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Here is NEWS that was mailed to my readers on Jul 25, 1999:-

Jul 25, 1999

Precious People of the World..

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Now here is some Bajan NEWS... but in order to encourage more of you to
visit the website... HALF of the NEWS has been posted at

and will NOT be sent to the list.


Bajan Preacher, T. Wayne Bishop, has predicted that the Caribbean region
will be battered by a severe hurricane  within the next few weeks. In
flowery "prophetic" language... he tells of horrible things to come making
the Caribbean basin a centre of world-wide concern... judgement.. this is
the day of the Lord. Meanwhile, the FALSE PROPHET  who predicted a
Category 5 hurricane would strike on July 5, 1999.. is still around the
place doing other stuff... though his prophecy came to nought.... and the
day has come an gone.

Very informed sources are saying that a certain large and well known
Pentecostal church is in trouble.. the leading pastor had a nervous
breakdown, next the board split right down the middle after a fight over
money..and as the men "of the cloth" continue to fight for power, money
and position... the sheep are leaving in search of greener pastures.

So says Anglican Priest Charles Morris, who is advising his congregation
NOT to go to the 175th Aniversary Service tomorrow... but rather to go and
enjoy themselves down East coast at the Crop-Over Calypso Semifinals
instead. According to Morris, the church could not be sorry for its role
in slavery when it continues to do the same thing today by pricing members
out of certain events. The $100 per person banquet at Sherbourne Centre
meant that only those of a certain status could attend. He equated this
with the former church policy of placing a high price on certain seats to
force the poor to the back of the building. The Bishop of Barbados, The
Right Reverend Rufus Brome expressed regret for the "errors" of the
Anglican Church during its support for slavery, calling it "one shameful
chapter" in the church's history... he made these comments while
addressing a packed congregation under the roof of the 330 year old
St. Michael's Cathedral... the service was attended by visiting bishops
and dignitaries from the United States and West Africa as well as the
Caribbean. The Bishop commented on the race debate expressing the belief
that it was related to the inequalities within the society.

Born of BAJAN ancestry, Tull
was the second black professional footballer in Britain... he was subjected
to severe racial abuse at Bristol City in 1909.

Enlisting into the 17th Battalion in 1914, he was comissioned 2nd
Lieutenant in 1917 and was the first black officer in the British Army.

Historian Phil Vasili feels that Walter's promotion to the rank of officer
was unique, not only because of color, but because he had a strength
of character and personality that would have defeated any prejudices,
regardless of the era in which he lived.

Walter Tull was killed at the Second Battle of the Somme in 1918.

His memorial reads:
Through his actions WDJ Tull ridiculed the barriers of ignorance that
tried to deny people of color equality with their contemporaries. His life
stands testament to a determination to confront those people and those 
obstacles that sought to diminish him and the world in which he lived.

In spite of the constant barage of criticism I receive for continuing to
"harp on" about racial injustice (these people seem to believe it is a
thing of the past, but I know differently).... occasionally, I receive
mail about a pertinent news item the sender thought I should read... I
came in for some abuse when I published the Tommy Hilfiger "false" rumour.
and I dont know what will happen over this one... but lets drop the bomb
and find out, here is what came in the maibag:

An African-American man is suing Microsoft over
racial images in Publisher 98.  In the software program Publisher 98 you
can click on different clip art and get facts about that particular item.
Well in the animal clip art when you click on the monkey, you are shown a
picture of an African-American couple sitting on monkey bars!!
has admitted that they were wrong and the only supplement being offered
right now is an upgrade without the image.   They must think we are
STUPID!!  I encourage EVERYONE to email Microsoft and tell them you don't
appreciate being called a monkey.  Also email their Diversity Division and
ask them how they can let such an action take place.    Below are the
links for the Diversity Division of Microsoft and a link to their contact
page. On the contact page in the Products menu select Product
Feedback/Questions and click on Go.  Then on the next page select
Publisher 98 and record your comment! 
Show Microsoft that we as African-Americans WILL NOT tolerate
such racist material in their products!!  PLEASE PASS THIS EMAIL ON to
EVERY African-American person you know! Read the article at:

As debate continues over the poor results in school examinations,
educators are being blamed for the students poor ENGLISH, many of the
teachers are using Bajan dialect when teaching in the classroom, a
situation that was not occurring in the 1960's and 70's. By giving tacit
approval to our culture in other areas, Government has supported the
anti-colonial (and by extension anti-ENGLISH trend)... The argument as
to whether Dialect should be an acceptable alternative closely parallels
the American arguments over EBONICS... in the United States, educators
believing that blacks' speech has posed a major learning impediment in
accounting for their poor school performance, are toying with the idea
of teaching black children in their own "tongue" which they have called
"EBONICS".... the counter argument suggests it would be a better idea to
teach them proper English... the argument has racial overtones since
some people are of the view that teaching in Ebonics drives a futher
racial wedge in the society, further separating them from their "white"
counterparts... and leaving them with a distinct disadvantage on
completion of their education.

The dialect exists because the African slaves when mastering English
hundreds of years ago combined their own grammar and language structures
with it.

On this website it serves to UNITE Bajans and all blacks of similar
background (i.e. post-slavery oppression)... I support the view that it is
just as easy (perhaps MORE easy) for speakers of PURE English (if such a
thing really exists) to learn OUR "tongue"... as it is for us to master
"standard" English.

Since the  purpose of a language is communication... and any English
speaking person can understand dialect with MINIMAL effort... I fail to see
the reason of FORCING "proper" English.... and consequent rejection of

In fact, I see it all as just part of the continuing power struggle...
trying to force us to use "proper" English... so why cant we force them to
accept dialect ?... and teach it to their own kids ???
the notion of the superiority/inferiority that is attached to the language.
is just an extension of the race war... dialect is seen as
inferior... because blacks are seen as inferior... and the saddest part of 
the whole story is that some blacks really believe they are inferior.

I using dialect on dis website, when I feel like.... and I really dont care
who has a problem wid dat... it is not something to apologise or make
excuses for... it is quite easy for anyone to understand if they have a
mind to... an if not, then "they" can ga long bout dey business.


After the above TIRADE.... I received numerous FEEDBACK via email.. so I
decided to institute a DIALECT SURVEY !!


Here is what one of my readers is saying...

HOW MANY of you AGREE with him ?

Should I write in the Kings (or Queen's) English.

I will bow to the majority opinion... Please take the survey on the


I used to enjoy your reports on Barbados but I must tell you I absolutely
abhor your descent into the brutalization and ghettoization of the English
language with which you flavour your reports.
And for what purpose? Who do you think read these reports?
Certainly not the lowest segments of Barbadian society, (who I have serious
doubts even today converse in this despicable manner).
Come on! Get with it.What are you trying to prove?
We are almost in the the 21st century. Uneducated, uncultured Barbadians
probably spoke that way eons ago, but we have come a long way man.
How am I to reconcile to non-Barbadians the fact that Barbados enjoys one
of the highest literacy rate in the world and you're sending this crap
into cyberspace in the name of educated Barbadians? It is also a  supreme
embarrassment to Barbadian offspring who were not born or educated in
Barbados. They try to read your reports to get news about Barbados and
can't figure out what the hell you're mumbling about.

I am sure I speak for many other Barbadians when I say:
 Get real, man. Strive to advance, not retreat. Stop this unnecessary
mangling of the beautiful English language in the name of Barbados. If
you persist in this travesty,
you'll be doing a disservice to Barbados and Barbadians alike.

Without Prejudice.

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