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Here is NEWS that was mailed to my readers on September 30, 1998:-

September 30, 1998

Union Action

(Late breaking News - Management at both places are negotiating with the Union since
this was written... all workers back on the job.)

The Barbados Workers Union is ready for another showdown with
Royal Westmoreland, it seems that management in an attempt to stave off
"Unionisation" at their facility, turned a foreman into an "independant
contractor" thus making all the workers under his supervision technically
NOT employees of Royal Westmoreland.... it appears they would do almost
anything to avoid recognizing the BWU as the bargaining agent for the

South Coast Sewage Project contractor, Kier International, is now in trouble
with the BWU as well... almost 200 workers have downed tools to protest
"low wages and unhealthy working conditions"... and Kier management wants
to talk to Senator LeRoy Trotman, General Secretary, privately... but
Trotman has said, "That's not the way the Union does business. I consider
this action reprehensible in the extreme."

The Project is now six weeks behind schedule.

Gender Issues
In an article "Girls Not Forcing Boys Into Failure",
Colleen Winter-Brathwaite, suggests that it is absurd that anyone
would blame the underachievements of boys on the presence of girls in the
classroom... she is of the opinion that the boys have "marginalized
themselves" by adopting the attitude that serious study is an "unmanly"
activity of "nerds" and "sissies".

In the past, Barbados followed the British system of single-sex schools and
it has always be a controversial subject, because many still believe that
the advent of co-education began the decline of the boys academic

I agree with them too... co-education is actually a BAD idea, at secondary school level.

Ridiculous Laws
In Letters to the Editor, Elise V. Thompson, is disgusted with the "law" that
returned stolen money to the thieves because the "complainant" was not
present and so it was "rightfully theirs".

The case involved a young Barbadian who was here on holiday, and who was
robbed of Bds$1000 and US$10000.... the case took so long to be tried that
the young man was forced to return to his job overseas.

The money was "returned" to the robbers, since the man was not there to
claim it !

While the news is full of the damage and destruction to the other islands
done by hurricane Georges, Barbados was untouched.

But on Sunday, two hours of heavy, localised rain in St. Lucy left Pie Corner
and St. Clement's under water.... with water as high as 5 feet, cars were
disabled and Harmonys Tenantry Road was damaged.

Barbados has escaped hurricane damage for so long, that poor attention to 
drainage and construction means if we do ever get a hurricane.... it will
be a VERY serious disaster... we are NOT at all prepared, in spite of
constant warnings each year.

CONTROVERSIAL MATERIAL.... EXTREMELY controversial material.... follows:

PLEASE DO NOT READ if you are a "sensitive", "decent" and "refined" person.

EXIT IMMEDIATELY... and I thank you for your patronage !!

you have been warned !

Last week I reported the clash between Sherbourne and Edgecliff gangs, which
took place on a Clifton Hall minibus.

From my article, it appeared that Omar Bootman was a victim, however he
has been charged with wounding Adrian Beckles and assaulting
Kelly Brathwaite.

It seems the press used his version of what happened and police
investigations into the matter revealed otherwise.

The teacher, Linsay Bellhouse, charged with having sex with a 13 year old
girl has been remanded to Glendairy Prison.

He is a white Australian male who has been living in Barbados for the past
25 years, he was a teacher at Queen's College.

Bail was denied by Magistrate Eli Edwards, even though two Bajans (Captain
Peter Short and Richard Edwards) stood ready to act as surety.

His lawyer is Randall Worrell. Bellhouse will return to court on Friday.

'The root of all evils' according to Pastor Richard Browne.
The Pastor, who is also a psychologist, writing in the Nation lists these
evils for us.

1. masturbation
2. reading and watching pornographic material
3. incest
4. homosexuality
5. use of words which refer to genitals in abusive, angry or violent ways.

He is of the view that masturbation causes problems in marriage because
people get to prefer it over intercourse.

>My comment:-
>It is TOTALLY UNREAL to tell a 15 year old boy, no sex until marriage
>.... and no masturbation either.
>But if you feel like trying, go ahead... it is an ideal.. preachers are
>fond of telling people to do "unrealistic" and "impossible" things... maybe
>this is why some church people end up the "worse sinners"... when they get "out"..
>they are so consumed with pent-up lust that they are ready for an orgy.

Incest he claims is the reason why Bajan women feel "cheap".. and therefore
behave promiscuously.... incest causes low self worth and so they use
their bodies hoping to find love.

He dismisses the view that genetics has anything to do with
sexual orientation, he says the gay lifestyle is all about seeking pleasure
and he believes it can be changed if the individual really wants to.

>My comment:-
>Again, there is nothing wrong with trying.... it is an ideal...
>But he should be aware of the pain that gays go through and
>that many of them have subjected themselves to further torture in an
>attempt to change themselves, unsuccessfully... this has led to suicides
>and worse problems... it is UNREAL to say "it is/is not genetic" or "it is/is not
>choice"... it is just NOT THAT SIMPLE... but desire/determination to change
>should NOT be discouraged if a person is unhappy with the way they are.

He warns parents to protect their boys from visitors to the home who might
induct the boys into homosexuality.

>My comment:-
>A myth, because boys who are repulsed by the gay lifestyle will not be "tempted",
>and those
>curious enough to experiment will find someone without help or permission...
>but a "gay act" does NOT make a gay
>person... if their experimentation was because of orientation it will
>occur at some point whether visitors come to the home or not... if they
>don't have the gay orientation, "gay acts" will NOT make
>them gay...they will quickly prefer more "normal" activities... although
>anal intercourse is generally considered to be the method of sex between
>gays, this is by no means universal, there are quite a few persons with the
>orientation, who find this quite as repugnant as "normal" people do...
>it is a myth that gay oriented people MUST "have sex" this way...

Other things he says causing a "sex focus" in Bajan society:

1. Parents walking around the house naked.
2. Girls and women bathing out in the yard because of no indoor bathroom.
3. Sending children to shower together, he says each child should bath alone.

>My comment:-
>With Clinton and oral sex being discussed all
>over America... is it true to say that Bajans are more pre-occupied with
>sex than "other places" ??????.... I don't think so..

REAL SEX EVILS (my viewpoint)
You want to know what are REAL sex evils ?... it is not about the so-called "evils"
talked about above..

It is about sexual violence... rapes.. threats to people... young and old...
It is about FORCING others to "please" you in some way... against their will.

Not accepting a "NO!" for an answer... simply because it
does not agree with your own personal selfish desire.

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