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Here is NEWS that was mailed to my readers on June 21, 1998:-

June 21, 1998


PIGS EAT MAN'S $1200 VIAGRA !!!!!!
A Christ Church man borrowed $400 from his employer, and in an effort
 to "rise"
to his girlfriends expectations, he joined with two other friends and bought
a $1200 bottle of VIAGRA.

He suffers from blood pressure and his lady said that sex was slow in
so in an effort to satisfy her needs, he ended up with his share of the
14 in all... he put them in the place where he was accustomed to keeping
medication and told his girl about them.... he then went into Oistins and
when he came back.... she was feeding the pigs and he saw the Viagra bottle
the garden.

He asked her what she had done and she replied that the pig was the body who
wanted them.... she said she did not want anybody running her round the
... she then picked up all her clothes and went back to her mother.

The 51 year-old security guard says he wants his $400 back.

He says, "The pig ain't doing no more than he doing before, only biting down
pen... if she did not want me to touch her she could have said so... I have
living with her since 1986... but my sex life started to go down two years
because of my pressure"

He has two children from her... but he says,

"I was saying that she did me a good thing after hearing that you should not
the pills when you have pressure.... but I am demanding my $400.. if she
wants me
back. It ain't fair to put out such money and don't get satisfaction"


Dr. Cardinal Warde, a Barbadian physics professor at the Massachusetts
Institute of
Technology (MIT) -- one of America's most prestigious educational
institutions --
has invented a miniature liquid display unit about the size of the
finger-nail on
the pinky (little finger).

Mounted in what appears to be a pair of "sunglasses", what people see is an
suspended in space abut 18 inches away from their eyes.... sort of just
hanging in
their field of view.

The display can be fed video or computer output and the applications are
only by one's imagination.

Access to blueprints, medical history or instumentation readout.... with the
free... and vision not impaired.... the device could be used by engineers,
pilots... etc.... this is the smallest, sharpest LCD- style display yet

Dr. Warde's company, Optron Systems, based in Bedford, MA is seeking to
raise US$8
million to manufacture the high-tech product.

I can only speculate that if Dr. Warde was white and American... he would
have the
money already... but I trust that in 1998 and with the determination that he
have had to reach this far.... it will not be long before his invention is a
household word... with credit going to him (and not another)...

And for the Barbadian students at MIT.... whatever your field of study...
be the BEST.... OK ?


Police shot a man in the foot Thursday and killed his brother's dog, after
barged into his backyard in pursuit of a suspect.

In what appears to be a callous display of force, officers chasing the
into the man's backyard, encountered the Doberman dog.... apparently, the
escaped while the innocent man was wounded and the dog shot dead.... 

What seems to have been more offensive, was the fact that after the man was
and bleeding profusely..... the officers paid no attention to him.... and
only when
angry neighbors began quarrelling with them and telling them that he should
be taken
to hospital... was anything done.

You know.... armed bank robbers have run through MY backyard, too.... making
getaway.... fortunately, although I saw them through a window from inside
the house..
I did not know who they were, and within seconds they had jumped the front
wall and
gone into the street.

I have raised the wall several feet and installed razor ribbon coils
 mounted on
barbed wire... sort of like, a prison ? .... because I can't encourage that
sort of
thing round my place.

But don't be deterred by all this.... Come on over and enjoy the SUN, SAND,
SEA and especially the RUM....after all if you have to go.... better to do
it in Paradise,
right ?

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