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Here is NEWS that was mailed to my readers on Nov 5, 1999:-

Nov 5, 1999

Dearest Denizens of our Demented Digital Destiny,


>I still haven't received anything from you concerning the e-mail I sent
>you about looking for my father, however that is just fine I suppose had
>I been born black I would have received the world of attention in this
>matter from you!!!  Also you said that "I am just giving black people
>the attention they deserve because they have been robbed for so long".
>Im sorry but that was sooooo long ago and I think black people have
>gotten over it!!!  If they haven't there is something wrong.  Don't get
>me wrong what happened to black people was wrong and awful and against
>Gods will however I think alot of black people use it for their
>advantage " my people were slaves so that gives me the right to rebel
>now and not pay for my crimes".  I am a white lady married to a black
>man with 3 lovely, intelligent black children and I will teach them what
>happened to their ancestors but, I WILL NOT TEACH THEM THAT IT IS A
>TODAY!!!!! If you are for giving people what they deserve what about the
>Jews who only recently were almost made extinct?  Or are you not
>interested about the feelings or history of those people?  I understand
>that this is a "BLACK" newsletter but if you are going to talk about
>doing what is right then do what is right for the human race not just
>black people, there are alot of people have been wronged not just
>ENOUGH!!! P.S. As for you being racist I think you "tolerate" white
>people I dont think being racist is your problem I think you are just
>ignorant to history and what it takes to do right to our fellow human


Let me respond to your letter ...

1. I receive lots of email... and cannot delegate the task of reading and
responding to it because the people want ME, not somebody else... 
you would have received some sort of response from me eventually...
you get it a little sooner because of your persistence... 4 emails
in less than a week.

2. I do not have the time to go looking for peoples LOST relatives....
black, white or any other race... occasionally, I am asked to contact a
relative and relay a message... as long as a phone number is given or
if the name is in the directory then I usually oblige... it really makes no
difference to me what the race of the people involved are.

3. I am half Jewish... my paternal grandfather 100% Jew...
but you wouldn't know that.

I am appalled at the impertinence of your letter... here you are trying to
get me to attend to YOUR concerns and ready to insult me because
I dont respond fast enough... you mention in your earlier missive that
you attempted to get your Uncle and your Godfather on separate
occasions to assist you in your quest and they did not help you....
and now you are asking me, a total stranger, to sacrifice my valuable
time and assist you.

The only reason that I do not 'buse you upside down... is that I have
just been asked to execise some restraint and behave professional
by PROJECTKID... another Cherished Citizen of Cyberland... who is a
regular fan of the Barbados Photo Gallery.

You are rambling... towards the end.... RAMBLING.... I am not certain
what you are trying to say... are you saying that I am not doing right to
my fellow human beings because I did not answer your letter in less
than a week ?

You seem to be a desperate and frustrated woman and I am sorry for you...
but I really cannot go looking for your father...

It is quite absurd to expect me to right all the wrongs concerning
the human race.... this is a BAJAN Newsletter... with a predominantly
black readership... what's so hard to understand about that ?

Why are you trying to trivialize the horrors and degradation of the
black race ? WHY ?

The Jews to whom you refer have suffered, but they had God Almighty
as their protector... it is so written in the Bible... look at the
State of Israel today, they are a RICH nation... they lead the world in
technology... in every country of the globe, Jews are
a PROSPEROUS people.

Now look at Africa today... and the history of Africa... you think I am
ignorant of world history ?... do you really want to pursue this ?... 
do YOU know enough about world history ????

I find your entire line of reasoning FAULTY.... and considering the fact
that you are married to a black man, I am even more surprised to detect
traces of an all-too-familiar  "white attitude" coming out of you....
namely, the attempt to trivialize and brush aside the sufferings of
a race of people who to this very day are treated globally as if they
are the most inferior of all races.

Do you RESPECT your husband ? if so cease and desist....
otherwise we may form our own conclusions about why you married
him in the first place.


My main distribution mailbox fell victim to a SPAM attack
.... a Disgruntled Denizen... who can't remember the address
he used to subscribe... and who has no valid return address !

PHIL BIGGINS... you remember Phil... PHIL FROM WA... the one with the big 
WEB TV... well he is at it again... trying to make my Cyberlife

Look.. PHIL.. (if you reading this)... I was half a mind to send a 
leather-winged demon of the night to chew on your pancreas... but I'm not
going to do that... thanks to PROJECTKID.... I have seen the light...

Instead I am going to PRAY that your wickednes be FORGIVEN
so please send me a VALID email address, that I may take you off my list..
in a hurry.


DAVID GITTENS brought to my attention the following significant details...

in the last UPDATE... I blamed poor ENGINEERING for the flash flooding... 

David reminded me that INDISCRIMINATE LITTERING by a majority of
ENVIRONMENTALLY UNFRIENDLY people.... could play a significant role
in the FAILURE of whatever systems the engineers had
installed for the purpose.

with reference to the ZR MEN... he reminded me that since the problem is
more than 10 years old... it would be logical to conclude that their
activity is perfectly acceptable to the Authorities of the land...
I find his reasoning sound....

perhaps the "ZR" stands for "Zero Restrictions"... and we just
were never told.

Thank you, David... for correcting that oversight on my part.. please do
not stop writing your EXCELLENT articles in the NATION
(best newspaper in and out of the madhouse).

I gone... fa now

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