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Here is NEWS that was mailed to my readers on Sep 7, 1999:-

Sep 7, 1999

Cherished Citizens of Cyberspace.... I'm BACK !!!

Just when you thought you had seen the last of me....


Hundreds of Bajans may soon be filling jobs in the USA... in hotel,
construction and agriculture industries.... contract period is expected
to be 8 to 10 months... and salaries at about US$1800 per month.

David Seale is reducing his interest in horse racing... he is down to
32 horses from 50.... causing some job losses from his Hopefield Stable..
he said the local racing industry is bankrupt.... with liabilities exceeding
assets by $11 million.... and he is slowly retiring from participation....
he is also of the view that the BTC and Olympio lotteries cannot both
survive and thrive.. while continuing to have 7 draws a day
(5 from BTC and 2 from Olympio)... gambling Bajans doing dixie, Iya.

BOOM.... read it NOW....

Here is your daily dose of poison.... and it's all so true...
I kid you not.... right out of the daily NATION
(best newspaper on earth)....

Thunderstorms have been particularly intense recently.... and the lightning
has caused some damage.... the Met. Office has urged Bajans to stay
indoors, in a close area like the bathroom or a corridor when fierce
lightning is flashing.... Sunday night was particularly bad, waking up
many Bajans, including me... and the electricity service was shut off
for safety.... these thunderstorms were unusual in that there was very
little rain, when compared with past experiences... still on the subject
of freak weather, a mini-cyclone completely demolished a house recently...
while others in the neighborhood were not affected at all.

So.... weather you are inside or out... you can be struck... even if it's
only by a piece of your own house falling down !

Diabetes... killing more people than AIDS... is costing dearly... high food
costs, especially for those items that the diabetic SHOULD be eating....
is resulting in Bajans eating themselves to death... with no hope of
changing their diet.

Crime and violence, with rival gangs turning some neighborhoods into
war zones... and yougsters terrorizing whole districts... has caused the
Police to come up with an "action plan" to try and maintain law and order.
the stop and search approach is in effect in Bridgetown and the public
is asked to co-operate with the law at all times.

Ward caught napping in a ward.... has been hustled off to jail....
Roger Ward, 29, was found with apparatus fit for the use of cocaine sound
asleep in the Antenatal Clinic at the QEH... he was
given 3 months at Glendairy.

U tink people frighten for de "tougher" gun laws dat dey just mek ??
Andre Smith, 17 years old, let out on bail of 10 grand......
he had .32 calibre weapon and 11 rounds of ammo.... yu tink
dese people sweet ???

Finally, Bajans have been buying up graves for their loved ones as the
shortage of burial grounds continues and, trust me,  it's getting worse...
so act soon, buy ya grave quick...
because ya might need it sooner than ya think !

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