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Here is NEWS that was mailed to my readers on July 8, 1998:-

July 8, 1998


A new law has been passed that children younger than 12 years old cannot be
charged with criminal offences... and therefore cannot be sent to "Dodds"...
the infamous Govenment Industrial School.

Perhaps they could sentence the parents for the younger childrens "crimes".

A dispute has errupted over the sale of 2,014 acres of land comprising
Groves, Hannays and Foursquare plantations.
These plantations owned by Plantations Holding Ltd, now in receivership,
were about to be sold to C. O. Williams and his business partners for
Bds.$6.6 million.
The law firm of Patterson & Thompson is seeking to block the sale, on behalf
of their clients, CLICO (a Trinidadian Insurance Company, with a 44%
interest in Plantations Holding Ltd.) and Central Estates Ltd. (who offered
a bid of Bds.$7.8 million).
Apparently, Central Estates Ltd. encountered some difficulty in securing the
downpayment by a "deadline" set by Patrick Toppin, the receiver, which
prompted him to sell to the lower bidder.
Central Estates is charging that the Royal Bank of Canada, turned down their
loan request although they had adequate collateral, and this resulted in
their inability to secure the downpayment by the set "deadline".
There are also accusations flying around that racial prejudices are
involved... the insinuation is that the Royal Bank turned down the loan
because Central Estates Ltd. is a wholly "black" enterprise... and the
receiver preferred to sell to the C. O. Williams Group because they were
"white"... it is customary, in Barbados, to bring up "race discrimination"
accusations whenever it might be useful to do so... the law courts will now
have to decide whether "sound and prudent" financial business decisions were
made... or not. However, my experience has shown that the people who harp on
the most about "racial discrimination"... many times, have serious
shortcomings... and use the racial excuse to sort of "cover up" their own
incompetence. Individuals with truly great minds and brains are far too busy
getting ahead with their great plans and schemes to dwell on hindrances
(real or imagined) and be eaten up with racial prejudice or negative
self-image. To use the words of Mr. Philip Moseley, a "black" Barbadian,
attorney-at-law.."Your skin colour is a mere incident (or accident) of your
birth. It is not a badge of honour or shame. In a country where our people
are predominantly of mixed race, whether they appear darker or lighter, what
is the point of belittling or demeaning the achievements of those honoured
(as National Heroes) by calling attention to a skin colour inherited only by
chance? It must be obvious to all how easy it is for skin colours to differ
and change within families and from generation to generation" (My comment
--- particularly with the high incidence of inter-racial marriages in our
contry, which, I greatly approve of). Mr. Moseley, I wish indeed it were
"obvious to all"... unfortunately that is not the case, yet.

SEX in the NEWS

Sparked by the VIAGRA excitement, SEX continues to be discussed in the
newspapers, I briefly comment on two articles.

Psychologist Victor Forde says that the behaviour of Barbadian men
demonstrates their sexual insecurity.

He says Bajan men are preoccupied with sex because they believe sex is a
manifestation of their masculinity.

He also thinks that men are rushing to buy Viagra to cope with premature

I talked with consultant urologist, Dr. Jerry Emtage, who has an extensive
practice throughout the Caribbean.... and he agrees that the VAST MAJORITY
of men seeking Viagra... do not need it... and it WILL NOT HELP THEM...

Apparently, men in this region are under a terrific SELF-IMPOSED stress to
PERFORM.... and this is creating many of their "impotency" problems.

I believe that the rapid advancement of Caribbean women.... and the shift
towards a FEMALE DOMINATED society... combined with the lack of a proper
male image for many of our boys... almost totally raised by competent and
maybe agressive females... is leaving the males mentally stunted and pehaps
believing (subconciously) that the ONLY thing that puts them on par with
women IS their sex organ... which presumably, the women "need"...
i.e. they have a serious INFERIORITY complex... which is not easily

A whole page of the Sunday Sun was devoted to an "Alternative to Viagra --
NOW a penile PUMP to help those that can't take the drug" ---- there was
even a large PENILE picture as well --- which, according to Dr. Emtage, was
very mis-leading because it shows the device as nothing more than an
inflatable and re-usable condom.... when, in fact, it is actually a SOLID,
SEMI-RIGID prosthesis... and Dr. Emtage intends to go on National Television
and expose the facts and risks of using the device.

The importers and distributors of this device, Total Health Care Inc.... the
marketer is one Henry Taylor, managing director of Enterprise 2000... have
retained the services of a Dr. David Estwick, who will no doubt challenge
all objections... and give the product the blessing of the "medical

The device itself goes by the intriguing name of  "Intim-tango".

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