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Here is NEWS that was mailed to my readers on June 7, 1998:-

June 3, 1998

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June 7, 1998


I was not going to repeat my news from last week... but it is still
 fresh... and raging on in the media:

1. Reggae Fest

 had the stadium rocking a week ago... but Cocoa Tea was hauled away
 and charged with possession of a "roach" (partially burnt spliff)...
 a riot ensued... part of the stadium wall came crashing down... and
 Police were pelted with stones and concrete by an angry mob... there
 were 13 arrests... including a 14 year old boy who was, so they claimed,
 "pushing" dope... and a "seasoned criminal" who was wanted by police on
 other charges..

What nobody has mentioned so far is that only a minority of persons
 (perhaps about 500,at the most, many of whom had NOT paid and had no
 intention of doing so) were involved in this deviant behaviour, what
 about all the countless thousands who enjoyed the show... right into the
 foreday morning ????

The press continues to discuss... what kind of hope could these artistes
 be bringing to "concious youths" ??? inciting them to violence and
 drugs ??? teaching them to defy the law by all means possible ???
 The promoter is angry.. saying he paid thousands of dollars to the
 Police force... and expected better security than that !!

So the debate continues....


A 16 year old boy who dug his way out of a maximum security "cell" with
 an iron stake... and then escaped with 2 other boys around bath time in
 the morning... has been recaptured and sentenced to Glendairy Prison by
 magistrate Pamela Beckles.

He was on the loose for about 6 days... of the 3 that escaped, one was
 returned by his mother... the other has gone to Glendairy with him,
 pending another hearing..

3. Viagra Madness

Viagra (male potency drug) went on sale in Barbados on Friday...
 drugstores were inundated with calls all day.... it was shocking to hear
 how many Bajan men seem to have sexual dysfunction disorder !!

However, the word is.... the drug will NOT be sold without a proper
 prescription... although it's high cost.. $40 per pill.. or $1,200 per
 bottle... does not seem to pose any problem for the potential buyers.

4. MODEL FOR REGION ( at long last... a piece of GOOD NEWS ! )

Barbados' tripartite arrangement, designed to promote dialogue and
 consensus on key economic development issues among government, labour
 and the private sector, is "a role model for industrial relations in the
So says a report by the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) to be
 presented  at next week's World Bank sponsored meeting in Washington of
 the Caribbean Group for Co-operation in Economic Development (CGCED).

Prime Minister Owen Arthur is scheduled to speak Monday morning at the
 opening session and will also take part in a news conference with
 World Bank and other officials.

The report contains data showing Barbados among the Caribbean's most
 industially stable countries.


The debate goes on.... in "letters to the editor"... the topic of race
 relations in Barbados... came into the spotlight when a few persons
 expressed their displeasure that no "white" person was among those
 chosen for National Heroes.

Several people have expressed the view that it is a good thing that this
 topic is finally being publicly aired... and people are venting their
 feelings.... since for years the community at large ... has mostly denied
 the existence of the problem entirely.

Certainly, there are a few bigots around... it is particularly hard for
 many white people to admit that their foreparents were responsible for
 atrocities against the black race... how many times have I heard the
 excuse, "their own African "brothers" sold them as slaves" coming from
 a white person... as if this somehow exonerates the white man... shift
 the blame elsewhere... it is just as popular today, as in the days of
 Adam and Eve... and is universal to all races...

If done improperly, the compulsory teaching of "Black Studies" now
 advocated for the school system cannot tend towards racial harmony...
 a lot will depend on the attitudes and views of the teachers picked to
 teach this subject to impressionable young minds... but who is going to
 ensure that they are intellectually mature and sufficiently objective
 to teach it ?????

In Barbados, where native white people are a minority, with declining
 influence... they may feel their existence threatened by this new
 awakening of Black conciousness... fearing that it could only be hostile
 towards them... this view has been expressed to me by white people.

One thing I have observed, in persons of any color...

"If you BELIEVE that you are at a disadvantage because of your color...
 then you most certainly are.."

I venture to suggest that the above holds true... whether it is actually
 "true" in the wider society or not...

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