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Here is NEWS that was mailed to my readers on September 3, 1998:-

September 3, 1998

Bajan News

Securities Exchange of Barbados (SEB)
Outcries of "foul" and "Resign !" are ringing out over a decision by the 
board of the SEB to waive the normal share transfer fee for the largest
transfer of shares in SEB history.... 299 490 742 shares in CIBC West Indies
Holdings Ltd. a sale which was valued at $1.9 billion.. and should have
netted the SEB about $9.6 million, instead the directors voted to accept a
paltry $100,000, the sum suggested by CIBC, the applicant !

The chairman of the SEB is also a senior executive of CIBC, and even though
he did not participate in the vote... the public is asking, "to what extent
did a conflict of interest come to bear on the Boards decision ??"

Late last year, a highly-controversial Pine Hill Dairy deal also caused a
big stir, and the public is not going to tolerate much more.

In view of the fact that the average rank-and-file Bajan is now buying shares
a full public disclosure is being demanded and the manner in which the Board
makes it's decisions must come under examination.

Apparently, Governments two representatives on the Board both voted against
the waiver, efforts to get a statement from Prime Minister Owen Arthur (who
is also Minister of Finance) were unsuccessful, however, sources in the
Ministry of Finance suggested that Government might set up a watchdog
committee to monitor the activities of the SEB.

With elections right around the corner, and the opposition accusing the
administration of only paying lip service to the policy of black economic
enfranchisement, I think that Owen Arthur is doing the smart thing in not
giving a hasty answer, that he might later have cause to regret.

De-Mutualizing the MUTUAL

There was some talk about changing the form of the Barbados Mutual Life
Assurance Society (BMLAS), one of the oldest and wealthiest financial
institutions in Barbados. Their slogan is "ALL profits belong to the policy
holders" and today these policy holders consist mainly of average-income
black Bajans.

Professor Hillary Beckles, one of the leading champions of black economic
enfranchisement, indicated that ANY proposed changes to the Mutual structure
would not occur without a fight.

The issue has dropped from the limelight, at least for a while.

South Coast Sewage Project
Miniser of Health, Liz Thompson, announced on Monday that Contract Two is
about to start on September 15 and the great work should end around the
middle of year 2000.

The minister could not say what the cost overruns would be...

The original Contract with Fomento Y Cubiertas was terminated on January 2.

The new contractors are Kier International and Why-Dig Technology.

The minister said the new companies have been "sensitised" about the problems
with the last contractor.... Geee, Liz, you politicians are something else..
I said in previous news, EITHER Government was deliberately "conned" OR the
last contractor was totally INCOMPETENT.

We have had a lot of rain from the "tropical depression" and Headley's Land
(in Bank Hall, St. Michael) residents are crying "Enough!"... they are fed
up with flooding... they are blaming a poorly designed drainage system which
they say makes the situation worse.

MP for the area is Branford Taitt, and with elections around the corner if
he can't get it sorted out fast... he could lose some votes....
he seems to be having some "difficulty" getting the matter attended to.

DO NOT READ what is below if you are a "sensitive", "decent" or "refined"
PERSON... EXIT immediately... and I thank you for your patronage !!


Fright Night
Violence errupted at both the Miss Vauxhall Netball Club Beauty Pageant and
miles away at Adrianna's Entertainment Complex in Speightstown on Saturday

The Vauxhall incident occurred when police from Oistins Station briefly
held a man for questioning, a group of young men, angry at what they saw
as police harassment of one of their own, overturned chairs and behaved
in a threatening manner.

Member of Parliament for the area, Joe Edghill, was attending the function
and he seemed to achieve a measure of success in reducing the tension after
talking with the young men, many of whom were known to him, however,
Special Constable French, is now on sick leave after being struck with a
bottle on the left side of his face.

At Adrianna's, where hundreds turned up for a going-away fete in honour of
Cindy Rouse, popular radio personality from HOTT 95.3 FM station, the
Krosfyah band was forced to leave the stage after fighting broke out
between groups of young men on the dance floor, one man was beaten about the

Also on Saturday night, in a gunfight in the City between two teenaged boys,
a 16 year old (Nicholas Wood) was shot in his right ear. The incident is
alleged to have occurred over drugs that were missing. In, today's paper
(Wednesday) Shawn Leon Hackett (17), of Kew Road, Bank Hall and
Tramaine Patterson Dean (19) of Skeete's Road, Bank Hall have been charged
in connection with the incident.

