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Here is NEWS that was mailed to my readers on February 8, 1999:-

February 8, 1999

STALEMATE AT CBC.. At 4:30p.m. on Friday, CBC staffers walked off
the job... leaving nothing but static on the radio and TV channel. Here
are the reasons

1. acts of discrimination against shop stewards of the union at CBC,
especially the president and secretary of the division.

2. the treatment of the director of information and research,
Rosemary Alleyne.

Alleyne was suspended during the election campaign for apparently
"leaking News" on a DLP political platform.... she was subsequently
re-hired... but now, she has been given a letter advising her that there
will be a "hearing" to determine what futher disciplinary action may be
required, which may or may not include the termination of her services.

3. excessive time taken by management in determining salaries, and
paying backpay.

They are still on strike, since management refuses to resolve the issues
until the board meets later this week... the station has resumed
broadcasting it is being operated by the managers with the assistance
of some freelancers.

DOCTOR WANTED... the whereabouts of a gynaecologist,
Dr. Clyde Springer are still unknown and local police are seeking the
assistance of INTERPOL... he skipped town after being charged with
manslaughter... the public was shocked when on August 1, 1997...
Rashida Joseph, 14 years old, died on his operating table during an
"illegal" abortion... she was FIVE months pregnant.

Even though police had seized his travel documents, he managed to
leave the country.. and was last seen disembarking from a plane at
Point Salines International Airport in Grenada.


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However, I COULD accumulate the small bits of typing and send them
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I had been putting up DIFFERENT news items on the website to what
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