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Here is NEWS that was mailed to my readers on April 25, 1999:-

April 25, 1999

Wonderful readers.... ONE LOVE to all ya all....

If this is the first UPDATE that you are receiving.... don't be shocked !

This week... I deal wid de RACISM head on.... BECAUSE it is a hot-issue
right now... so if you feel uncomfortable.... just
drop it in the trashcan on your desktop.... whatever issue I deal with I
usually OFFEND somebody... dats de meaning of CONTROVERSIAL.. always some
kind of violent reaction... when we speak plainly... and expose de issue at hand.

It seems that the departure of LORD NELSON from TRAFALGAR SQUARE on yet
another voyage.... has the white people in a stir and all upset !

I refrained from inserting MY VIEWS until
de very end... so I simply
extracted excerpts from the articles as they appeared in the daily NATION
(the best newspaper on earth).

(Excerpts from article by Bizzy Williams)

What are we focusing on - ridding Barbados of its British heritage ?.... appease a few noisy white-hating do-nothingers...

without British support we would be a very third class nation of have nots...

..The British keep coming because Barbados has something British about it
that they can relate to and they feel good to be in Barbados...

..I would respectfully suggest that National Heroes Square should be in front
of the Government Headquarters in Bay Street where the first heroes were

..My family  was brought to Barbados from Britain, Black Barbadians were
brought here from Africa. Both groups suffered hardships and both have
come a long way....

..I know it is not easy for political leaders in Barbados to be seen to be
heeding white Barbadians but I am absolutely certain that on this issue the
majority of black Barbadians do not want their hard earned VAT dollars used
to change our history and threaten our livelihood...

(Excerpt from article by Deborah Marshall)

The British settled Barbados, fact.

We hear so much about the slave trade and the terrible atrocities effected by
the white man on his black brother (and I agree they were terrible), but we
never hear how the Africans hunted their own people brought them to the
coastline and sold them to the slave traders; also fact. Yes, the British
created the market, but the Africans provided each other as the merchandise;
like it or not it is a fact.
So to all those who want to promote "back to Africa", why don't you go ? Go,
and see if anyone there will give you the time of day. Also, it would be
interesting to find out how many of you, if any, have family ties in Africa
-- family you can call up and visit !!

To those in Government  who are set on purging all things British from these
shores, why not go the whole hog ? to do less would be hypocritical !!!
you must not only remove Nelson....... you must:

tear down..... all the other British-built buildings.

rename roads all over the island.

rename Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Queen's Park and Queen's College

rename areas such as Hastings, Dover, Brighton and Chancery Lane

stop drinking tea and playing Cricket

then you can watch the Concorde's dissapear...... two of the three in
Governments election ad's were marked "British Airways".

watch the tourists disappear since most of them are British

watch the white Bajans leave with all the "economic power" you attribute to

then you can sit back and wonder how to get  Africans from Africa to come to
Barbados to boost your flagging tourism and bring back the departed offshore
investment !!

(Sir John Stanley Goddard in the Senate)

Government should leave Lord Nelson statue and Trafalgar Square alone and
improve Queen's Park, and rename it National Heroes Park....

He also wants to know why the PAN AFRICAN COMMISSION is on the committee ???
and whether race is going to be allowed to dominate everything....

(Prime Minister Owen Arthur in Parliament)

The Prime Minister took a broadside at critics whom he said viewed
politicians with contempt. He characterised them as people who would
not contest elections for Parliament but behaved as though they could
run the country.

These same people, he said, felt that the country was democratic as long as
their views were accepted and implemented. If these people had their way, the
National Heroes would be relegated to a "carpark" on Bay Street or some
obscure place.

Arthur said cries for a white national hero was in fact "subtle racism"
at play......

Nelson has "loitered" in Trafalgar Square for much too long..... so says
PETER SIMMONS, Barbados High Commissioner to London.

Simmons said he didn't think English visitors to Barbados were interested in
Lord Nelson...
"I think they would prefer to go and see Sir Garry Sobers, Errol Barrow and
 Sir Granley Adams rather than Nelson. I have never got the impression in
four-and-a-half years that I've been High Commissioner that anybody in
England is interested in Nelson."

