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Here is NEWS that was mailed to my readers on Jul 5, 1999:-

Jul 5, 1999

WONDERFUL people... here is something for you to chew on

You tink dis racism ting blow over yet ?????
De papers are full of it.... people expressing various views....
here are a few of em...

My interpretation of RICHARD HOAD article
Recently a well-known white Bajan came down by me (Hoad) an said that 1600
white Bajans should go to Africa with David Comissiong as a gesture of
goodwill. After much talking about ethnic conflicts and suchlike, they came
to de conclusion dat de key to social unrest of any kind (and such can
occur between different religious sects or political parties as well as
races) was:
1. to keep fomenting de idea that one group is being disadvantaged by de
2. to simply wait for an appropriate incident that "proves" it and can
be used to make the whole thing explode.

David Comissiong keeps suggesting the possibility of imminent social
unrest in Barbados. He keeps dredging up previous instances of social unrest
in which dere was rioting, looting, destruction of property and loss of life
as if he envisages similar occurences dis time around, and he states that
de white Bajan community ("and some Blacks have been identified too") will
bear the brunt if dis were to happen.

Dis comment suggests an intimate knowledge of de plans of de perpetrators,
to state that "some Blacks have been identified".... what kind of talk is
dis ?? Why does he not turn their names over to de authorities ?? does he
want to be perceived as part of a group dat is PLOTTING social unrest ???

Who are dese Blacks "living a privileged life at the expense of Black
people" ???? could dey be people like Dennis Tull, Harold Hoyte,
Lloyd Alleyne. Neville Rowe, Haynesley Benn, James Husbands, Leo Leacock,etc

What does "living at the expense of Black people" really mean ?? is it wrong
to work hard, be successful, make money, provide jobs for Black people, or
sell a product or service to Black people.

What about all dese fellows who got big juicy contracts out of de
St. Joseph's hospital ??? (from the Inquiry it certainly
look like dey "carry way" a lot of Government money)... so are dey de
Black people unfairing udder Black people ???

Dis "color" nonsense gotta stop... most rich people "unfair" de poor
people.... it don't depend on color... I neva see black money or white
money yet.

De problem is afta de riot... dey still going got rich people an poor people
an it neva "go way".

People like Comissiong & Co. are simply USING de color issue to advance dere
career (an carve a name for demselves)... dey plan to make dey money out of
de BUSINESS of fomenting racial & "social unrest" !!

Dis article was by STEPHEN GRIFFITH... it represents HIS VIEWS !!...
but my interpretation of what HE is
saying... it is high time dis racism ting comes to an end.. many so-called
Black people in Barbados have nothing and are too lazy to get anything.

Black people always focus on SEX... de women show off dere bodies... de more
sex de men get de more MAN de tink demselves to be.

Dey hate themselves for being Black... dey pretend to be mad at Whites...but
dey hate the image dat dey see in de mirror and are always trying to change
it. It is a psychotic love/hate situation where Blacks love to hate demselves

Dey sit around like bums complaining dat "Whites" are mistreating dem and
dat dey do not have a "level playing field". You lazy people. Have you
ever seen a "level playing field"? Dere are always weeds, rocks, bumps
(and especially in barbados) POTHOLES.

Dis old slave mentality dat you love so much - get up off you butts and
shift the dirt and change the odds in your favor.

Nature give you a dominant genetic structure but you have an inferior
mentality... so-called "Whites" rule de world
now... an dey neva start wid no
"level playing field"..dey start wid genetic deficiency dat restricts the
proper synthesis of melanin an dey are prone to skin cancer.

In spite of dis setback, dey use dey brains to make life work for dem.

But all most of you Black people do is talk, stuff ya face and sleep !!

Time has shown dat "no one wins the race in racism"... but is it supposed
to be a 100 metre or a long distance ??? It is high time dat "Blacks"
excuse demselves from de race.

Do some travelling. Do some reading, visit our ancient kingdoms, and there
you will see yourselves immortalised in huge stone statues and wall painting
as a true testament of your great ancestral lineage. Love yourself and you
will love another, know yourself and you shall know your Creator.

Articles appearing in the press consistently drawing attention to the
SHABBY, unkempt appearance of the islands school childen... their rudeness,
beligerent attitude etc.

Oliver Jackman trying to come to grips with what is beautiful and what is

"Black is Beautiful!" screamed the dark-skinned, North American
revolutionaries of the 1960's. But a black American said that there was
no way  she could get the black-owned magazine of which she was an editor to
use really black photographic models: dark brown was as far as she dared to
go.  So pervasive was the conditioning that white was beautiful !

I (Stephen Mendes) have talked to lots of beautiful black women... trying to
get them NOT to straighten their hair... only to discover that they really
HATE their own natural hair !... huge sums of money.. spent on products
to make their hair like that of a "white person"... WHY?.... pervasive
public PERCEPTION of what is beautiful and what is not

So why does the scruffy and the ugly have such an appeal for the youth ???

CONDITIONING is at the root of it.... listening to music that is harsh and
un-melodic and with lyrics that ENCOURAGE unsocial, lewd behaviour.

After a while... this music "sounds" good and this behaviour becomes "good"

and what past generations regarded as UN-civilised, UN-cultured behaviour
becomes acceptable with CULTURE and DECENCY becoming abnormal and despised !

This ADDENDUM was mailed shortly afterwards.... to universally deal with a
wash of mail that came back.....from confused fans.

This is sent to stop people from "taking me to task" for OTHER peoples
opinion... I thought I tried to make it clear to separate MY opinion from
that of the writers of the various articles.... I must have been mistaken.

Stephen Mendes opinion
For the benefit of those people who have written me with comments
pertaining to the last UDATE... here is MY opinion on the race issue.

There has NEVER been ANY scientific or medical proof to support the notion
of the superiority or inferiority of one race over another. This idea was
concocted by Europeans to support their system of Plantation Slavery in the
Caribbean and Americas.

So successful where they in conditioning, both themselves and their slaves
with this notion, that successive generations have remained in mental
prisons... some without even the awareness of their mental state.

Generalisations about any race of people are bound to fail... because there
will ALWAYS be people who do not fit the "mould".

"Apparent" racial differences in thinking and behaviour are the result
of upbringing and environment.

Apart from superficial physical appearance, all races are created with
equal ability.

Blacks have been disadvantaged and unfaired on a global scale, by most
other races.... but so have the Jews.

While this site is dedicated to preaching fairness and righting injustices..

I deplore the use of racial arguments for POLITICAL and MONETARY
advancement of a few individuals at the expense of the masses.

Such persons care nothing for the masses and are merely using racial
arguments to futher their own personal agendas.

Everything is subject to abuse, the social security system was developed to
assist the GENUINE poor.... some LAZY persons CHOSE to remain poor so they 
could cheat the system and AVOID BEING INDUSTRIOUS...

Wisdom dictates that for almost every argument there is an equally valid
counter-argument... and the highest "good" or the "truth" must lie somewhere
between the two !!!!

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