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Here is NEWS that was mailed to my readers on May 4, 1999:-

May 4, 1999

It is a LONG UPDATE....

I have divided it into 3 sections.....


So here goes.... but NOTE WELL... MY comments ONLY appear where it says
STEPHEN MENDES VIEWS.... so read CAREFULLY and do not blame me for something
that somebody else said !

According to Trevor Marshall, who has researched the issues surrounding
Trafalgar and 1805... Barbados was NEVER in any danger of "falling to the
French"... and the notion that Nelson "saved" Barbados from anything is
nothing more than fantasy !... likewise history indicates that Nelson was
the aggressor... revealing that the battle of Trafalgar was nothing more than
an example of IMPERIALIST aggession and a hegemonic attempt by Britain to
dominate the entire world !

Winston Grecia sarcastically wonders how today's MP's can bear to be in a
Parliament that passed so many bills against the rights of black people in
this country !

He says, "If the white people of this country are going to be criticised
every time they make a suggestion how can the black people expect
participation from the same white people on other matters ?"

David Gittens wonders if NELSON was a black man, would there still be such
a hurry to move him !

Jennifer Blackman, writing in Friday's NATION (best newspaper on earth
- get your copy today), interviewed people both black and white, trying to
get a handle on the current racial situation which is in the News, because of
Lord Nelson's departure from National Heroes Square, where he cannot possibly
remain !

"Black is nasty, Black is nasty"... the young woman recalls the incident
when she accidentally bumped into a white classmate at a private primary
school in Barbados.

An older man observed that whites are buried almost exclusively by white

Another young woman was denied entry to a night club and also overnighted at
a white friends house.... to hear her father cuss out the gardener the next
morning making reference to his race as the reason for the faults found.

One white woman said, it seems as though black Barbadians did not
realise that white people born here were Barbadian too.

Another one said she was driving through town and got cussed and reference
to her color was part of the abuse... she said she has NEVER called anyone
a "BLACK" anything.... and she is sure the situation is getting worse.

She wanted to know who owns all the big houses springing up all over the
place.... and she says that she could never afford one of them.

One white man claimed that Bajan whites felt excluded... their say was not
welcomed or respected on social issues.

He claimed that the average white person felt alienated and just wanted to
live peacefully, backing down under pressure.

He claimed that the majority of Bajan whites are descended from the
indentured servants... NOT the plantocracy.

He also said that when arguing with a black person, invariably he is called a
"white so-and-so"... he said he had never done anything like this to black

Psychological consultant, Deborah Thompson Smith, told the Weekend NATION
there was "definitely disconnection in the broadest sense across all the

She said that although Barbados had other races besides Negro and Caucasian
everything tended to focus on black and white.

She said the races do not really interact socially... she believes that many
whites feel as much shame about their history as blacks do.

She believes the key to resolving  the divide is truthful communication.

I think that whites are mostly to blame... they have not, for whatever
reason, chosen to socialise with blacks... why should whites make the first
step at reconcilliation ????


THEY are the ones who are feeling alienated....
and they are the ones who STARTED the racism thing in the first place !

So, white people, make some black friends today.. and start communicating...
or else draw up in your own shell and blame yourself !

WHY should black people make the first move and risk futher REJECTION ???

I am starting a free-for-all unmoderated mailing list where everybody can
express their views to everybody else.... so people what about it, you want
to communicate ???.... now you get the chance !

If you don't mind MAILBOX OVERLOAD.... and want to be a part of this
CONTROVERSIAL exercise (you already know that everything I do is RADICAL)
send your request to

and start expressing YOUR views !

Back to Eden 2.. a picture trip into the "bush"... to visit Rasta...
DISCRIMINATION still exists for the brethren.... based purely on the
DREADLOCKS hairstyle.... indeed so intense has been the abuse, that many have
cut their hair, just to avoid the constant harassment and to maintain a job
in "Babylon".


A 6-week sexual abuse program to be conducted in primary schools has been
approved by the Ministry of Education, according to Dr. Letnie Rock,
"...children need to know what is a good touch from what is a bad touch,if
they are given money or threatened, or feel uncomfortable about any act
committed against them, they must be able to discuss these things
with adults."


Pudding and Souse (Saturday's NATION..the Best newspaper of earth)..
some schoolgirls in uniform were heard spilling their own personal business
at a bus-stop near Paddock road,St. Michael, this week.

According to a woman who heard the girls, it was "hot,hot hot."

One girl talked about what she does on Saturday night; how much money she
makes and who her clients are.

Another one boasted that she can get any man she wants because she has the
right figure and looks and she knows how to wuk-up properly.

One other said without any shame whatsoever that she has had ten different
men so far this year.

When the woman who heard them asked how they could carry on like that, they

In fact, one of them who used to behave like a lamb, said that things are
different now and she is young and moving on and looking to make some money.

People, I rest my case....

I gone... but ya can read what people saying bout ma below...