Simmons says that it is "really very silly" to suggest that Nelson's removal
would have any effect on tourism !!

At least 75 Barbadians can go on a tour of Ghana in JULY... the PAN AFRICAN
COMMISSION has organised a tour with Reemac... call (246) 422-0546.

According to Reynold McClean of Reemac, the Ghanaians are excited about
meeting and playing host to Barbadians..... "in our contact with them, they
are telling us WE ARE NOT TOURISTS. They speak of welcoming us HOME as
people who have been away for a long time.", he said.

the cost is about $5064 ... and the tour is 14 days.

There is no doubt that most white Barbadians seem to be  having a "problem"
with the cultural agenda of our island Nation these days....

I have been hearing all sorts of derogatory comments since the days when
Bussa statue was placed at the Haggatt Hall roundabout... the National
Heroes, and now their futher promotion, in NATIONAL HEROES SQUARE.. has
prompted these open expressions in the Press... people showing up their
true colors... in public for all to see.

On Mr. Bizzy Williams article:

For your information, there is a great deal of difference in the manner in
which your ancestors were "brought" from Britain... when compared to how
Africans arrived in this land... there is also VERY LITTLE similarity between
the "hardships" that your people endured when compared to the sufferings of
the slaves... why are you trying to go down that road ?... it is insulting.

I don't really think that you have a clue what black Barbadians want, from
what they do not want.

On Deborah Marshall article:

You, like Mr. Williams, seem to feel the need to palliate your conscience..
in your case, by harping on the fact that Africans sold their own into
slavery... as if this in some way justifies or excuses the Europeans rape of

Your very next paragraph... shows the contempt and dislike you have for a
people... who are merely trying to establish a link with their past.... a
link which Europeans did their utmost to totally OBLITERATE !

Your last paragraph also reveals what sort of a person you are... yet you
would NEVER admit to being a "racist"... Oh no, not you at all !

You might LEARN something about the race you utterly despise... if you call
up Reemac... and GO on that tour of GHANA with some of your FELLOW BARBADIANS

as the song says, "we're all in this thing together, can't we all just live
as one ? "..... but you certainly can't handle that, can you ?

The Prime Minister knows where it's at... and all ya all
know where it is at, too.... finally after years of hiding, bad attitudes
are coming out... out of the peope and into the PRESS..

So what ya goin do now ?? eh..  you have choices...

1. Overcome your attitudes and mingle with your fellow Barbadians

2. Bitch and moan about what the "black" people doing to Barbados... and how
 good it was in the old days, when they knew how to "respect" your whiteness.

3. Leave the country and try to find somewhere where you don't have to see a
black person at all ... or only as a servant or maid.

And all this talk about tourists not coming here because of not being
"BRITISH"...... hogwash !... most white tourists are far less predjudiced
than bad-minded Bajan whites.... ask the next beach "bum" you meet !

Most Bajans "coming" too early
Dr. Victor Forde, a well-respected psychologist, who sees a lot of people from all
strata of Bajan society has revealed (in the weekend INVESTIGATOR, the second best
newspaper on earth) that a SUBSTANTIAL number of Barbadian men are sexually 
dysfunctional... Forde, who has been practising for the past 36 years, says that
7 out of 10 men suffer from premature ejaculation and 6 out of 10 women dont have
orgasm during intercourse... what a shocking statistic.. incredible... I find it hard
to believe !!!... he also goes on to indicate
that the men are not meeting the emotional needs of the women... but rather they are 
sharing the BLOWS.... he reveals that it is not just the poor and "underpriviliged"..
that sharing and receiving licks.... but the UPPER classes as well.
I aint going to say nuttin bout gay and lesbian activities.... except fa dis piece of
gossip from Pudding an Souse... hundreds of flyers advertising a gay and lesbian show
to be held in Barbados on May 1 were printed in New York... but inadvertantly the
names of local contacts in Barbados were printed on the flyers.... the word is the
whole set had to be destroyed.... someone in New York said that if those flyers had
ever reached the streets of Barbados, several people would have held their heads in
shame... and several more would be shocked to discover the real lives of some of
their friends and colleagues who are closet activists !

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