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Here is NEWS that was mailed to my readers on Aug 2, 1999:-

Aug 2, 1999

Four weeks of digging in the Jewish Cemetery has
uncovered a  bronze wine jar bearing a Hebrew inscription.

The jar dates to the mid-1800s

Researcher Evan Milliner, along with Kevin Bench,
both from London are working along with Alvin Cadogan
and student, Nadia Manning... to restore the 370 grave
Jewish cemetery... which has been "damaged" due to the
construction of a car park, adjacent to it.

The project which is expected to take 10 years, involves the
removing and re-positioning of tombstones.

Anthony Wood, Minister of Agriculture, has suffered a lot
of personal tragedy recently... with the latest death being
that of his sister Brenda Wood,44, whose body was pulled from
the waters at Shark Hole (see photos in the New Picture area).

Wood has lost 2 other brothers in recent times, his mother as
a young boy and his grandmother this year... also the 18 year
old who was pulled from the well 3 years ago, was his niece.

The whole family seems plagued with tragedy.... according to
Anthony, "it keeps coming back all the time".

Some say it is OVERPRICING of the tickets, but Minister of
Culture, Mia Mottley does not agree.... she thinks the
content no longer reflects what the people want.

The still NON-FUNCTIONAL refuse dump at Greenland, the "landfill",
which has cost taxpayers several million dollars... is again in the
news... David Thompson, leader of the Opposition, has not been
allowed to tour the facility... and the public, myself included,
would like to know WHY ?... it is particularly distasteful, that an
omnipotent government should now be behaving in this fashion. If there
is a "cover-up" going on at Greeland, the public wishes to be told
about it... if not, let the man have his fun... let him go an see what
an expensive "landfill" looks like.

Committee of Reconciliation
Like the Nelson fiasco (he is still there obstucting traffic) this 
new committee, appointed to "study" race relations in Barbados...
with the hope of "uniting" the society... leaves us with the
impression that "Government is spending a great deal of time, energy
and money chasing ill defined shadows.", to use the words of
Oliver Jackman, writing in his column in the Nation (best newspaper
on earth). Meanwhile....

David Gittens, and now Kathleen Brathwaite, are reminding everybody that
the youth are just following what the adults are doing, EVERYBODY, young
and old alike are now "doing the dog" in a "nasty" fashion as Crop Over
and they are all enjoying it immensely.... but it is the youth that will get
the "blame"... when it really should be the adults.
The adults have no intention of changing their ways, so the hypocrisy will
continue... I have written before on these matters, and various readers
were shocked that I should be so permissive with my sex attitude to young
children.. I make no apologies about it... let those that are so "horrified"
set a better example... I have been "perverted" since the day I was born...
and my father was a GOOD CHRISTIAN man.. so I cant even blame him for my
ways.. the problem with this whole society is that nobody faces up to the
truth... and nobody is prepared to take the blame for anything.. so they put
the blame on young children... what a generation of spineless people !
Understand... Crop Over is all about SEX... check the jokes that Mac Fingall
delivers every year at Cohobblopot... don't cover it up.. don't pretend you
can jump in a band and have a "clean" conscience you would-like-to-be
Christians... the Bible has a lot to say about REVELLING... particularly the
type that goes on at Crop Over... GO AHEAD... enjoy yourself all you want,
but have the guts to admit you think about sex non-stop and it is a festival
of the "flesh" and there is nothing wrong with that.. and stop blaming young
children because they want piece of the action too.

I have just returned from Cohobblopot and I would like to say that the
Police should have the HIGHEST PRAISE for both their well organised
traffic control AND their impeccable manners and friendly behaviour. If this
is an example of the new public relations program... I like it, and they
need praise... I am willing to forget the time I nearly had to buse a
police for his BAD MANNERS at the Congaline festival
in 1998.

Now to the RACE talk
It would appear that, notwithstanding all the insinuations to the contrary,
COW is really NOT a racist individual but a very GOOD MAN... he is merely
HATED and MALIGNED because of his immense wealth...

The fact he has a white skin just provides another excuse to HATE and MALIGN
him some more !

sorry, folks... another example of "perverted society at large".... 

he got what we want.... and cant seem to get... so HATE him... now is that
not the truth ??

Today was Emancipation celebrations, can I be excused if I continue with 
a little more "race" talk... some of my readers are getting "tired" of it...
I really dont want to aggravate them too much more... you can simply log
off now and go to bed... unless you like discussing this sort of thing...
ad infinitum.

In today Nation, a two page article by Janice Thornhill Stevenson, a
freelance writer... she examines the various views of the "key" public
figures in the drama.

but do blacks have equal opportunity today ?

do they have the same access to Capital for their business plans ?

Could a black version of COW... a guy with all his traits, only difference
being a black skin... achive what he has achieved ?

Did the "system" give COW an easier time because he had a white skin ?

I think so... but you might have a different view.

Several whites have said they cannot conceive of black bankers favoring
whites over blacks.

Then there is the issue of blacks not wanting to see other blacks get ahead,
could I safely say that IF institutionalised racism exists in Barbados...
it being aided and abetted by blacks themselves ???? so why should whites
get "all the blame"... except they are a convenient "scapegoat" ???

If the bulk of the wealth in Barbados is held by a few whites... how can
this legally be "re-distributed" ?

If the bulk of the wealth in Barbados was held by a few blacks... would
there be the same intense desire to "re-distribute" ??

The argument that whites made all this money by using slave labor and so
it really belongs to blacks is really rather simplistic ...

using COW as a prime example... his family was poor... he has amassed
his wealth in his own lifetime.... and he never used "slave labor" to
get it.

Plantations today are in debt... any "ill gotten" fortunes they may have
amassed as a result of slavery has either long since fled the country...
or been whittled away and dissipated by the continual and continuous
DECLINING profitability of agriculture

People tend to forget that "fortunes" can be lost as well as made...
slave owners were not necessarily prudent money managers.. the collapse
and bankruptcy of Plantations Ltd.... a bastion of white power... could be a
sign of what happens to ill-gotten gain... it vanishes... but this is a
meta-physical concept, not suitable for materialistic people who believe
that the end justifies the means.

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