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Here is NEWS that was mailed to my readers on August 24, 1998:-

August 24, 1998

Bajan News

Heat Wave
Barbados has broken it's record for the hottest day... ever.
On Tuesday, August 11, the temperature climbed to 32.5 degrees Centigrade,
but with a relative humidity of 82.5 percent, the temperature Barbadians
would have felt would have been 45 degrees Centigrade (113 degrees
Farenheit) according to the Heat Index.

Farmer Richard Goddard lost 3,739 fully grown chickens within 8 hours on
Thursday, costing him over Bds.$22,000... the temperature in the pens climbed
to 95.1 and with a relative humidity of 84 percent... the chickens faced a
staggering 135 degrees Farenheit... and all this despite the fact he created
an air exhaust corridor to try to cool down the birds.

Barbadians are fond of chicken, it is served at every buffet luncheon and
most fast food outlets.

Very little of the bird is actually wasted, there is "steppers" (more
descriptively fowl-foot soup) and liver cutters (from the Pink Star on
Baxter's Road).

Any shortage of chickens always creates a public outcry.

Meteorological experts are saying that there is no end in sight, not only is
it getting hotter but it is getting drier... we are told to expect more heat
and less rainfall in years to come.

Bajans cleaned out stores of fans... and the airconditioning businesses had
increased sales... the Barbados Light and Power officials reported a peak in
energy use of 17,700 Kilowatts, this was higher than last year.

Today it is raining, and we have been told to expect some thunderstorms and
lots of rain from a "depression" near us, and the temperature has dropped.

In a small, unsigned article titled "Mother's claim denied - German lad
sent home", while admitting to holding the lad, Julien Mena, for a week, a
immigration official, explained that they tried their best to put him on a
flight AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.. however, he could not be accomodated
immediatlely by the airlines... pointing out that the cell in which
he was held contained both a toilet and bath... the official stated "As far
as I know, an officer visited him up to yesterday (August 18) and denied
that he was in that condition"... he added that staff at the airport had
confirmed the officer's report.

I had reported in my last Newsletter, the woman's complaint regarding her son

"Royal" Recall
Westmoreland has reinstated all the fired workers without recrimination or
victimization.... the Opposition has lost no time in trying to convince the
people that "Is this the sort of operation we are trying to lure to our
shores ?? Foreigners that trample on workers rights and disrespect Bajans ?"

And at least one advocate for the Ruling Party, believes the whole affair
was masterminded by the Opposition in an attempt to make the Government
"look bad" !

In his column, the Lowdown, Richard Hoad addresses the topic of the "Bajan
work ethic"... with a ficticious letter from a worker to Rooney... the worker
is claiming rights to:

1. I may call you "Rooney" .. Respect is a sign of Colonial inferiority.
2. Don't think that because I agree to a wage, that is that... I only do that
   to get the job... now we really got to talk MONEY.
3. I am doing you a favor by coming here... I am not bound to work.. nuff
   cash "floating" bout Barbados ... so I got options.
4. Don't think I have to show up for work just because I say I coming...
   so when ya see me, say "Praise the Lord".
5. Our "sick days" can be taken like holidays... particularly if I got a 
   little gardening business going on the side.
6. I don't work in the sun... I don't work in the rain... My radio must play
   all day long loud... and it goes where I go... so I hope you like Shubba
   Ranks and Beany Man.
7. And whenever you see that blue Suzuki van coming... I going for fish
   cutters and drinks, no matter what time it is, but since we Bajans suffer
   from itis... it may take an hour to get back on the job after I eat.
8. And when I drink me rum... I want nuff ice water the next day... so mek
   sure it dey.
9. I can walk anywhere on your property an chat down any tourist woman I see,
   dat is we culture.
10. Also I can pee anywhere, as long as I don't shake me doggy at passing
    females in a wanton and suggestive manner.
11. Don't mess wid we Unions, we can do anything with or without recognition
    an Lord help ya if a worker brings a case of unfair dismissal, ya will
    'ave to pay out thousands !
12. Ya only got 2 choices.. accept we as we are and pass on the cost to ya
    customers.. or try to get workers from Guyana or St. Vincent, dem brutes
    does wuk.. so if ya mek me a foreman, I will tell ya how yuh does get dem
    fellas bring in.

Several people have written, in Letters to the Editor, that Fidel Castro
had no right at our FREEDOM MARCH... since people in Cuba are anything
but free.. and if he had had his way years ago... the rest of the Caribbean
would not be "FREE" either!

"If anybody sees me conducting same-sex marriages, that is a sign that I am
senile and need psychiatric treatment" so says Anglican Bishop Rufus Brome,
quoting plainly from the Scripture, he said that although homosexual
practices were forbidden, persons with that orientation were not condemned
and the Church had a duty to minister to them.

