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Here is NEWS that was mailed to my readers on October 27, 1998:-

October 27, 1998

Bajan News
(latest news on this story, the bird, an Osprey, died of a
broken neck.... trying to get out of the cage, it managed to get it head
through an opening and stuck... trying to free itself, it broke it's own
neck... it has been turned over to the museum for preservation)

A large migratory bird was discovered by Omar Harris and David Mondore
at Hope Road in St. Lucy.

The giant brown and black bird, described as an eagle, was caught and caged
by the young men.... however, it only lived a few hours....

The boys were quite distressed over its death.

"Researchers have found evidence that major sources of nitrate and phosphate
from golf courses and condominiums are contaminating the sea."

John Nicholls, manager of Folkstone Marine Reserve in St. James, is concerned
that coastal pollution from an over aggressive tourism associated with the
West Coast is damaging the fringing reefs.

Robert Hinds, a senior member of the Atlantis Submarine crew, has told me
that pollution of the West Coast waters if far more extensive than many
people realize... and what is worse, NOTHING is being done to HALT or even
MINIMIZE it... the destruction continues unabated !!

From their vantage point in the cockpit of the submarine, the crew can see
the dead fish, the debris, the polluted reefs and water... the rapidly
growing areas of algae formation that is altering the biological
balance of our "paradise" which we so proudly tell the visitors about.

Since the Atlantis depends on tourists, they strive to carry visitors to the
very best we have to offer... but it is almost impossible to have a "clean"
cruise without some evidence of pollution !

I remember Barbados, as it was in the early 70's and I marvel at the
change which has taken place over so SHORT a time frame.... what will my
island home be like in 10 years or even 5 ?

Like a voice crying in the wilderness... both myself and persons of similar
viewpoint... can do nothing to stop the giant wheels of "civilisation"...
which will ultimately destroy the world.

Drilling at a rig in Windsor, Christ Church came to a halt on Wednesday, Oct
21, when nearly 30 employees refused to work.

The Panda Drilling and Production Corporation, another foreign employer
playing the fool with our labor force.

Meetings between their executives, the Union and the General Manager of the
Barbados National Oil Company Limited (BNOCL) resulted in promises to pay-up,
and address other grievances, so the workers went back on the job around

But whats the matter with these foreign companies ?... surely they should
have learned a lesson from all the recent long list of industrial disputes..
aired in the Press.

His Imperial Highness Prince Ermias Sahle Selassie and Princes, Bekere Fikre
Selassie and Dawit Yohannes of Ethiopia will arrive in Barbados on November 5
to take part in the Fourth International Rastafari Gathering scheduled for
November 1 to 14.

Prince Sahle is the grandson of His Imperial Majesty Haile Selassie I, and
due to the early death of his father, he was raised by the Emperor (who
Rastas worship as the Messiah) himself.

Whether you believe Rasta or not, I think Barbados is set to eclipse Jamaica
and the other islands, as the GLOBALLY acknowledged "center" of the
Caribbean !

The already short-staffed Queen Elizabeth Hospital, is at it's limit to
handle the MRSA outbreak, which I reported previously (please see my Past
Newsletters at

While the Hospital Administration claims that "there is nothing to be
alarmed about" since only 7 confirmed cases exist.

Nursing staff are awaiting the results of their tests, done 5 weeks ago and
the results are not back from the lab yet !!

Several have sore throats and the additional health care burden imposed by
the quarantine... is causing a serious disruption of service to patients.

NUPW General Secretary Joe Goddard is appealing to the Ministry of Health
to start a recruitment campaign for the much needed 175 nurses to
stabilize the situation at the hospital.

What do you think would happen if a really serious "outbreak" of something
more deadly was to occur ??? I would like to see the public of Barbados
make that hospital an election issue... but we are a care-free bunch...
except for the poor unfortunate few who become "statistics" of one kind or

A school for the kids of foreigners attached to Offshore companies, Embassy
officials and expatriates.

Strictly "top quality" all the way and using state of the art equipment and
qualified teachers... the fee will be Bds.$15000 per year for non-boarding

Personally, I think it is insulting... are they saying then that our Bajan
schools are full of UNqualified teachers and short on equipment ????

I thought we had one of the highest education standards in the world and
what about "EDUTECH 2000", the classroom of the future, which our government
is spending MILLIONS to set up ????

Or perhaps it is that the rich, spoilt brats must not "mix" with our local
poor children ????? could there be some apartheid involved ????

The MOTIVES will probably be as varied as the nationalities of the parents
who might send their children to such a school.

but I am proud to say, we got Bajans overseas, topdogs in their fields... who
came from a background of poverty... through our "deprived and depraved"
public school system... not some "exclusive" private school... but nobody
would want to admit that THEIR kid is a "spoilt brat", so they have to find
all other kinds of external excuses why their children don't excel.

CONTROVERSIAL MATERIAL.... EXTREMELY controversial material.... follows:

You definitely DO NOT WANT TO READ THIS...if you are a "sensitive", "decent"
and "refined" person.

