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Here is NEWS that was mailed to my readers on Oct 6, 1999:-

Oct 6, 1999

Cherished Citizens of Cyberspace.... I'm back !!!!!

with the absolute LATEST BAJAN NEWS....

Once upon a time, 2 guys sat down to GAMBLE... one was winning
and the other losing... so after a time, the one who was losing says
to the other, "I WANT MY MONEY BACK"... the guy says,
"you must be mekking SPORT", so the other guy pulls out a gun
and shoots him DEAD... then he goes home and tells his family,
"I just killed a man and I have to leave the country QUICK"....
so the family piles into the family car and SPEEDS towards the airport...
along the way, they SMASH into another vehicle.. and everybody
involved is either DEAD, maimed or injured.
So now, this week at the FUNERAL, the pastor preaches on "Crime,
Violence and Politics" and those in attendance get UPSET... including
relative of the deceased, who hobbles out of the church prematurely,
under heavy police guard... to be returned to the hospital, till he is well
enough to be "charged"....

I hope you have visited 

RECENTLY and read about the DEAD FISH and the DEAD BOY.

Please do NOT get depressed, because if you are READING... then,
at least, YOU are NOT dead....


so COME to Barbados SOON..... and enjoy yourself before you are..

because it's only a matter of TIME...

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I gone

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