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Here is NEWS that was mailed to my readers on Nov 4, 1999:-

Nov 4, 1999



A sudden flash flood in Bridgetown area on the night that the Prime Minister
turned on the Independence lights to the City.... has left some residents
in a bad way... apparently SEWAGE (presumably from overflowing wells)
invaded and destroyed their housing units.

However the National Housing Corporation (NHC) has been quick to promise
RE-IMBURSEMENT for items lost etc.....
but what they cannot do is erase the TRAUMA these residents had to live
through.... or replace items such as photographs
of deceased relatives and other property which is irreplaceable and
beyond value!

This mini-disaster should:

1. Cause more serious consideration to be given to ENGINEERING in
Government projects... awarding contracts to incompetent or low-quality
contractors.... actually COSTS the Government MORE money in the long run.

2. Show Bajans that we are really NOT PREPARED for a hurricane or virtually
ANY other kind of natural disaster.

but what happened to that Fast Food Franchise that was supposed to set up in
Barbados??.... after successfully kicking out MacDonalds.... we were told
that we would get a TRINI Fast Food Factory.... so Will We or Wont We ???
..... you will have to keep reading this Newsletter to find out.


Less than 2 weeks ago, Police and Schoolchildren clashed in the area of
the Minibus stand.... plastered over the papers we got...

1. Politicians reccomending that schoolchildren want dealing with.

2. Parents and by-standers claiming that the Police used excessive,
unnecessary force... even to the point of drawing a gun in the crowd....
and causing some injuries to one of the girls, who they had taken into
custody...  she had to be treated at the QEH for injuries.

3. Promises, again for the umpteenth time, that the ZR MEN whose lawless
acts and pounding music.... take the children like the Pied Piper of Pan..
right to the school gate... and deposit them in no fit state to
study any schoolwork... would be dealt with.

4. Police complaining that the public are against them and wont co-operate..
by encouraging a lawless climate,  shielding and defending people
that want "apprehending".

and I think of the Elton John song... with the words, "... have mercy on the
criminal who is running from the law..." which went on to describe the
plight of the "poor" criminal... and although I can't remember which of his
Albums it is on... that Album was published in the 1970's... so I guess he
was merely Prophetically Predicting what it would be like in the 1990's !

You know... Elton was O.K.... I seem to remember his Yellow Brick Road
album talked about Prostitutes, Lesbians and Violence.... seems he knew
what he was talking about.... he had a Vivid Vision !

Now I got to deal with some mail.


Here is what one Disgruntled Dissident had to say after the last
Racial Reality Report I published.

>Please cancel all further email .I am sorry but you really are a very
>bitter racist person.

I am ????   you sure you got the right address....

must be some sort of mistake.... anyway, I did find your address on my
list an I removed it in a hurry.... so you enjoy your life....
you Poor Pathetic Person.

well... Precious People... that's it... all I want to do is
give Black people the Recognition that they Rightly deserve after
HUNDREDS of years of abuse and now....

I am BRANDED....... "very bitter racist person".... but I have lots of fun.
because Controversy and Contention dont bother me in the slightest....
I like to throw a Small Spanner in the works... or hide a
very Fat Fly in the ointment.... and wait a bit... just to see what happens

and it came from a UK address....

probably some Enlightened English White Whatever....

Gee wizzz.... I hope other wonderful English people dont take offense just
because of that little comment... you know, I have to be very CAREFUL what
I say... cause it Almost Always upsets SOMEBODY.

But I would love to confront him on the Jerry Springer Show.

I gone ..... fa now.

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