EXIT IMMEDIATELY... and I thank you for your patronage !!

you have been warned !

Adults are, once again, alarmed at the childrens sex lives.

Some "latest research" reveals that 30% of Bajan boys are having
their first sexual "encounter" at age 9...  but the girls are not having
theirs until age 15.

So the debate is going on... WHO are the young boys having
sex with ??...  is it younger girls, older girls or each other !

One writer suggests that they maybe only BRAGGING, perhaps they are not
really having any sex at all !

But the authorities are really concerned because the AIDS figures continue
to climb and many people are getting infected in their early teen years.

A panel is to be set up to find out WHY children are so disobedient to
parents and teachers..

In my opinion, the first thing adults should do, is just ACCEPT that
children have the right to have sex... any kind of sex, according to
their preference.... it is THEIR choice.

Acceptance will make the children more comfortable talking about their
sexuality and the adults will be in a better position to guide them.

As long as the position is maintained that "children are NOT supposed
to be having sex"... then I tell you, NOTHING will change... children 
will continue to have sex... and adults will continue to be alarmed
at it.... and AIDS figures will continue to climb.

30 year-old David Anthony James walked out a free man after a jury found him
not guilty of the murder of his 70 year-old lover Ian MacGregor.

It seems that Ian MacGregor was very jealous of David having sex with
females... and David brought his girlfriend into MacGregors house... when
MacGregor confronted him, a quarrel ensued, with MacGregor getting the
worst of it. It is possible that David may have been responsible for
MacGregor breaking his leg, the complications of which led to his ultimate
death... it is also possible he may have fallen because he was drunk.

But MacGregor himself did not admit any of this to the authorities, when
asked what had happened to him... he told them that there had been a
breaking and entering of his house and that he had been knocked down by
the intruders who had stolen his watch.

MacGregor met James at a gay party in My Lord's Hill, and shortly after
that, James took up residence at the Blue Lagoon, MacGregors mansion, they
were lovers for 3-4 years.

MacGregor was a white, Australian living on our island for donkey-years... as
far as I can ascertain he never worked in his life... he was independantly
wealthy by inheritance or "gifts" from his sister... and spent most of his
life drinking and partying. 

Homosexuality... legal or illegal ???... this continues to attract quite
a few writers to the press... but the sex lives of Bajan males are not
determined by a "law" !!... it is absurd, does a "law" stop somebody from
being gay ?????... quite a few gay gentlemen are in the Police force, the
Defence force... and in all probability among the Magistrates and Judges
themselves !!!!!


Wayne Jackman, proprietor of the club "21 and up" on Baxter's Road is
planning to open a more "classy" club catering to shows for Stag Parties to
meet the demands of tourist weddings.

Recently, some girls from his club found themselves before the Law Courts for
indecent exposure... getting a little carried away and showing the audience
everything they had to offer!

Mr. Jackman, deplores this type of behaviour and is attempting to scrub his
image with the Police and public in general.

Several evangelists have held "meetings" outside his club... they have been
praying against the club and trying to get Jackman to come out and talk to
them... they want to "save" him and shut the club down !

Can we really blame them ? ministers are supposed to speak out against this
sort of thing... but some of them are a little over zealous, so they
actually come INTO the club... and "partake" of the show !!!!! Mr. Jackman
is quite amused at this.

He claims to be a God-fearing man, too... and a Church goer !!!!

In case you are not aware of it... Barbados... has a church on every
street corner... and a sex-hungry population... so it is not difficult to
see WHY there is a little ambivalence on the part of some individuals.

In a subtle but amusing article, Richard Hoad, in the LOWDOWN, manages to
reveal the folly of racial stereotyping... while still expressing the "white"
viewpoint that thinks it hilarious that black people should be, for want of
a better paraphase, "trying to dignify their ancestry by racial association
with the Egyptians and the concept of a Black Jesus".

Mr. Hoad, like most Bajan whites, probably believes that blacks descend from
savage and primitive barbary... and that they have been
"civilised" by the white race... who posessed superior intelligence and where
charged with the divine mission of converting  and "training" them (through
slavery, perhaps ?).

While Mr. Hoad constantly tries to identify himself as, in his own words, "an
ill-bred oaf"... or a simple goat farmer (which he is)... a careful
examination of his articles will reveal that he holds that view, in common
with most Bajan whites, that believes that the majority of black people are
lazy, incompetent, intellectually stunted and aggressive.

His sense of humor and careful choice of words... shield him from any direct
accusations... and indeed, he could ask,"Who ME ??? do you have a complex
or some "chip" that you could pick this out of my "innocent" babbling ??"

He is amusing though... and you mighty get a chuckle out of this:

"Secondly, I would avoid racial stereotyping. Like how Carl Jackson writes
that Bill Clinton plays the saxophone,"a typical black man's instrument".
I myself have played sax nigh on 40 years - 
"long and ben'-up" is how it's usually described - and find insulting the
suggestion that it typifies a black man's instrument. I myself am most 
certainly not thusly appurtenanced."

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