>Hi Steve:
>Whats up Bro?  Boy keep doing what you are doing. Tommy did say if he knew 
>blacks would wear his clothes, he would not have made them. It was not on 
>Oprah show he made the comment, it was on some other show. When he was on 
>Oprah show , she questioned him about the comment. He did not even know how 
>to answer Oprah. Yes the fu__ing world Know that Tommy is a racist. Ask all 
>the nick heads who are attacking you, what statements the Bally shoe Company 
>made about blacks wearing their shoes. Please throw that question out. A lot 
>of those companies are openly racist. A lot of black people are ashamed of 
>being black, that is why the mudda fu__ers try to defend those racist scumbs
>I am against any kind of racism, because its a disease. I have to run for

>Dear Stephen,
> I will say two things about all this hullabaloo about sex among teenagers
>at school- there is nothing new under the sun. 
>All this righteous indignation among adults in Barbados is because with time 
>their memories about their own youth have been edited and glorified - John Q 
>Public does in fact have a short memory. I heard my father, who is now in
>his seventies, tell of a friend, now a stalwart citizen, whose mother was
>12 YEARS OLDER THAN HE IS. So pull-ease... 
>The difference now is that there is the added element of boldness- for
>better or worse,nobody bothers to hide anymore. And the increased exposure
>to the broader world provided by international television, the net, etc.,
>and the resultant increased sophistication of people, young ones included,
>mean that children are doing and saying things in a way they never did
>before- FACT.
>Having said that, I COMPLETELY DISAGREE with the sentiment that fourteen and
>fifteen year olds should be allowed to HAVE THEIR FUN, i.e. engage in sexual 
>intercourse, without interference! WHY?:
>1. At 14 and 15, teenagers are, overall, immature. They don't know much
>about how their body works (except that it does), and usually have not given
>much thought to how the rest of the world runs, far less anything else. And
>understandably- they have enough psychological loads to carry without the 
>added burden of dealing with something as important as sex, without a clue. 
>To encourage that suggests that it's OK to be irresponsible in sex. 
>Ultimately young minds will translate that to mean it's OK to be 
>irresponsible in other areas of their life. Wonder how come there are so
>many delinquent fathers, women who continue to become pregnant when they
>have no support framework for the children, and unemployed youngsters? This
>attitude may account for at least some of that.
>2. Sex carries consequences. At this age kids know the mechanics of sex, but 
>precious few know of, or are prepared for, the consequences- pregnancy, 
>sexually transmitted diseases, things that will follow them through the REST 
>OF THEIR LIVES. Suggesting they should just be allowed to HAVE THEIR FUN is 
>begging for 20/20 hindsight to be the preferred method of thinking for these 
>developing youths. STUPID!
>3. Sexual transmitted diseases, the king of which is AIDS, are on the 
>increase. When these toddlers are initiated into sex, it is frequently by 
>someone older and more experienced, and their risk of exposure to this
>myriad is increased. To think that this is an acceptable situation suggest
>case, what good are we to them if we can't at least show them the better way
>before leaving them to make their own choices.
>4. Safe sex. Few adults, far less teenagers, have an idea what safe sex is. 
>Unfortuneately people always assume that a deadly disease is something that 
>happens to other people but would never happen to them.In addition many
>think that you have to be promiscuous to get a disease and vice versa.
>WRONG! All you need to do is have unportected sex ONCE- just ONCE- with
>some one who has a load on board. It could be your only sexual experience-
>NO STEPHEN, leaving them unchecked to JUST HAVE THEIR FUN is IRRESPONSIBLE 
>If you could be so kind, please publish this in its entirety when you are 
>posting your letters from readers. 
>Thank you for your time. Looking forward to more news from home.
>Hi Stephen:
>I noted your response to the young people having sex at the stadium. As 
>a fairly young liberal woman I would like to impart some advise.  I 
>think that it may be in the young people's best interest to tell them to 
>delay having sex at least for two or three more years. Sex is great but 
>it brings with it many responsibilities and I am sure you know that many 
>14 and 15 year olds are not mature enough to deal with those 
>responsibilities e.g. relationships, contraceptives, pregnancies and 
>abortions. (not listed in the level of importance).  How many young 
>people will remember to use contraceptives each and every time, some 
>don't even know how to use some contraceptives to prevent pregnancies, 
>and what about HIV, and STDS.  Put yourself in young ladies situation, 
>an early pregnancy can lead to a lack of education, poor job skills, low 
>paying jobs and provety down the line.  Abortion, without some good 
>counselling can also lead to many years of self questioning and 
>sometimes feelings of depression.  Abortion is not a light thing to 
>carry out.  Young men can usually finish their education and move on in 
>life even if they have a child at a young age, they don't have as many 
>problems as a young pregnant woman.  Many times the father is an older 
>man who when he hears that the young lady is pregnang is no longer 
>present to give her emotional support in making a wise choice about her 
>     I work with young people and their level of sex education is so 
>poor you want to cry.  Advice them that sex is not going to run away and 
>a year or two of waiting will put them in a situation that they do not 
>regret later on.  Then they have a little more maturity and sex 
>education to make some wise decisions and they can still go on to have a 
>varied and fullfilled sex life with however many partners they wish and 
>hopefully a happy and comfortable life style.
>Let me know if I am making any sense.
>P.S. maybe some discussion with the Family Planning Association will 
>give you some insights into the problems that occur when teenagers  are 
>sexually active at too young an age.

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