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Here is NEWS that was mailed to my readers on Nov 2, 1999:-

Nov 2, 1999

Wonderful inhabitants of our Web Wonderland !

This is a Super Serious issue ... so if you are looking for joke...
close the message now... and lookout for the next issue, 'cause
it's sure to hit you in the face... sooner than you think.

Appaling Attitudes

Didn't the last Newsletter UPSET you a little ???

Those of you who have been following my rantings and ravings for months now
.... didn't the last Newsletter seem a little out of character.

Am I in danger of never being taken SERIOUSLY ??? 

In the last newsletter I purported to assume a "stance" which was out of
character with my previous published works... and should have caused
some consternation or disappointment.... in each of you !

To date, I have only received 2 emails from persons who DISAGREED...
and who took the time to write and explain why.

Generally I am consistent... so why would I assume a stance diametrically
opposed to everything I have "stood" for before ???

THIS WEBSITE seeks the advancement of the black race....

why should the advancement of the black race upset white people ????

I have been accused of being a racist before.... by white people.... which
is really quite amusing.

I received some very interesting email after the last Newsletter... it made
the white people feel good.

Previously, when I harped on RACIAL MATTERS..... I received mail from
white people telling me it made them "very upset"... some were upset
enough to cancel their subscription.

Since I have a large black readership... either they are not communicating
their feelings to me.. or none of this racial discussion business really
affects them... one way or the other.

Nobody unsubscribed after the last Newsletter.

Based on the evidence... It could be concluded that the topic of race
discussions upsets white people more than black people.... would you
agree with such a conclusion ? why ??

It has been suggested that "I would do well to keep away from race talk...
since it serves no constructive purpose"..... do you agree with that
statement ?? how many BLACK persons AGREE with that statement ????

In light of the fact that we have a National Committee of RECONCILIATION....
and the race debate is plastered all over the NEWSPAPERS...
why should I ignore it ????

You notice I am writing like my good friend DAVID GITTENS.... I am asking
a lot of questions...

David writes very good articles in the NATION (best Newspaper on the
planet)... so look out for them..

Money Matters

The Barbados Photo Gallery has been suffering for want of daily attention
(people have been waiting up to a whole MONTH just to get their photo into
the Chatroom Posse pages) and to add to my stress level I have just been
given the OK to adopt BAJANS ON THE WEB.... many of you will
be glad to hear that... David you reading this too ?...since that service
has been dysfunctional for months !!

You all know that the archives haven't been updated for months.. and the
News is very sporadic..

I am putting some of my graduate students to work on building all this into
a NATIONAL TREASURE and it is going to cost money.

Within the next week, Ibill, one of the LARGEST Internet billing companies
in the USA... will be processing Credit Card transactions on my behalf...
and I will be appealing for Credit Card DONATIONS to help further the work
of the webSIGHT.

I am of the view that if all my "fans"..... sent me just $5 a month... from
their Credit card...
that would supply enough cash to accomplish what is required.

Come on people, you WASTE far more than $5 a month.... you know that.

The alternative is for me to make the entire Barbadian Resource...
members-only site.... accesible by paid subscription only... in which case..

I will be taking LARGER sums of money from FEWER people...
and this is not what I want..

my vision is for the service to be so LOW-PRICED that no Bajan can claim
to be too poor to  access it..... do you share this vision ??????

can't you see that if EVERYBODY sends just a little bit... it is better than
charging just a few people a larger sum ... and a wider group of Bajans
get to enjoy the services

Is there ANYBODY at all who feels that $5 a month is too much money ??????

I gone.... fa now

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