Politicians and police have asked the public not to be alarmed at the recent
upsurge in violence, the wider public is "not in any danger", since the
violence is concentrated among young men who "exist on the fringe of
society"....  I should not be reporting this mayhem to you,
after all, it's ABSOLUTELY SAFE in Barbados... I sometimes get up in
the night and go for a leisurely stroll at 2:00 a.m.... it's really nice
and peaceful... and if I do meet anybody, they are always very polite...
so please don't be frightened away.

Rev. Holmes Williams of The People's Cathedral on Bishop's Court Hill, has
renewed his attack on what he sees as "an abomination of sexual practices"
among Bajan schoolchildren as young as 11 to 13 years.

I say children have sexual feelings you know... the ONLY
way you will ever get them to TRY to control their sexual appetites...
is by EXAMPLE....

Check out this scenario.... children with friends (boys and girls) left
alone in the house and a pile of truly "hardcore" PORNO tapes left
CARELESSLY and CONVENIENTLY beside the video machine... would you be
surprised to learn that they WATCHED the tapes for HOURS and were so
influenced that they had an ORGY of their very own ??? All were under
14 years old.

Is it "right" for even ADULTS to sit and watch that stuff for hours ?
IF the ADULTS in this particular house really LIKE that kind of "movie"...
do you think that "hiding" the tapes will make much of a difference... like
perhaps produce "angelic" children ???

Occasionally, a "Christian" child comes out of one of these houses of
"sin"... how do you explain that ?

I guarantee that your "explanation" will vary depending on whether you,
yourself, are a "Christian" or not...

As adults you "indoctrinate" your child and try to mould it's life according
to your "ideas"... and the state recognizes this "right", up to a point.

At what age, does the child have a right to choose a different path ??

We had a case in Barbados where two teenage girls "rebelled" at the MUSLIM
way of treating women... these girls wanted to dress the way they wanted,
they wanted to enjoy the benefit of education that was being denied them.

They sought the asylum of a friends house... and the protection of the law..
against Muslim retribution.. against being returned to their parents.

In another incident, a 13 year old girl voluntarily "gave sex" to 3 boys in
gang-bang fashion... the boys ages ranged from 14 to 19 years... the response
of male friends, on hearing of the incident, "I wish I had been there to get
some too !"

Finally, a middle-aged woman signed a 14 year old boy out of school for the
day, drove him to her apartment... and "they had a great time"...
the boy thought he had gone straight to "heaven"... and was
more than willing to indulge the woman's wildest fantasies !

The LAW would have difficulty with the one above, but if a middle-aged MAN
had picked up a 14 year old GIRL and the same thing had occurred... the MAN
would be JAILED ! It would make NO difference, if it was the GIRL's idea
to "do it" in the first place.

I believe in the "rights" of the child... up to a point.

As a child I did exactly as I pleased with very little restriction... my
parents guided... reasoned... tried to influence... but never really "forced"
and I had so much freedom and "power" in the house... that I was the envy
of my friends... I could stay out late.. and do anything I liked.

I made some "wrong" decisions and I have "suffered" the consequences... but I
would not exchange "freedom" for anything !

If adults cherish freedom... don't children as well... are you going to
abuse them just because you are bigger and stonger than they ?

NONE of the above true incidents will involve the police or even the parents
because the children acted VOLUNTARILY... violation of the child's will
could (and most definitely SHOULD) result in a CASE and CONVICTION !

Where the LAW is flawed, is that particularly in the case of a YOUNG FEMALE,
she is denied the right to do with her own body, sexually, as she wishes...
while society does not prohibit males in the same way... except in
the case of homosexual involvement... is this right ?

The universal right of all humans at any age to do as they wish with their
OWN BODY must be recognized... while violation of a persons will, in respect,
of their person MUST always be seen as a CRIME...

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