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Here is NEWS that was mailed to my readers on Oct 31, 1999:-

Oct 31, 1999

Adored Americans, Beloved Bajans, Cherished Canadians and Dearest Denizens
of our Digital Destiny !!!!

In this Illustrious Issue of our Unprecedented Update....

1. NEW Photos
2. NEWEST NEWS from Beautiful Barbados
3. Entertaining Excerpts from our Main Mailbox

Hilton Hotel Holocaust.... In Response to Readers' Requests, MORE photos
have been added into the sequence... showing the dispersion of the "cloud"
after the event.... the reason for the demolition can be found at

and assorted NEW pictures on various other topics can be found at

Racial discussions.... plastered all over the paper again...

On Thursday night, the National Reconciliation Committee held it's second
session... one of the speakers, John King, wants to know how we can
"reconcile" when only ONE race is showing up at the "talks"... where are the
Caucasians and the East Indians ?????

Good question... my impression is that most of the Barbadian public thinks
this whole excercise is a waste of time... and Thomas Harper (Snr.). writing
in Letters to the editor... says that the ones who SHOULD be "reconciling"..
the ones with dollars and cents... won't come because they don't want any
"reconciliation"... in fact, it suits their purposes just fine if the "gap"
is widened to the point were it can never be bridged !... they can then
"enjoy the inherent blessings of wealth, while remaining aloof from those
who provide it".

This whole commission is a FUTILE WASTE OF TIME. and does not even have the
entertainment value of the St. Joseph Hospital Inquiry, another waste
of time and taxpayers' money... I am really sorry that I don't have the time
to give you the back-and-forth between BRANFORD TAITT and LESLIE HAYNES...
I think you would enjoy it immensely... the PHOTOS taken by the NATION
photographer of TAITT are chosen with great care to add to the entertainment
value of our real-time comedy.

Professor Dr. Hilary Beckles, speaking at the BLP 61st Annual Conference,
called for greater democracy in public institutions... Dr. Beckles has, for
a long time, exposed the racially-biased management of large PUBLIC
companies in Barbados.

Two of the arguments I hear from white people are:

1. Why should a white man resign, just so a black man can take over, if the
white man is DOING A GOOD JOB ????... is this not smacking of REVERSE
racism ??

2. If the white man appoints another SUITABLY QUALIFIED white man as his
successor.. why is that considered racism ???.... wouldn't a BLACK man
appoint another SUITABLY QUALIFIED black man as his successor, would he
give the "power" back to a white man just because of his "whiteness" ????

If the persons with the POWER are doing a GOOD JOB and are
SUITABLY QUALIFIED it really should NOT MATTER if they
are "black" or "white"... so why the big rush to replace the whites with
blacks ?... IF
there is really "NO RACISM" !... what difference does it make what color the
POWER is ?

By majoring on the color issue... these people reveal that they are just
as racially motivated as the "adversaries" they are trying to "overthrow".

In the final analysis, it really makes no difference what color the "POWER"
is to the majority... why ?.... because a black "POWER" figure is not going
to improve the lot of the rank-and-file poor of this country any more than
a white one.

In fact, the white man at the "helm", because of the fact that his position
is under scrutiny from people like Beckles and the "majority"....
may, in all likelyhood, be more inclined to CAUTION...

Why would people feel that they will get a better deal from a black man ?...
is there, in fact, any EVIDENCE at all to support such
a hypothesis ????

It is unfortunate that I, as a "white" man, would be writing, for once in my
life, what it is EXPECTED that a white man would write, namely supporting
"white" people.... but believe me, 
I DON'T CARE, whether the "POWER" is black or white... the white one int do
nothing for me and the black one hardly will either... 
I dont mind if a black man runs the show, I prefer black people over my
own race for various reasons which are personal to me.

So whether YOU, the reader are black or white... try to think about these
issues OBJECTIVELY and answer the questions to yourself HONESTLY !

There is no doubt that RACISM originated with white people, that is a fact..
there is no doubt that blacks in Barbados have suffered at the hands of
whites, socially, economically and politically... also a fact... so it only
natural to want the whites out of any positions that they could possibly
continue to have any power at all... this calls for empathy... 
an understanding what it is like to be black.

But it is NOT LOGICAL to entertain the idea that replacing whitemen in the
boardroom with blackmen... is going to be of any benefit to the "masses".

What a load of poppycock !

What is actually happening is that a number of blackmen are using the
masses to further their own agenda... in removing the whites, they want to
advance their ownselves into those positions.... and when they get there..
they will behave the same way the whitemen did.... WHY would it be any
different ????

As I have said before, the "rich" have been USING the poor since
time immemorial.... but what do I know about it ???

I am just a Lowclass Learned Lunatic... 


>Well, see what your "dialect" has done to the English standards of
>the children of Barbados?
>Read what the Minister of Education has to say about the
>deterioration of  English facility by Bajan youth due in large part
>to the use of "dialect" in the home.
>SHAME on you and your ideas!

So wa is you problem ?... Dialect is a wonderful cultural experience !....
if ya want ya children to talk "proper".. make it so... dum is you children
so control dem.

Do I care bout "English standards" ?... fa wa..

ANYBODY.... from toddler to geriatric... can learn to talk "proper"...
if they really WANT to bad enough...  and also put on an American or
English accent on top of it !

INCENTIVE... is what it's all about... my dear fellow...

and COMMUNICATION Capability !

dey got people dat talking "proper" all de time... an int saying nuttin
sensible up ta now !!!

By all means, YOU talk proper if ya want....

But trouble not the Cherished Citizens of Cyberspace... with such trivia...

>Hi my name is Johara Sealy. i am 12 years old and i am from barbados.
>i enjoy looking at your site very much. Every summer i go to barbados.

Thanks for writing to tell me about it, Johara... I appreciate hearing
from you...

be sure to tell your friends about the Barbados Photo Gallery so they can
enjoy it too.

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