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Here is NEWS that was mailed to my readers on March 22, 1999:-

March 22, 1999

A soldier is suing the Barbados Defense Force for over $1 million.
Sergeant Anderson Browne claims he was tortured for more than 3 hours during
a war "game" in which he was playing the "enemy" part. He was "captured"
at the Paragon army base and subjected to beatings and bondage,
blindfolded and tied to a chair... he claims he was "savagely assaulted"..
according to him, his penis was pinched and his nipples and he was wounded
in his instep with a metal object.

He claims he is suffering from multiple soft tissue injuries and chronic
post-traumatic stress disorder with nightmares and flashbacks.

He is suing on the grounds of negligence and breach of duty in that the BDF
failed to provide referees to supervise the exercise, or have military police
to ensure his safety.

He wants $700,000 for future loss of earnings, $179,000 for future medical
expenses, $61,000 in travelling expenses, $31,000 for domestic help, $11,000
for loss of earnings and $5,000 for loss of pension rights and another
$600,000 for "general damages".

"Injuries" aside.... it seems he wants to retire "in style".... a life of
luxury he could NEVER have afforded any other way... and which the average
hard working citizen can never achieve.

I am not saying he should not get some compensation.... but he seems to be
trying to follow the American example... (we catch on quickly and LOVE to
follow America, you know).....  sue the pants off everybody at the drop of a
hat... that's the name of the game... use the slightest opportunity to claim
MILLIONS in "damages"... and realizing, that is this case, its all going to
come out of the public purse... the TAXPAYERS... why should we put him
in a luxurious life style to which he is NOT accustomed ?

This case will be a "test" case for Barbados.... but if he gets
away with it.... lots of people will follow "suit".


My last UPDATE did not go down well with everybody and here are two

Hello Stephen,

I am writing to say I've had it with the Newsletters'
one-sided approach to issues. I noticed that you are back to
including the explicit sex stuff and now you are jumping on
issues for which you have done no research or gotten any
background information. I'm sorry that I sent you that
$20US. My money would have been better spent on some
worthier cause or maybe a Tommy Hilfiger key chain. I've
been with your photo gallery almost since you began but now
I'm out. I've unsuscribed. I can no longer recommend this
site to any Bajan's or other people I know in Toronto. Try
to consider the reader next time you go off on a tangent and
start blaming people for things you don't know anything

An ex photo gallery user


What ya want me to say ? I received the $20 this afternoon in the mail.
I log on to send an email to thank you and now I see this angry letter from
you !!!

Am I to know anything about Hilfiger ???? some user send me the email and
beg me to publish... I oblige and look what I get... a mouthful of abuse.

If you had send me someting to publish ... wouldn't you want to see me
publish it too ?

I aint put nothing bout sex in dat newsletter... where you see dat !!!!!

You dont have to answer this email... and you certainly dont have to read
the newsletters....or tell people about the site if you dont want to.... its
no big deal...but why the violent and hostile reaction ????? I can't
understand the reason for your anger.... if you dont like the site ... fine,
not a problem...

Chill out... you think it is easy writing a newsletter all the time... I
try to be balanced but I am a very "perverted" person...

How could I possibly be expected to write a newsletter to please you !!!!!!

I don't have your perspective on life... your views...your outlook.

THANKS for the donation.... I APPRECIATE it.... I wont hold it against you
if you warn people to stay away from my site... you are entitled to your

But I have some EXCELLENT pictures to put up on the site just now... and
will keep putting up fine photography from around the island.... whether I
receive donations or not.... and you can look at these pictures anytime you
want... I wont even know if you take a peek..

so no hard feelings from me to you... take care and enjoy your life

I gone


From: "Donald Dunn" 
Subject: please remove me man!
Date: Tue, 16 Mar 1999 20:20:24 -0800

Please remove my E-address from your e-mail list.
pretty pretty please.

Thank you!

D. Dunn

Only one problem, Donald.....

The above address

is NOT on the list

What address do you want removed ? I have no idea what address is yours since
I did not put it on the list originally.

and Donald never even got my reply, because the mail is
returned "user unknown".... see what I have to put up with ???

Donald Duck or Dunn or whatever may not even exist.. for all I know !!!!


Now let me put all this in perspective....

Do you know this song ????... check out the concious lyrics:-

"Either you're IN or OUT ... I don't know what you're all about.....

Be bold and strong.... tell yourself you're not doing wrong !

Once you're IN you gotta take it... make your mind up son and face it...
because WARRIORS DON'T CRY....I know lots of folks will hate you and not
because they want to... but sometimes they dont even know why..

so dont watch the crowd.... your duty is to be loud... believe in what you're
doing and feel proud... cause when you fall along the way... people
will have lots to say... they don't really care if you make it through the

So I goin keep with my "one-sided approach to issues"... that's MY side, scene ?...  I dun talk...

I gone.

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