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Here is NEWS that was mailed to my readers on January 26, 1999:-

January 26, 1999


Prime Minister Owen Arthur selects his Cabinet:

Billie Miller - Deputy PM and Minister of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade
David Simmons - Attorney-General and Minister of Home Affairs
Mia Mottley - Minister of Education, Youth Affairs and Culture
Elizabeth Thompson - Minister of Health
Rawle Eastmond - Minister of the Environment, Energy, Natural Resources
Hamilton Lashley - Minister of Social Transformation
Rudolph Greenidge - Minister  of Labour, Sports and Public Sector Reform
Senator Phillip Goddard - Minister of Public Works and Transportation
George Payne - Minister of Tourism and International Transport
Gline Clarke - Minister of Housing and Lands
Reginald Farley - Miniter of Industry and International Business
Anthony Wood - Minister of  Agriculture and Rural Development
Ronald Toppin - Minister of Commerce,Consumer Affairs,Business Development
Senator Glyne Murray - Minister of State in the Prime Minister's Office


I reported in a previous Newsletter that boulders had been dumped across
the access road to Morgan Lewis Beach on the East Coast., in a recent
development, a metal barricade has been erected across the access road
which, when closed cuts off vehicular access to the beach. It is imperative
that Bajans do NOT allow anyone to stop them from frequenting their
own beaches !!!


And while the D's talk about "dealing with" John Connell, a
"traitor in their midst"..... the B's are still in a celebrating
mood with music playing all over the island and church services today
to praise God for the victory !

The BLP held a giant meeting at the National Stadium at 4:30p.m. today...
with the theme "Praise God - A service of Thanksgiving"... it was carried
live on television.

Meanwhile, a German visitor robbed of $100,000 in CASH is asking
the thief to "have a heart" and give some of the money to the
National Trust ! Dieter Mennekes appearing on the front page of our
Nation newspaper.... also appears to have a lot more money than sense.
maybe it is "fine change" to him to keep U.S$100,000 lying around
his house.... but WHY he would take a risk like that, in a day and age
of cheques, debit cards, credit cards and other safe cash substitutes
is totally beyond me !.... have a heart, Dieter and make a "small"
contribution of $10,000  to the Barbados Photo Gallery.... I am doing
a great work... and need the crumbs from your table !


Call for Thompson to resign..... prominent DLP member John Connell
has said that no serious rebuilding of the party can occur as long as
Thompson retains leadership....  it seems however that Thompson
has a financial stranglehold on the party and removing him would
cut off major financing.
Meanwhile the "killer Bees" parade island-wide with sound trucks
and dancing in the streets .. in scenes reminiscent of Crop Over...
the new parlimentary representatives motored around thanking
constituents for their strong support.

I gone.

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