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Here is NEWS that was mailed to my readers on February 7, 1999:-

February 7, 1999


Local entrepreneur, James Husbands, one of the directors of Morgan Lewis
Ocean Front Development Ltd. (MLOFD) has RESIGNED he says, ".. the blockage
is not being handled, to my mind, in the best interest of the public and
I would prefer not to be associated with that project"

Beach-users now have to trek some distance to use the beach, the obstruction
has still not been cleared. Meanwhile, in a brief response through the
Government Information Service, the town planning department said,"The site
is the subject of a town planning application and is currently being dealt

The other two directors are Anthony DaSilva and Bruce Kitch.

Investigations suggest that a legal argument might well ensue about whether
owners of beach front properties have the right to prevent thoroughfare on
their properties to the beach.

The company has yet to explain to the public the reason for the barricade,
DaSilva said last week that the statement would be made in an advertisement,
but it has not yet appeared.

Latest research shows that the access road that they have blocked has been
in use for over FOUR DECADES.

Everybody must do their bit to ENSURE that our wonderful new Government,
which we have just given our support to, does in fact, HONOR the sweet words
from the pre-election platform... and I am watching to see what will become
of this test case.

I think Government should make it a priority to acquire all currently
UNDEVELOPED beach front property and put it in the care of the National Trust
or the Future Centre Trust.... for the good of the people of Barbados.

WHY do you think that vistors and locals take a coastal tour of Barbados ???
.... certainly NOT to look at the backside of houses and hotels and resorts
all along the way !!!

Furthermore, if we get activity from Kick-em Jenny or global warming or any
of a dozen other possible causes... it is just plain FOOLISHNESS to build
up the OCEAN FRONT developments right around the island.

I gone.

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