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Here is NEWS that was mailed to my readers on Jul 29, 1999:-

Jul 29, 1999

THANK you all for the MASSIVE response to the DIALECT survey..... I have
been unable to personally reply to the comments on the survey form...
there were just too many coming in... I instructed the computer to sort
them based on YES or NO to the dialect question.... the result is in favor
of DIALECT.... I hope I can go back and read each one personally... but
you precious people now number in the THOUSANDS and I am overwhelmed.

I have read several hundred email messages which were sent to me
personally... and replied to some of them..
I wish I could personally reply to all you wonderful people.

I pour out my soul below:

Does anyone have the authority to speak for the masses ??  can the "masses"
have a "spokesman" ?? If a person tries to ascertain "mass" opinion and
give utterance to same... is he/she "speaking for the masses" ????? ponder
these profound questions.... Jovan had to consider them recently....
please read on...

I run a BAJAN website... under the theme "Uniting BAJANS around the world".
I choose our DIALECT as the language of communication... is it too much to
ask outsiders to read it (when I provide the extremely simple keys to its
interpretation right on the website) ?????

True I have INTERNATIONAL exposure... but only someone interested in
Barbados is going to try to read our local news... lets encourage them to
learn our dialect.... dont we try to learn a little French.... if we are
planning to go to France.

The point is not whether Bajans can or cannot communicate in standard
English... that is not the issue.. I regard our dialect as a UNITING
feature of our Bajan culture... many academics, historians and writers
regard it in the same light.... as Jovan has said, it came into being as
a result of blending African sounds and sentence structure with English.
the REAL issue is, certain BAJAN persons are ASHAMED of our dialect
because they are ashamed of their past... or else, they DESPISE the
dialect because they come from that certain class that considers itself
better than the rest.

Most white Bajans and some black Bajans are against inter-racial
marriage.... yet a significant portion of the Bajan population is
mulatto... and they are still called blacks because of the discriminating
factor, the determining factor, which is the "hair" of their head...
and is this not a RACIST behaviour ???

I have a white skin... and I KNOW what whites get on with... their
condescending attitude to blacks.. their abhorrence of Africa and anything
African.. their believed superiority... their paternalistic mentality..
the racial jokes... while giving lip-service to a hatred of slavery,
they bewail the fact that servants are getting so scarce... and long
for a return to the "good-ole days" when blacks "knew their place"...

The white spokesmen can write... trying to wiggle their way out of it..
trying to fool blacks that it is not so.... but you see, my friends,
I KNOW... I have heard it with my own ears, from one white to another,
on numerous occasions in a multitude of settings... when no
blacks are around.... time and time again.

It is these whites and the blacks (who despise blacks and have
adopted the "white" mentality) that will have a "problem" with DIALECT.
SPECIFICALLY the use of it when portraying Barbados
on the Internet... because this is not the Barbados they want to portray...
this is not "their" Barbados.

Have you seen the publication "BYGONE BARBADOS" ?.... it sells like
hot-cakes in the tourist shops... WHY ?

It carefully glosses over and skirts around the plight of
BYGONE BLACK BARBADOS.... while painting a glowing picture of
BYGONE WHITE BARBADOS... and this book was published RECENTLY...
in 1998.

Consider too, Professor Hillary Beckles... a man maligned beyond degree
by whites (and some blacks too!).. for no other reason than the fact that
he is EXPOSING and CONFRONTING the issues of black economic disparity
and racist practices in corporate Barbados... and also tearing down
the myths written by EUROCENTRIC RACIST historians, in the name of history.

Elombe Mottley... hated for the same reason.

Loud-mouth "do nothingers"... "fringe" elements trying to stir up strife.. 
according to C.O.Williams.

Within the last few months, white individual come up to me and ask me...
"If I really think that any black person gives a damn about me"

Other whites have suggested to me...  "harping" about racial matters...
I am doing a lot of HARM to Barbados' GOOD race relations.

Many people assume that I am black by the way I write... I was told
that it was only white people that would assume this... black people know
damn well that I am white... are are amused by it... so they said.

In speech, accent, behaviour, thought patterns and just about everything
else... I am indistinguishable from my darker-skinned companions... but my
"hair" brands me as "white"

But be careful when talking to me... thinking I am white... is a BIG

Here is something that just came in the EUR report today:

GET REAL - Mark Riley: The Woodstock Double Standard
      The original Woodstock Music and Arts Fair (that's what 
it was called) marked a turning point in the culture of the times. 
Nearly a half million people came together to hear some of the 
finest music groups of the time in relative peace and harmony. 
That's what most people thought would happen at this year's 30th 
anniversary concert held last weekend in Rome, New York. For most 
of the festival, that's what went on. Just before its end, the Mayor 
of Rome and the promoters of the event were giving each other 
high-fives. They should have waited.
      The concert ended in a four hour orgy of rioting and looting.
Several hundred people participated, while thousands stood and 
watched. Damage estimates may take awhile to calculate, but 
one thing was clear by the time the looting stopped: There continues 
to be a double standard when law enforcement and politicians deal 
with white and black audiences. Despite the fact that so many people 
went off in Woodstock, there were only seven arrests. This, despite 
the fact that one newspaper here in New York managed to get 
a picture of young people looting an Ace Hardware tractor-trailer. 
Compare this mild mannered response to what happens when black 
young people gather for events like Freaknik or the Black College 
Reunion. Thousands of law abiding black young people end up
being treated like common criminals. In one instance a hotel made 
guests attending a black event wear wristbands, and refused to let 
any black person without one on the premises. In the case of the 
recent Million Youth March held in New York, police stormed the 
stage when the event ran just a couple of minutes past it's end time. 
The reason for the double standard is clear. Treat white kids 
at a concert like black kids and the uproar in the white community 
would shake the foundations of this country. Unfortunately, there 
is no political, social, or financial consequence for treating black 
kids like dogs.
      All this points to the need for black young people to be a lot more
discriminating when it comes to holding their gatherings. If governments
in cities where these events are held try to abrogate their rights, these 
places should be boycotted not just by the youth, but by their parents, 
siblings, and friends as well. Our youth deserve respect until they act 
in a manner that doesn't warrant it. In Woodstock, most of those who 
acted like fools got away with it.

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