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Here is NEWS that was mailed to my readers on Jul 27, 1999:-

Jul 27, 1999

In our speech, we replace the "th" sound with a "d"...

so "with" is written "wid", "then" = "den", "they" = "dey", "the"= "de"

BUT a disgruntled reader writes:

>That a so-called "educated" and "cultured" person could voice such
>obnoxious and despicable filth and have the gall to broadcast it to the
>world through this medium, speaks volumes of the level of your
>intelligence, integrity and good manners. Moreover, that you would do
>this in the name of Barbados and Barbadians is monstrously embarrassing
>to all decent and self-respecting Barbadians, who, I am sure, can only
>cringe at this sordid display of petulance and venom and hang their
>heads in shame. Your vicious, hate-mongering behaviour as illustrated
>in your continuing racist, threatening diatribes is reprehensible,
>disgraceful and beyond the pale. It can do Barbados and its beautiful
>people no good. If you truly care for Barbados and its people, if you
>truly respect yourself and your fellow human beings,  I implore you in
>the name of goodness and decency: CEASE AND DESIST.

apparently, he took serious offense at the lines below.... which he
extracted from UPDATE and quoted OUT OF CONTEXT !

>> Stephen Mendes wrote:
>> ... and I say to any of you who have a "stake" in this man-made
>> class system...  and think something of yourself... you are
>> really just another animal.. crawling around on the surface of
>> a rather small and insignificant planet.. you have to sh_t just
>> like the rest of us... and you die just as easily... so you got
>> cause for concern.. cause you got a lot to lose.

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