ever told anyone he would choke her..
this was overheard by another girl.

From the details in the newspaper, it does not appear that he forced the
girls... here are some excerpts:

She and others left school around midday to visit the teacher at his home.
One went to the bedroom and took off her school clothes, only keeping on 
her underwear, while the other two were in the living room.
The man was on the couch sitting down. One girl put her feet over him
sitting on him. He said he didn't want to do anything with little children.
He turned on her and was on top of one of the girls. She left and went into
the bedroom and returned with no underwear. They lay on each other on the
couch. She told him to take off the long pants he was wearing. She unbuttoned
the pants and he took it off. He also took off his white shirt.
They were under the sheet. He was on top of her. He said he was hot and he
took off the sheet. She pushed her hand in the underwear...

Another reported seeing the teacher having sex with one of the girls on the

A temporary teacher at the children's school, concerned that some of the
girls were getting home late from school, and about the "strangeness" in the
stories given about their whereabouts, then reported it to the deputy

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