Hall is not going to hang.. his death sentence has been commuted to
life imprisonment... the reason given, they would have to hang some others as
well... if they had been hanging all along the way.. they would not now be in
this fix.... so the bad boys can rest assured...they wont swing... actually,
the common saying on the street is... "I would do time for you.." indicating
their willingness to engage in violence and their utter contempt of the
judicial and penal systems.

The National Housing Corporation (NHC) has been failing to meet the demand
for houses and land spots for houses, and inspite of an aggressive plan
called Settlement 2000... it appears that demand will continue to outstrip

Of course, the DLP Opposition is charging that Government seems more
interested in providing commercial ventures to help the rich, rather than
helping citizens with their housing plight.

Why should the desire to  remove all shackles and
remnants of slavery and racism... seem "inappropriate" and make you
"uncomfortable" ?

If you would rather not read about racial issues.... "bye" until next
week.... you need not read it,
just exit now.... because it follows below...

Give us the facts, Mr. Walrond
In "just say it, straight from the chest", big businessman Ralph "Bizzy"
Williams challenges Olutoye Walrond, who had previously contributed his
article presenting a picture of Black Bajans being unfaired and avoided by
White Bajans, to be specific and present facts, instead of generalizations..
apparently, Mr. Williams does not believe this is occuring in modern Barbados
and he seems to be questioning whether it ever occurred.

Indeed he sees himself and his brother, COW, who he says descended from white
indentured servants and started with nothing as  real victims of racial
discrimination...or in his words, "I can tell you that hardly a day passes
that we do not feel that we are disadvantaged in Barbados by the colour of
our skin".

I do not doubt your personal experiences, you are a "target" given
your enormous wealth and will always be the subject of envy.

Rest assured any black peers you might have, either in this country or
abroad.. men who came from nothing and rose to manage an empire comparable
to your own..  experience similar from both whites AND blacks.

If you ever have the time to research our history, you will see that court
documents, minutes for meetings of the Legislative Assembly, letters from
Governors and civil servants and many other sources of hard evidence do
indeed exist to prove that white rulers did all they could to try and ensure
that blacks would never enjoy the freedom and power they have today.

Black people certainly felt disadvantaged by the color of THEIR skin, in
those days, and many still do.

If you say that you or your ancestors never subscribed to these racist ideas
then you should not only have a clear conscience, but be delighted with what
has occured to date... namely justice and deliverance.

I hope your white friends share your views..
attitudes are handed down from generation to generation...  feelings
come out when no blacks are around and no "Negro loving" whites.
if a white person defends blacks in such a setting... 
one of three reactions will surface.... excuses, apologies or denial.


It seems that a  vocal few intend to exploit the ever present race issues in
this country to their own advantage.

The recent violence, both drug related and inter-personal conflict, has now
been blamed on  the fact that Government has been more concerned with 
"developing the economic class that has always ruled Barbados" and "embracing
the policies of whitism" (whatever that is).

To these individuals, the attempts by the present administration to make
black people feel good about themselves... by embracing black nationals who
talk Emancipation, black history, Bussa, etc... are nothing more than a
"cosmetic arrangement" or smoke-screen... to cover their tracks of continuing
to pander to the "interests of big Corporations" (who are
run by local whites in association with foreign whites).

The amazing thing is that since the Government has to deal with economic
realities in a global framework... The Opposition, were it returned to power,
would be circumscribed by those same realities... and would have very little
choice in their course of action.... which would not be much different than
that of the present Administration.

Being in Opposition, offers the luxury of poking at the administration here
and there, while offering  all kinds of "pie in the sky" schemes... which
cannot really be tested.

What is happening now, as we gear up for the next election, is that by a
calculated vicious attack on that certain ethnic minority... the Opposition
hopes to AVOID ALTOGETHER the need to offer any REAL or carefully thought out
solutions to the SERIOUS PROBLEMS now facing our country !

The WHITE BOYS plight
For those white boys whose fathers have established businesses, there is
never a question of looking for a job... whether the youngster is capable or
not his future will be assured.

But consider, if you will, the plight of the young white boy whose father
is but a lowly employee of a public Company, and not in a senior position.

Fortunately, I say fortunately, for him, there are a few white owned and
operated businesses on the island that would prefer to hire a white boy to
fill the job.

Now these Companies are under constant pressure from Government, trade unions
and the media... to abandon, what is seen as a racist hiring policy.

I do not know of ANY white boys who are working for black run enterprises or
in Government... black run businesses, quite naturally, want to give a poor
black boy a job, and this is never seen as a racist thing.... so why is it
racist... if a white run business prefers
to hire white boys... tell me who is going to employ the white boy if it
were not so ?

I would like to hear from any white boy who is moving up the ladder in a
black-owned and run business in Barbados... please write me, it would make
my day.

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